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    Djokovic Is On My Mind In Every Practice
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    Why can't Djokovic hit overhead ?

    Here is a list of all players with at least 90 smashes in the MCP dataset, with their winners (and induced forced errors) per smash (W/SM), errors per smash (E/SM), and points won per smash (PTS/SM): PLAYER W/SM E/SM PTS/SM Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 78% 6% 90% Tomas Berdych...
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    My Take on the current era

    It is not just Federer that said that. See this for example: "This season that has changed, as Federer has altered his grip, attitude and method on the backhand. In conjunction with coach Ivan Ljubicic, Federer modified his hold on a relatively new seven square-inch racket frame, which first...
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    My Take on the current era

    It would take so much time to answer this question fully. However, these are just a few quickies, so that you can get a drift (see below): Djokovic What was certainly clear to Eurosport's Tim Henman, Mats Wilander and Barbara Schett was that Djokovic has somehow managed to improve once more and...
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    My Take on the current era

    Many posters on TTW suggest that the current era is weak. I disagree with that notion. I believe that: Djokovic2018-23 is the best version of Djokovic ever. I believe that the best BO5 match Djokovic played ever was the 2019 AO Final. Nadal2018-22 is the best version of Nadal ever. I believe...
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    Who will Win Slam Race?

    I believe that Nadal is a Great Tennis Player who will come back to win Slams. Who will win Slam Race?
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    Who is more obsessed to win slam race?

    Interesting opinion.
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    Taylor Fritz

    1) I call Vesely a tough opponent 2) In addition to H2H with Nadal, Taylor Fritz is No9 in live race and that is a tough opponent
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    Taylor Fritz

    I have looked just now Nadal-Fritz H2H and realized that it is 2:2. Why some people claim that Taylor Fritz was an easy opponent for Djokovic, when he is competitive against the best?
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    Ben Shelton and the Rush to Negative Judgment (among many)

    I heard from people who were there that Ben shouted "this guy has no serve" and "this guy has no game" (for Djokovic) to his box. It seems that many people heard it including Djokovic.
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    Ben Shelton Press Conference | 2023 US Open Semifinal

    Revealing press conference. At 2:19 Ben Shelton defined Djokovic as No2 player in the world. Imagine if he plays against Nadal (as an example) in AO2024 and refers to him as No130 player in the world. Should Djokovic, Nadal and Federer be anything else but Djokovic, Nadal and Federer? .
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    Dominant Djokovic's Jaw-Dropping Major SF Statistics
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    Who played in more difficult era? Djokovic or Nadal?

    Who played in more difficult era? Djokovic or Nadal? Nadal played the first ATP match on April 29th 2002 and Djokovic played the first ATP match on April 9th 2004; both are still active players. Overlap of their active presence on ATP is 90.9%.
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    My favorite Djokovic moments

    I enjoy watching Djokovic play. These are my favorite Djokovic moments (in no particular order):
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    Best Deciding Set Ever?!

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    Despite Djokovic having won 23 slams, it doesn't seem to be as held highly as Nadal or Federer when they got the slam record, why is that so?
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    What is going on here?

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    'Djokovic playing the best tennis of his life' - analysis

    Djokovic is aiming to become the oldest man to win Wimbledon in the Open era and the first player to win multiple titles after turning 35. Four-time semi-finalist Tim Henman believes Djokovic is playing "the best tennis of his life". "He is so complete in every area. At 26 there were...
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    Wimbledon 2023: Umpire slammed as Novak Djokovic penalised for hindrance call during win against Jannik Sinner
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    Most Grand Slam Titles Adjusted by Difficulty

    This takes into account the number of GS won and the level of the competition.
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    Djokovic admits that he is the most successful male player ever

    You are right. The main advantage of Federer over Djokovic is his mental strength. In tight, crucial, moments, Federer is mentally stronger. On the other hand, Nadal is more versatile than Djokovic. Nadal is equally good on all surfaces, while Djokovic is more of a specialist. I don't count...