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    Big 3 Stans, get uncomfortable and make a case for each of them.

    Djokovic's case can't be beat at this point. And I say that despite the fact I CANNOT STAND the nasty *******. I take solace in that at least he choked away the Grand Slam in '21.
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    Becker: Nole is not just the best tennis player, he's the best Sportsman

    By the definition of "sportsman", he is most certainly not the best sportsman. No matter how much he achieves.
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    Who had the ugliest forehand?

    I would agree Sampras' forehand was ugly. Not the same as whether it was good. For those who don't see it, it's the "flying elbow" thing. Just not aesthetic in the least. Overall, Tiafoe's is so damn ugly it wins any poll: even in a Former Players section.
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    Some past players who used synthetic gut

    Was the difference between synthetic and natural enough to really affect the play of people at this level, or was it more a matter of these professionals being willing to pay for the best?
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    Djokovic was one set away from the CYGS this year - the closest ever since Rod Laver

    Nothing counts except actually achieving it. That's why it's so difficult, and that's why it's the ultimate achievement in the sport.
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    What if Agassi just faded away

    Sure, but it's hard to tell how much of Ivo's mental fragility came from the repeated near-misses over the years and how much of it was simply innate. He's so emotional and endearingly flaky that I suspect he never had the makeup to be a consistent, dominating champion even with success out of...
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    Which tennis player was more hated by the public, John McEnroe during the 1980s or Novak Djokovic today?

    Djokovic. Mac was beloved here in America regardless, with the stupid jingoistic thing.
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    it's a really shame that thomas muster has only one RG

    Was Muster known for crazy intensity prior to the accident, or was that something brought on by the need to regain what was taken from him?
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    If Sampras won Wimbledon 2001

    2002 was Hewitt's freak year, right? So maybe Pete gets one more. Fed took 'til 2003 to break out and Lleyton's not going to have Pete's number on Centre Court. But it's still an if, as his general decline had set in and getting '01 doesn't guarantee an overall rejuvenation. And as such, '02 is...
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    US Open 2011: If Federer had converted the 2 Match-points against Djokovic, would he have had any chance against Nadal?

    I'm far the only one to cite it, or feel it was a matchup we missed out on. The preeminent rivalry of the time, at that point possibly in the sport ever, and the only GS we didn't get the matchup. There's nothing to "overdramatize".
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    Patrick Rafter's weakness

    Sure he wasn't a "big" server but he had an excellent kick serve. If Edberg could win Wimbledon, overcoming Becker no less, Rafter could have. If you're going to pick out anything as a weakness in his play, shouldn't it be the ground game?
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    US Open 2011: If Federer had converted the 2 Match-points against Djokovic, would he have had any chance against Nadal?

    Relax. People like to ponder what-ifs about their favorite players. And the loss of a Fedal US Open final is a small tragedy in the sport's history. Nothing bigger than that. This is what this section is for.
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    Is it time to stick a fork in Dimitrov?

    That's not a win. Overrated cheaters aside, there's no need to "stick a fork" in someone who just played a Masters final. I mean, come on: be real.
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    Would Jim Courier be more successful if he were active today?

    On today's courts, does he still have Agassi's number? Which of them benefits more from the surfaces?
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    Boob throwing or...

    ...pathetic approval-begging.
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    Top 100 Male Tennis Players of All Time

    Points re: Sampras: When you began to describe how later players followed his "template", I expected you to go into the actual style of play vs. his framing of career goals. I think more fans would look to playstyles as evidence of influence; after all, that's the actual action on the court...
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    Top 100 Male Tennis Players of All Time

    So, two questions re: Nadal, though I won't quibble with placing him lowest of the Three. First, with your interesting carryover of the "lineal champion" concept from boxing: how was he not lineal champion - if briefly - from Wimbledon 2008 -> Djokovic's dominant breakout in 2011? You've already...
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    Should McEnroe rank above Agassi

    He asked you about a specific point in time, which was how you originally worded the premise. Based on the year leading up to August '95, one could absolutely argue Agassi was the best player in the world. The contemporaneous head-to-head with Pete is telling.
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    Should McEnroe rank above Agassi

    This is a very fair point, though for whatever reason nobody seems to talk about Agassi '95 or '99 in the same reverent tone they often do Mac 1984. The biggest thing is the feeling that Sampras probably had his number even then. Record aside, you weren't left with the same sense of dominance.
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    Should McEnroe rank above Agassi

    I think that's weighting the Slams too much, as is the current trend. Murray's entire brilliant career has gotta carry more weight than that against your theoretical Wawrinka's four peak moments. Similarly, with Mac/Andre: you've got very, very close Slam counts. You've got longevity and...
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    Pete Announces News About Bridgette

    Wow. As private as we always thought he was. All the best to them.
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    What could have helped Andy Roddick win more slams?

    He had the wrong mentality. I respected his humility regarding Federer as a person, but as a top competitive athlete you have to have that fire, that arrogance that says I'm beating that ******* the next time. Instead, by the time he was down 4 or 5 matches in the H2H we all knew he would lose...
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    What is Pete Sampras' legacy today?

    There's a big caveat to that. Remember the Wimbledon era Sampras played in (and dominated), and the complaints/fears that the game was devolving into a simple serving contest. When the pattern of S&V is simply serve, serve, serve/miss, serve... that's nowhere near the energy expenditure of...
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    What is Pete Sampras' legacy today?

    sort of by definition, retiring on a "last hurrah" means he COULD still win. But yes, it was a lot harder and infrequent. Anecdotally, I think it was more about his motivation and distaste for the daily grind of the tour than thinking he absolutely COULDN'T win. He had just proven the game was...
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    Was Sampras or Federer's serve better for clay?

    As I alluded to above, I think he simply dropped clay as a priority as he entered his prime and clarified his goals. His game was designed to dominate on fast courts, winning Wimbledon was his grail from youth, as his historical potential became clear he targeted the Slam record, and then much...
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    Was Sampras or Federer's serve better for clay?

    No one's game who made an RG SF and won an Italian Open was garbage. Don't overvalue his changing priorities as his career progressed.
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    Who in your opinion had the best match win celebration ever?

    Karlovic. Those who remember, know. Couldn't believe he was getting away with that ****.