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    Search to find Pete Sampras' twistweight

    People like to complain about QC in modern racquets, but the specs on St Vincent PS 85's were all over the place. Just one of the issues was that the foam injection process was not at all scientific... some frames got a lot of foam and others not so much. Sampras had 2-4 layers of lead tape on...
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    Wilson H22 puzzle

    Taylor wasn't a Bosworth client, so I'm not 100% on this, but pretty used a Wilson made copy of his old Volkl, which if memory serves me correctly might've been a C9. Definitely not a ROK or K Blade tho.
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    Really It's been some years now since I've had her racquets in hand, and I don't recall the BP but def hammer-esque. Nothing but a PD Lite with a ton of weight under the bumper.
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    Wilson H22 puzzle

    Lead rod in a pool of epoxy. Quite common actually. Done by P1, Bosworth, and others, even Wilson Pro Room. Unfortunately, that's not going to help your search much.
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    Strung SW 340
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    Sebastian Korda new racquet

    Well, he is a former PT57A user...
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    Is the Wilson V8 becoming the industry standard now?

    Dunno about the stiffer part, NBlade had like 58ra or something
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    The Phase One Technifibre Strings, Good for Me and Good for Medvedev

    But a set of VS is about $20 to produce, whereas X1 is best measured in cents. At least you don't get ripped off with VS.
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    Tommy Paul to Yonex

    His blades were 338SW strung. A little lead under the bumper, nothing at 3/9. I'd expect something similar with the Yonex.
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    Yunlop strikes again - Alycia Parks racquet

    Manufacturers primarily provide blackouts when the racquet is a prototype or pre-production. Players primarily do it themselves (their team) when they're unhappy with the racquet they're contracted to endorse. Racquet contracts typically have a clause where a player can use a competitors...
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    Impossible handle

    Interesting thread... I spent a decade managing Bosworth Tennis, BTW. First, I'd like to clarify what you're trying to accomplish. Is it correct that you want the racquets to be longer, but do not wish to use the provided shims (PCS) since they're not very solid, and would prefer a handle...
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    Has anyone figured out how to remove stencil ink from a racquet frame? (with Wilson's velvet paint)

    Surely you're capable of reading the post which you quoted?
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    I recommend dusting the leather grip with spray adhesive before applying the overgrip. I used to do this for Lendl and it works wonders. Makes for a little bit of cleanup between grippings, but nothing major. There are a bunch of different brands that all work fine, loctite, elmers, 3m etc.
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    Talon Griekspoor wears The Indian Maharadja apparels

    The term "redskin" was coined by a Native American chief, per the Smithsonian. The Washington Redskins logo was illustrated by a Native American. In a nationwide poll, 90% of Native Americans surveyed said the name is not offensive. The only bad energy surrounding the Washington Redskins was...
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    Tenny Sangren switches racquets

    Athletic tape. It's not slippery like vinyl finishing tape, feels more like the Tourna itself, so 2-handers prone to holding the handle over the tape may like it.
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    Tenny Sangren switches racquets

    Well, haters gonna hate. FYI, Wilson never did squat for Sandgren. He was using H22 back when Wilson wouldn't even give them to him. He had to beg them off friends like Rhyne. Good on him for scoring a deal with Dunlop. Hopefully the results will follow.
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    Pros who don't use overgrips?

    Some dubs guys do. Kubot and Rojer come to mind.
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    Murray using 99sq in.

    I like Andy too, but the Springstein reference would've been a lot cooler last month, before he called all his fans racists.
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    Brooksby, Jenson

    He will likely wield a new frame from a different manufacturer in 2022. Testing now...
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    Grip dimensions

    Babolat L3: A: 1.102" B: 1.267" C: 1.240 Babolat L4: A: 1.138" B: 1.308" C: 1.265 These dimensions represent averages, as there is some variance frame to frame.
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    Grip dimensions

    Average dimensions for Wilson 4 1/4: A: 1.084" B: 1.232" C: 1.211" Wilson 4 3/8: A: 1.110" B: 1.262" C: 1.238" "A" would be the bevels facing towards and away from your palm, "B" would be the opposite dimension, and "C" denotes the diagonals.
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    Grip dimensions

    Can't give you dimensions unless you tell me handle size
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    Grip dimensions

    Each manufacturer has their own standard for handle dimensions. Which make/size handle are you looking to replicate?
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    Head Prestige 2021

    Missing the old days when the Prestige was a model, not a line. By the time they introduced the Prestige PWR, it was clear they couldn't see the forest for the trees.
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    Which high level ATP Tour Player(s) actually uses the Prince Ripstick?

    Those pro frames had a different construction with higher RA than what was available at retail, fwiw.
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    Prince Code: TC189P-95 H4-1 27.5" 7TX16<Y> (O3 Hybrid Tour 18x20)

    Lisa Raymond used this racquet as well, but in 27" Engineering code reveals mold and layup. Mold was not used at retail, and is quite oblong compared to typical Prince racquets. Layup, to the best of my recollection, is rather flexible whereas most Prince tour pros used an RA of about 70 in...
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    New Tier One Sports Prototype Racquet

    @PBODY99 Some of the late production Ultra's actually have PWS written on the metal weights (I have one). Ultra II's also have PWS written on the metal plates. And PS 85 actually dates to 1983, as I recall. Sorry, not trying to nitpick or criticize, just share some of my more useless knowledge!
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    New Tier One Sports Prototype Racquet

    PWS dates back to the late 1970's with the original Wilson Ultra.