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    Special sun glasses for Tennis ??

    Yes, they are good for glare. The main benefit for tennis is that they help so much with the contrast of the ball.
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    Special sun glasses for Tennis ??

    The Bolle Competivision are outstanding. The are specifically made for tennis. The lenses make everything dull but the yellow ball pops much more brightly. Several people have tried mine and all ended up buying them. Bolle Competivision
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    Footwork is not emphasized enough, nor is cusping.

    At least there is someone here to watch out for the young players.
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    Commemorative Serena "23" Limited Racquet

    Looks like the joke is on you.
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    2017 PureStrike 18x20

    I am with g4driver on this. Demo's are useless to me. A 1-week hit with a racquet with random (and often worn) strings tells me nothing.
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    Holding/absorbing the ball

    As others have said, what the OP is describing is simply a teaching tool. It is a waste of time to try to convince him of that though. It's not uncommon to hear some of the older S&V pro's talk about the importance of "holding the ball on the racquet" as long as possible when volleying. No, you...
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    'The Inner Game of Tennis' and 'Winning Ugly' - Who uses them?

    I'm not seeing how any of this automatically equates to playing ugly tennis?
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    Racquet Chips and fraying Bumper Guards

    Racquet tape adds a weight so be ready for the feel to change. If you are going to play aggressively and dig out low balls it's hard to keep your racquets looking like new.
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    'The Inner Game of Tennis' and 'Winning Ugly' - Who uses them?

    It really has nothing to do with strokes or level. It's about doing the best with what you have. That applies whether you are a hacker or a pro. I don't think the book is a tennis bible but for some reason many people have the impression that it is about junk balling or playing ugly tennis...
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    'The Inner Game of Tennis' and 'Winning Ugly' - Who uses them?

    Anyone that thinks "Winning Ugly" is primarily about winning ugly or junk balling hasn't read the book. There is a reason it's one of the best selling tennis books of all time.
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    onehandbh's high topspin backhands - VIDEO + 240 fps footage

    I have had a ball machine for 6+ years and find the exact opposite. It is much easier to look good on a ball machine than in a match when you have a consistent feed. There is no need for visual cues from another player when you have the machine feeding them right to you. Again, the OP may very...
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    onehandbh's high topspin backhands - VIDEO + 240 fps footage

    My point was just that ball machine feeds that require little movement aren't a good way to judge someone's level. That is not a knock on you.
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    onehandbh's high topspin backhands - VIDEO + 240 fps footage

    Maybe or maybe not. It is hard to tell from easy ball machine feeds. You would rate my one hander much higher than you should in a video like this as opposed to a match. The lack of a straight arm is the one thing that would make me curious to see how the OP's BH holds up in a competitive match.
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    Wilson's New Red Plastic Butt Caps. What a nice step backwards..

    The buttcap dictates feel, lol. I don't know why PeterFig is wasting his time with this.
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    4.0 vs 5.0 expectations

    Yes, it doesn't take much difference in ability to beat or lose to someone badly. The "win by 2" scoring system makes this more obvious. At the rec. level or with juniors you see many 0-0 matches where the loser had a bunch of deuce games or ad points. They just can't quite finish the games off...
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    WADA website hacked, Serena & Venus were allowed to use prohibited substances

    The only thing I have learned from this thread is that we have a lot of ignorant people posting. It is naive to think that there aren't many athletes (in many sports) that get medical exemptions from the WADA when needed. It's not a "banned substance" when you have permission to take it.
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    Official Pro Staff 97 S Club

    This is posted on a competitor's site - "The newest 2016 update to ATP Pro Grigor Dimitrov'sWilson Pro Staff 97 Spin with the unique 18x17 string pattern. New black and red cosmetic update to this frame. The specifications from this racquet remain the same as the previous version." I'm really...
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    Argument on court, first ever!

    There is also no rule that says putting bottles on a court and leaving holds the court. If you stayed on the court it would have been yours. Since there are no rules as you say, they took it when you left so you lose.
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    I purchased a defective pair of Nike Vapors 9.5 from TW

    No retailer wants a customer that thinks a 6-month warranty should last 9+ months.
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    Serve Out?

    Not true. Again, not true. Take the word of the umpire below.
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    Let serve hitting net person in doubles match...

    Raonic would find a way to cheat and lie about it if he thought it would help his chances. Just ask DelPotro.
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    Should Wimbledon remove traditional all white dress code?

    Maybe they will also switch over to hardcourt.
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    Head's job with Speed series

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    Head's job with Speed series

    Of course, but that has nothing to do with the OP's question (why isn't the Speed series popular?).
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    Why isn't the C10 pro more popular?

    Heavy, flexible racquets are not in favor at the moment. The fact that the RF97 was made with a stiffness close to 70 rather than the low 60's is a good example of this.
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    PS85 for Doubles?

    I occasionally use one for doubles. I am usually quickly reminded why it is not my everyday racquet. I prefer a mid and do fine as long as I'm not being pushed. I love the weight and precision for volleys. When I'm in a group of equal and better players I do much better with a larger racquet...
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    John McEnroe is now coaching Milos Raonic

    It has been reported that his main job will be to remind Milos that he loses the point if he touches the net before the ball bounces twice when he hits a shot.
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    Power V Grip - New Home Page - Photo -

    There was another thread on this. Apparently the owner Ed Fagen passed away some time ago. It's too bad, he seemed like a really nice guy.
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    Low clearance net racquets that are not 18*20

    Blade 98 and Babolat Pure Strike are excellent examples. The 16x19 versions have 8-main throats with spacing in the sweetspot that is almost the same as their 18x20 versions.
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    top nationally ranked juniors racquets

    Why would a junior want an H19 or H22? If they get free racquets, they can pick anything they want from the line. 99% of juniors would not even know that these existed.