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  1. Dominic & Andrey

    Nadal-Federer AO 2012 SF Extended Highlights

    The epic Nadal FH passing shot came to my mind instantly. But I don't really recall the whole thing.
  2. Dominic & Andrey

    Big 3 Stans, get uncomfortable and make a case for each of them.

    I am not really a "fan" of any of the Big 3 and everyone pretty much said what had to be said here, some really well written and well thought posts. OP deserves praise for making a wholesome Big 3 thread, bringing the fanbases together, it's refreshing considering all the nasty and toxic stuff...
  3. Dominic & Andrey

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Rafa evened out the GS race next year if...?

    Lol, so basically the Big 3 winning slams again? The best that could happen is only young players winning slams from now on.
  4. Dominic & Andrey

    Will Djokovic have problems with Sinner next year?

    Yes. If Sinner can improve his stamina, he can beat Djokovic everywhere, unfortunately he was obviously spent during the YEC final. The Sinner is an elite ballstriker from both sides and shall not be compared with flawed players like Zverev or Medvedev.
  5. Dominic & Andrey

    Who will have a better 2024, Alcaraz or Sinner?

    Chances are that I'll be completely wrong but I want to go with Sinner(assuming he will improve his stamina during the off season in order to get less spent in slams). Carlos will still by far have the best results on clay however I , but on HC I want to trust Jannik, even though I may be...
  6. Dominic & Andrey

    Sinner beats Djokovic in Davis cup final 2023

    Some epic rallies in this match even though Djokovic kind of collapsed at the end. A shame that Sinner didn't bring his best in the YEC final, but still this is a very impressive way to end the season for him, three wins against Medvedev and two against Djokovic in a relatively short period of...
  7. Dominic & Andrey

    The most hyped tennis players who did not live up to their expectations?

    I have to go with Shapovalov, the hype around him was nuts in 2017 when he beat Nadal in Montreal, and now, six years later the guy only won one ATP 250 title.
  8. Dominic & Andrey

    What's next for Coco Guaff?

    She can win slams if she can avoid Swiatek. Iga is just a terrible, terrible matchup for her. Other than that I think she can theoretically beat everyone.
  9. Dominic & Andrey

    Nextgen lack ..

    The Next Gen s*cks balls but FFS not those BS boomer arguments again.
  10. Dominic & Andrey

    Will Djokovic his dominance over youngsters in 2024 as well?

    Arthur Fils will beat him at the FO. Allez Arthur !
  11. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 YEC Final: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    16 FH UEs from Sinner, absolutely disgraceful, you're supposed to bring your best tennis in the biggest matches, freaking mugs everywhere !
  12. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 YEC Final: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    Djokovic isn't giving anything, I don't see how Sinner can win this.
  13. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 YEC Final: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    Sinner looked really tired against Medvedev, especially in the second set, I don't think he's going to play as well as he did in the Round Robin match, but I hope he will.
  14. Dominic & Andrey

    What do you want to be your legacy?

    If Stefanos used silverware to suggest losing finals, he actually has a pretty subtle sense of humor.
  15. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 YEC SF: (3.) Medvedev vs (4.) Sinner

    What a BH winner from the Carott.
  16. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 YEC SF: (3.) Medvedev vs (4.) Sinner

    Sinner is significantly worse than in his last matches but Med is straight up losing his sh*t here.
  17. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 YEC SF: (3.) Medvedev vs (4.) Sinner

    Sinner with one of the worst UEs of the year here.
  18. Dominic & Andrey

    Jannik Sinner is very similar to Berdych

    IMO Berdych with better movement would for sure have caused more problems to the Big 3.
  19. Dominic & Andrey

    Jannik Sinner is 167 lbs. How is this possible?

    According to this picture, Med is the skinniest of the two.
  20. Dominic & Andrey

    Let's take a moment to pay some respect to Jannik Sinner

    Any guy who would dare to criticize Sinner for "helping Djokovic", by actually being too much of a fierce competitor to even try to tank a match, would probably in other circumstances shame young players for not being committed enough to the sport, lol.
  21. Dominic & Andrey

    2023 Turin YEC RR: Jannik Sinner [4] vs. Holger Rune [8]

    Sinner wants to beat Djokovic a second time, the Carott man is fearless.