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    4.5 looking for a hit in Miami July 1-4

    Hey folks! I'm a 4.5 male singles player looking for a friendly hit/practice match/doubles when I'm in Miami over July 1-4. Send me a DM or reply if you are around, thanks! Tyler
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    How Many Racquets Do You Bring To A Match And Are They Identical?

    I'll bring 1 or 2. I play all poly and never break strings because I restring at home usually. Anyone with more than two racquets at a match is either fooling themselves or playing with strings that are too brittle.
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    What happens around 60?

    One of my good hitting buddy's is 62. He played D1 and generally stayed in shape. He was probably UTR 12-13 back in the day, now he's about 9-10. Still pretty damn good for his age, he can run us around pretty well.
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    Relocating to Philadelphia UTR 9.0

    Hey, I'm relocating to Philadelphia Center City in early august, looking for hitting partners and match play. My current UTR is 9.15, but could probably be anywhere in the 8-10 range with more calibration. Please give me a DM if you are anywhere in the 7-10 range, I'd love to hit...
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    Chicago burbs (W/NW) June 17-July 6

    Hope the USTA tourney went ok! and good luck in the Michael Chang Classic!
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    Nick K. does he have adhd? How many tennis players have adhd?

    Nick is closer to depression or bi-polar disorder.
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    Gladiator Tennis

    You are correct; the club is one collecting all that money. But, there is no option to play a more affordable USTA league in my market. Fortunately, I've got a good club now that is $105 per month with no court fees (play about 5-10 hours per week) and good competition. I will play a random...
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    Gladiator Tennis

    Competition is good. Monopolies give organizations no incentive to improve. I play a 7 match gladiator season for 30 bucks. USTA is about 15-25 bucks PER MATCH in the Chicago market. No one wants to pay 25 bucks for an indoor match in the middle of summer. There are lots of UTR tournaments...
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    Chicago burbs (W/NW) 12/26-1/2

    Western suburbs here: UTR 8.5. Anyone PM me to set up a hit whenever you are in town.
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    Gladiator Tennis

    I've played in this league for 5 years. Started at the 3.5 level, now up to 5.0 (the top division). The ratings are about a half point inflated (so 5.0 Gladiator is closer to 4.5 USTA). The top guys are probably in the 9-10 UTR range; I'm at 8.5 currently. I found it to be the key driver...
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    Polish march against mandatory vaccination

    Best evidence available STRONGLY shows no link between autism and MMR: Ignoring systematic reviews of 15 million cases is dangerous and has led to innocent children dying that would otherwise be alive had they been given access to...
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    high schoolers playing usta leagues

    Watching 36 year old Fed push around someone like 19 year old Tiafoe is amusing. Be glad you can play competitors that have skills and ability. These kids don't give a **** about USTA leagues, they want a state title.
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    Video - Ball feeding and some point play

    FH looks like butter. I'd say it's time to put the second hand on your racquet for the BH. =) My game looked pretty similar, solid movement and velocity on the FH, constant slice on the BH because I couldn't consistently execute topspin OHBH. Since learning a two-handed grip, I've been able...
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    Laver Cup Prelim in Chicago Today

    Bought my tickets today! I live about 20 minutes from the United Center. Don't be jealous that it isn't in your backyard this year.
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    Big changes coming to coaching certification

    Better move to state licensure next. You need a permission slip from the government to do your job.
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    I didn't really think about this the first time we played... moreso just that we won almost every point when he was playing volleys. He flew out the same day he was so ashamed. I used to exclusively slice my backhand. I learned to hit a 2HBH maybe 1.5 years ago, and now I can definitely...
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    How often do YOU train?

    4.5A =) about 10-12hr per week. That's about 3 hours a week of warm-ups, cooperative drills, and serve practice. The rest of the time involves practice sets of singles and doubles. no competitive play for me over the winter.
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    Thanks for having my back, ;) Thanks for the feedback, I pretty much see the same thing in the video. He definitely did a lot better today when we all played doubles: FYI, guy with black shirt from Brazil has some pretty monster flat serves. Also, his kick was pretty serious on the...
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    Bouchard wins her lawsuit against the USTA, seeking millions in damages.

    It seems like many posters on this thread: 1. Don't have a clear understanding of the effects of concussion on high-velocity sports movements. Concussions take an MVP player like Justin Morneau and turn him into a below average DH...
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    Suburbs of Chicago, PM if you want more specifics.
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    Thanks! I agree it's the area with a lot of potential. Fortunately, I can also practice pretty much whenever. Getting to the point where I need some more specific instruction, rather than my own practice and video analysis. Not too many coaches in the area deal with the finer details of...
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    My 3.5 Tennis Gameplay

    You definitely don't need lessons from a mediocre coach if you do the following: 1. Video yourself to see everything you are doing wrong 2. Find a video / online reference that models and demonstrates how to correct that problem 3. Practice with someone / machine until said problem is...
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    For sure. Played doubles this morning and didn't do much good at the net. Thanks! I'll share with Connor. Thanks for watching! Red shirt was particularly error prone after a long vacation in Florida. I agree the video looks pretty good. My friend loves the clickbait titles. He did get...
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    Let's hope I don't get that. Thank you! I haven't been working on the serve too much over the past 1.5 months, but got a good solid hour in at the club today. I can see that my open stance sometimes has my left and right foot more parallel to the baseline, rather than perpendicular. We'll...
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    7 minutes of matchplay: feedback welcome

    Here's a video from last week with Connor. I'm in the navy/grey colored shirt, and he's in the red. Overall, I thought I looked a little improved of the past couple of months. I seem to get a little more unit turn and pace on my groundstrokes, and my trunk tends to be a 'little' more forward...
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    KT tape...scam or nah?

    Here's a Cochrane review for knee taping (similar to what Nadal does): And here's a systematic review comparing KT to regular cheap tape or other...
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    Trash talking among friends, healthy behavior or constant annoyance?

    Yeah, that definitely looks like undiagnosed aspergers/mild Autism.
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    Sub 70kg pro male tennis players less likely to be injured in the legs?

    In other news, it was cold yesterday and global warming is a hoax!
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    Trash talking among friends, healthy behavior or constant annoyance?

    He's your foul-mouthed slam piece. We've all been there.
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    AO not playing on Sling?

    WatchESPN app has all courts all the time live and on replay.