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  1. Frankc

    Federer robbed of a point at Wimbledon 2001 against Sampras!

    Yes...??? And so what?? So, now we are going to have a thread for every match where a pro "was robbed" of a point due to a call??? (IMHO only, one dramatic change in the last few years in the Former Pros forum is the creation of threads just for for the sake of more threads... But, as I said...
  2. Frankc

    The evolution of poly’s v the constancy of gut, multi’s and synthetic

    Hmmm - beg to differ, as natural gut has changed dramatically over the years, especially since 2011 or so... VS has changed, especially after 2011 or so with the new formula and process. Handles stiffer, stretches less at tension when stringing, and plays far stiffer for the new frames. Strung...
  3. Frankc

    Which 80's/90's/00's Racquet Would You Take Into Battle?

    That was a real good one, no doubt...
  4. Frankc

    Which 80's/90's/00's Racquet Would You Take Into Battle?

    Curious, was that the US Head Graphite Pro (sorta Teal in color - beautiful frame) or the Euro Black Graphite Pro ( a superb player's frame - great "Feel")
  5. Frankc

    Which 80's/90's/00's Racquet Would You Take Into Battle?

    Head Premier Tour with preBT7 natty G @55
  6. Frankc

    How many people currently use rackets that are 30 years old ?

    Not thirty yet, still at a ripe old 23 years old - had my lovely Head Premier Tours out today... Add Pacific Tough Gut 16L@ double nickle - all is well on a gorgeous fall day...
  7. Frankc

    How do you know when to stop trying new strings?

    When you realize that , basically, all of these many, many expensive choices boil down to a handful of actually different strings.
  8. Frankc

    Help! Grommets - Head Comp Prof!

    Just sure that you know - using a Prestige capped grommet on your Comp Pro added a great bit of weight to the head and maybe stiffened the feel, also. The original grpommets are far, far less plastic and that translates to many strips of lead tape added with the capped grommets( believe it or...
  9. Frankc

    Help! Grommets - Head Comp Prof!

    For a bit more modern power and still great sense of feel, try the Twin Tube Head design series. Select the head size and look that you like. The venerable 630 comes from that series - as well as other famous frames... Right now, and I am well into seniordom, the Head Premier Tour is in my bag...
  10. Frankc

    Help! Grommets - Head Comp Prof!

    You are the best judge of a"great racket" for you. It is all in your enjoyment for the game. The Comp Pro is on the opposite continuum when compared to a modern Babolat. The Head is much softer, deader and offers a whole different feel. Listen to yourself and grab a frame that you enjoy. I...
  11. Frankc

    Fischer Vacuum Plus Pro

    Yes, as above, the handles are quite different - the MIA Fischers are truly one piece where the handle is made exactly as the frame - same color and hard graphite. My outsourcd Fischers have handles that look to be foamed or in one case more like the MIA frames - hard graphite composite. It...
  12. Frankc

    My first vintage Volkl ..can anyone help with dating or construction info ?

    I remember reading in a very good source that the flex properties of aluminum frames were considered by many racquet engineers to be superior for recreational players. This, of course, was after tennis transitioned out of the all wood era and well into the beginning of graphite composites. But...
  13. Frankc

    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    Interesting angle - my "win racket" is a Head Premier Tour, 5/8ths & Fairway leather (the grip of youth), and preBT7 VS as a cherry on top... Does not get sweeter...
  14. Frankc

    Vic Seixas birthday thread. Happy 100th to the Hall of Fame's second centenarian!

    Thank you for all the effort and detail here - really appreciated. Yes, fascinating in many ways - Vic has seen so, so much in all these years ... Outstanding longevity - truly more than"A Handfull of Summers." The Schoolboy Photo just resonates.. Again, thank you for this post - ( Imho, the TW...
  15. Frankc

    I thought Coco Gauff was overrated and overhyped?

    "Not sure...?" You are serious? If you are referring to criticisms from some in the US, then the answer, unfortunately, is the "same old, same old..." As american as apple pie....
  16. Frankc

    '87 AO- Mandlikova v Navratilova brief highlights

    That's fine - there is a super top quality DVD that has been floating around - amazing HD - puts you right in that great stadium, Kooyong... Puts you right in the seat to watch those two greats...
  17. Frankc

    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    And yes, NOS wood frames are beautiful to see and hold... (And in the day, it was special to have one of those beauties out on the court - every day - it was a very different game, very different...)
  18. Frankc

    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    Imo, do not even come close to asssuming that the "attackers" as listed above could perform with wood. Additionally, as Prince proved with the Woodie a 100+ (mostly)wood frame has to be a beast in weight. Now, if you mix in a majority of carbon/graphite materials - you change the whole feel and...
  19. Frankc

    '87 AO- Mandlikova v Navratilova brief highlights

    Search around - the whole match is available out there... very special - those two, that gorgeous stadium and Aussie announcers - too good...
  20. Frankc

    Would Edberg have had a more successful career if he kept his strong flat serve?

    Edberg himself stated that he had a better serve as a junior and early on - then due to injury he had to change his serve. And, that was before the severe back spasms that he suffered at the AO - he stated that he was truly scared then. From my memory, this is all from The TC interview of...
  21. Frankc

    Babolat vs Klip Natural Gut - Interesting Finding

    If I am reading correctly, glad that you found a supply. Enjoy the game...
  22. Frankc

    Babolat vs Klip Natural Gut - Interesting Finding

    Sorry, I respectfully disagree - any communication within the TW site that refers to a competitor is very bad form in my view. This Message Board is an innovative and rich place for tennis lovers and does demand constant resources from TW. I know that we all value this service from TW. My point...
  23. Frankc

    Babolat vs Klip Natural Gut - Interesting Finding

    Yes, it would be terrible form to mention a competitor - gotta love and support TW - always have and always will...
  24. Frankc

    Babolat vs Klip Natural Gut - Interesting Finding

    I was referencing Pacific, as you did earlier...
  25. Frankc

    Babolat vs Klip Natural Gut - Interesting Finding

    Sorry to tell you, but Pacific NG is totally alive and well. All three superior gut grades are still readily available, just no distribtor in the US. Doesn't seem to bother Pacific as their gut is in good supply in the UK and the EU. Superb quality and as far as I can tell from recent...
  26. Frankc

    Jimmy's grass game.

    Hmm, many thought that Mac in 79 - 84 had a pretty decent serve...
  27. Frankc

    Jimmy's grass game.

    So true - yet I relish for so many reasons his 1972 QF at W - this is early Connors running into a "full flight" Nastase. Yes, Nastase seems so comfortable against his friend Connors - maybe that is why his nerves allow all those tools to shine. Sustained "Full flight" Nastase is not captured...
  28. Frankc

    YOUR Questions... for Head's string developer

    That's your own take on gut - but you left out Pacific's line-up: Classic (old school vibrancy), Tough (more durable according to Pacific) and Prime ( top quality)... Great variety and choice, agreed? Superb Quality that is readily available outside of the US. And best of all, the Classic &...
  29. Frankc

    Was Pernfors the worst player on a Major surface to make a Major final?

    Good point, yet that isn't a "grasscourt" 'tis just another hardcourt ...
  30. Frankc

    Natural gut on modern (300g and less) racquets

    Yes, we all know that the ONLY reason to walk onto a tennis court is "spin potential." (Yes, we all know that tennis can only be played by turning those grips, playing a stiff frame and stiff strings, hitting as much topspin as possible and making sure that a fistpump follows every point... :) )