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    Interesting Blog about Tennis Ratings and the impact in kids

    I found this blog online and wanted to share as it shows a bit of how kids are getting pressured by ratings and things to do about it.
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    Got a college coaching position!

    Is it Nebraska Kearney?
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    Recruiting Online Event

    Also just saw this other event but it seems extremely high in cost compared to the other one with fewer coaches and more virtual drills, something that seems weird. Will really like to your feedback of the event and the organizers as before...
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    Recruiting Online Event

    Thank you very much to everyone. This was very helpful. @jcgatennismom I am now looking at the Facebook group. Thank you very much.
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    Recruiting Online Event

    Have anyone seen this event online? Looks legit with a good amount of coaches, but I wanted to check if anyone has experience before signing up for it. Thank you
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    Completly agree with you. I see the fact that Bruce is asking here not as desperate but more as a way to connect and find solutions. The ITA shows way more enthusiasm than the USTA. The USTA with their Billion dollar budget, they are as rich as rich can get does NOTHING for college tennis. As a...
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    For the sake of being accurate, there are several programs that were cut previous to COVID, I wouldn't blame It on COVID. Florida A&M University: Men’s - Oct. 2019...
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    He is actually a DJ now.
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    Tennis Academies / Camps

    Compare both sites mentioned by jcgatennismom and this one looks very amateur compared to the other one. They do not have a good reputation. The owner is very shady.
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    college tennis money grabbing business - Tennis Collegiate Exposure Camps

    Camps are just one thing, money grabbers. College coaches participate because they get paid not because they want to recruit. If you attend because you want to talk face to face with them and deal with the fake-interest it is ok, but do not get sold with the fact that they are going to recruit...