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  1. PBODY99

    Sinner with a 95?

    Well on this day, what ever he uses was good enough to help Italy get to the Davis Cup finals.
  2. PBODY99

    Anyone know what racquet McEnroe is using here?

    It wasn't the strongest frame. My Ghost. cracked in the shaft on a backhand return. I kick me self for not getting a Hi-Ten.
  3. PBODY99

    Anyone know what racquet McEnroe is using here?

    @Grafil Injection Thanks for the larger picture. That is not like any of the Snauwaert frames with his name on them that I was thinking of. I wonder if it was a non IMF Dunlop frame
  4. PBODY99

    Anyone know what racquet McEnroe is using here?

    Snauwaert produce in1991 a line of John McEnroe signature frames. The company went bankrupt in 1992 , and the frames wound up in the discount chain Value City. There was a black frame and a gray model. @Grafil Injection SNAUWAERT ELLIPSE
  5. PBODY99

    Old guy poly hybrid

    I use a power frame so my Poly goes in the mains. As I read the thread I see the evil that auto-correct does. If the string job hurts, cut it out.
  6. PBODY99

    Any prince racquet made in Japan?

    @kevin qmto It does state " made in China " on my 105.
  7. PBODY99

    Any prince racquet made in Japan?

    @yonexRx32 I thought the same thing before I picked one up.. My 105 {right handed} has Japan produce on the shaft, but made in China in the light grey print on the hoop. See 18 seconds into this video
  8. PBODY99

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to one & all
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    Smashing It. [pics]

    @A Instead The player would need to watch out for splinters. I saw two 1st gen Pro Staff 85 snapped by an open age group player in after he lost in a clay court tourney.
  10. PBODY99

    Prince Official - Racquets

    @mixtape The frame is much thicker than my 1st gen Phantom 100.
  11. PBODY99

    Is keeping a brand new racquet spare in storage better for it long term?

    I would remove the current grip & save it in a ziplock bag. If the Clas you use grip needs replacement you can use this. !0 years from now, or when you need to string up the storage frame, fresh string & a current grip and you are ready to go. My signature frames are 15 years old, but I use...
  12. PBODY99

    Prince Official - Racquets

    I have a PHANTOM 26, Power Level 1100; JC31A-100; 7T47K. I won this on the 'bay the 1st year the Phantoms were released. There are more frames than most of us know.
  13. PBODY99

    Crushing It. [pics]

    @airchallenge2 Why yes they are a model endorsed by a WNBA player.
  14. PBODY99

    Can someone explain this?

    Another angle.
  15. PBODY99

    Is it a fake Prince Racquet?

    The last picture has a code with xxx , I suspect this is a pre release version of the frame. Why would a "bootlegger" not just put number where numbers are expected. Before Prince USA moved from NJ, the local NJTL would get late pre production frames without barcodes and other mistakes. I...
  16. PBODY99

    Prince Official - Racquets

    @Aestheticsaboveallelse I clicked on cc then use the gear icon to translate Japanese to English.
  17. PBODY99

    Tier One Sports

    @Tennis And Anime Lover After I sign in I choose Paypal as they method of payment then I hit the PAYPAL link at the bottom
  18. PBODY99

    Youtube String Promo Legit?

    Many players who are active on this board will try strings and frames mods to see if they can wring a little more out of their set up. As it has been said "Hope spring eternally in a players heart ."
  19. PBODY99

    Youtube String Promo Legit?

    I try many of the strings to hit the market. I am not a "poly perfectionist", I take the sociail media posters for what they are for me, entertainers.
  20. PBODY99

    Robin Soderling racquet

    It shouldn't come lose if set up properly. .
  21. PBODY99

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Babolat XALT!

    TO BE CONTINUED Tension(s) used for play test 25 kg Regular string set-up Prince Premier 1.30 mm @ 25 kg Racquet used for test Prince O3 Textreme 100 Power/Control Feel : firm for a multi right off of the machine Spin : for a multi very good Durability better than most multi Playability...
  22. PBODY99

    Prince Official - Racquets

    My understanding of various reviews is that the 2024 Beast "Mango" has di9fferent drilling,while the Twist has a slightly different layup.
  23. PBODY99

    HEAD LC - questions

    It was designed to be more flexible than any of the Ashe Comps. The Comp 2 play more flex stiffer than the 1, or 3. the LC was thinner and has a slightly more flex. I often put an Ashe [ I have 1 of each , strung with multi @42 lbs} it my bag to hit the wall with when I feel my forehand is...
  24. PBODY99


    @rodracquet I have heard of the frame but I haven't seen one. The Prince O3 Gold & O3 Platinum have some of the shaft open on the side design. Perhaps Wilson got the idea for the Rollers from them. Good luck in your search.
  25. PBODY99

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I thought in was Brad Gilbert's store.
  26. PBODY99

    Prince Official - Racquets

    @tim-ay They carry some string,grip & overgrip in my area. Also some soft goods & lower priced shoes, that TW doesn't carry.
  27. PBODY99

    Prince Official - Racquets

    @Trip ; @tim-ay The prince brand license is carried by TW for the "pro level' ; *icks, carries under 100 range. Pro shops can contact TW to set up a shop account according to info posted by TW.
  28. PBODY99

    Does Gamma still have the molds that produced the 340X Tour ?

    The Tradition 18 &20 , regular or XL were the 1st of their very good players frames. The market for frames is just hard., The Razor line was just too hollow. The Bubba's are a players stick for compact swingers, however it was pushed as a game improvement stick. With SW north of 350 7 a very...
  29. PBODY99

    Prince Players

    I am old & forget that I should post modern things. The picture is of her in 2004. :cool: Here is a video of her introducing the 2023- 24 BEAST 100 @JMacdaununder ; @TennisD
  30. PBODY99

    Justine Henin still uses Hyper Hammer?

    @Anni.Angel The slots allow the strings to deflect a little more