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  1. TripleB

    Name a sing you don't get tired of listening ovet and over

    The Interrupters...about any song, but currently my favorite is
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    Do you really get what you pay for?

    Best carbon faced paddle (IMO - and I've tried most elongated paddles on the market) is CRBN! I've been using the CRBN1 16mm for over a year and it feels identical to the first day I played with it. With my discount for being an Ambassador for CRBN (the ambassadorship came after I had tried...
  3. TripleB

    Cushioned and Supportive Shoe (coming from NB 1006)?

    Narrow to mid width feet. TripleB
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    Best socks for tennis?

    OS1st Pickleball socks for summer months and OS1st Wellness Performance Socks for the rest of the year TripleB
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    Cushioned and Supportive Shoe (coming from NB 1006)?

    Can anyone recommend a well cushioned (ie: easy on my knees, had TKR in May on right knee) and supportive shoe that offers fantastic durability? I'm coming from the New Balance MC1006 and the MC1007 would be the obvious choice, but they have changed it a bit so it feels more cushioned, but the...
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    Favorite Live Album/CD?

    I recently purchased Live in Tokyo! by the Interrupters and absolutely love it - it reminded me how much I've always loved live albums...going all the way back to Alive! by KISS. So what are your favorite live* albums/cds? TripleB * recorded by a group live in concert, not by the band named...
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    Total Knee Replacement and Hyaluronic Acid Shot experiences?

    It's been about 11.5 weeks since my robot assisted total knee replacement surgery...sorry I meant to give an update earlier than this! Surgery went great - don't remember a thing from the entire day! Doc originally thought I was a little young (55 at the time) to have TKR but after getting in...
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    Pickleball injuries may cost Americans $400 million this year

    At 11.5 weeks after surgery it's going a thousand times better than it was week two where physically, mentally, and emotionally I was a wreck! Things started progressing nicely around week six and have steadily been getting better. It buckles on me from time to time but definitely getting...
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    Pickleball injuries may cost Americans $400 million this year

    My microfracture surgery (left) in 2012 and my total knee replacement surgery (right) nine weeks ago were both caused from playing tennis since the age of 5. I gave up tennis and now play only pickleball because it's much easier on the body (and a much more social atmosphere as well)...
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    Scar Treatment?

    6 weeks ago today I had total knee replacement on my right knee. The doctor said I could start putting something on the incision line to help the healing process and lessen the size/noticeability of the scar. He advised using Vitamin E - buy the softgels, cut tip off, put vitamin e on incision...
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    Recovering from Total Knee Replacement...

    I'm going to have Computer/Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement surgery on Monday (May 1st). The doctor is supposed to be one of the best in the Carolinas so I'm pretty excited about that! He recommends that I use a device called the ROMTech Portable Connect system - it almost looks like a...
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    I felt like the 300G (black/grey/orange), even though lighter than most other 300 models, felt...

    I felt like the 300G (black/grey/orange), even though lighter than most other 300 models, felt the plushest to me. The AG 300 4D wasn't far behind as far as plushness compared to the 300G, but my arm could definitely tell a difference between the two. I hope this helps!
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    Total Knee Replacement and Hyaluronic Acid Shot experiences?

    It's been exactly one year since this post so I thought I'd give you and update. I'm having total knee replacement surgery on my right knee on May 1st. The shots just don't work any longer and I can't sleep at night because of the pain. The pain during the day is one thing, but I can't...
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    Shoes on indoor basketball court

    Volleyball my Asics! TripleB
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    Favourite guitarist and why?

    Never did listen to any Primus...not sure what other groups he played with. Geddy was my favorite guitarist until I hear Billy with DLR. TripleB
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    Your Most Reliable Vehicle?

    That's fantastic to hear! I've only driven it about 40 miles so far and I thought it was extremely smooth. But I thought it was just because I've been driving a 2013 Optima for 10.5 years. But it's definitely smooth and the 35+ mpg around town is a bonus...and it's the biggest car in it's...
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    Favourite guitarist and why?

    Geddy Lee and then Billy Sheehan - they made me realize that the bass guitar can be just as incredible as a lead guitar!
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    Your Most Reliable Vehicle?

    Thank you! I could have retired 3 years ago but I love being around my students way too much...but after the year I'm currently having, it's definitely looking like retirement is the place I want to be! LOL - but after I retire can I afford the stuff? I order a ton of stuff now, send most of...
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    Your Most Reliable Vehicle?

    Yes, after taking into my consideration my bank account and the fact that I'm in my 32nd year of teaching middle schoolers and would like to retire very soon, but knowing I would like as many 'gadget options' as possible, I went with a '23 Scarlet Red Pearl Hyundai Elantra SEL with Convenience...
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    Paddle recommendation?

    Elongated because they typically have longer handles (great for my two hand backhand) and the have a longer reach (usually only 1/2", but great for extra reach everywhere and really only giving up 1/4" with on each side of paddle). TripleB
  21. TripleB

    Knee Replacement - How did you know it was time?

    Thanks for the advice! I ice the knee but don't take anything except Aleve. Like you, my right leg (the one I have the knee problems in) won't straighten flat and stays swollen most/all the time. Most of the time when I try to bend it back more than 90 degrees there is extreme pain on the...
  22. TripleB

    Knee Brace Recommendation Needed Please...

    You're exactly correct! Knee replacement is definitely going to happen...was hoping for March of this year but the surgeon is in such high demand he doesn't have an opening until May. Unfortunately I have several things already planning in June July and August that I can't miss therefore I'm...
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    Knee Brace Recommendation Needed Please...

    Thank you! I'm not sure what the difference (other than $10) is, but I just had ordered this one: Knee Brace I appreciate your help! TripleB
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    Knee Brace Recommendation Needed Please...

    Which model did you go with? Thanks for the input! TripleB
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    Knee Brace Recommendation Needed Please...

    Update - now I'm in search of a Medium to Maximum support knee brace to wear while playing. Meniscus torn in two places and osteoarthritis in my right knee. Was considering knee replacement in March but due to the high demand for the surgeon and other commitments, I'm probably going to have to...
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    Absolute despair...

    THIS!!! TripleB
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    Knee Replacement - How did you know it was time?

    For those of you who have had knee replacement surgery, how did you finally determine it was time to have it replaced? I have osteoarthritis in my right knee as well as a meniscus torn in two places. My doctor told me there was no use repairing the meniscus since the osteoarthritis is the...
  28. TripleB

    Best way to wash your car?

    Signed the papers on a new car two days before Christmas. It should arrive in about two weeks so I thought I'd use this extra time to get a jump on picking up washing supplies for it. Little did I know that there are hundreds of different ways to wash your vehicle until I did a search to find...
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    XSPAK CRBN1 knockoff

    Why not just spend the extra money and get the real deal? And I'm not just saying that because I'm an Ambassador for CRBN! ;) I'm an Ambassador for them because I've tried every elongated paddle out there (from the name brands) and nothing is even close to the combination of power*, touch...
  30. TripleB

    Your Most Reliable Vehicle?

    Signed the papers today on a '23 Elanta SEL with Convenience Package...basically has everything except a sunroof. Has heated front seats, dual temperature control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure, lane assist (basically can drive itself), front collision monitoring/assistance, adaptive...