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  1. JKN666

    Wayne Ferreira snapped a 200G using his head!

    talk about hard headed, pun fully intended lol
  2. JKN666

    New Wilson Federer Racquet Teaser Video

    lol it would be funny if it's p90x!
  3. JKN666

    New Wilson Federer Racquet Teaser Video

    watch it'll be something like x-seed or something very lamee but who knows maybe it'll look cool :P
  4. JKN666

    video: NTRP?

    thought the guy in white reminded me of michael mcclune. i liked watching him play
  5. JKN666

    List of male pros using 100'' head racquets or more..

    djokovic maybe? correct me if i'm wrong
  6. JKN666

    Djokovic blames racquet for form

    lol? and here he was saying he was glad to play with head
  7. JKN666

    Critics say, Nadal won Wimbledon cause it is on slower and higher bouncing grass? No

    i jsut watched the highlights and saying that nadal exploited fed's backhand on set points and stuff. not bashing or anything but nadal played smart and won, wait till next year and see what happens?
  8. JKN666

    Djokovic Tipsarevic Exhibition Match

    who made that sound at 1:56?
  9. JKN666

    rallying [video]

    multiple accounts? could be who knows
  10. JKN666

    *FREE* Set of Wilson Hollow Core!!

    these strings were good for the first couple of hours or so and are really close to breaking soon for me. They also have a muted feel to them.
  11. JKN666

    what's wrong with this boy's FH?

    FAIL! lol i think that thhe person in the video is not the OP
  12. JKN666

    *FREE* Set of Wilson Hollow Core!!

    i'll see how it plays tonight in my t-fight 320
  13. JKN666

    *FREE* Set of Wilson Hollow Core!!

    me too!! i'll get to play with it tomorrow hopefully.
  14. JKN666

    Lets Stir The Pot

    didn't someone post the same thing last year? about djokovic signing with head after the season ended last year.
  15. JKN666

    What RIDGED replacement grip does Federer use?

    i believe in an interview federer's stringer said that he likes it more grooves. it's just overlapping the overgrip. i think he uses wilson pro overgrip over his leather grip. JKN
  16. JKN666

    KPS88 Update: NEW Sampras Frame! [Merged]

    i wonder if they are going to string it with that new hollow core string.
  17. JKN666

    Most annoying commentator

    chris fowler is pretty annoying imo, too bad he isn't on the list.
  18. JKN666

    kei nishikori raquet

    just wondering what racquet he is actually using thx.
  19. JKN666

    Roddick's Lacoste Gear?

    i believe they are available at the lacoste online store. then again i might be wrong cuz i know lacoste doesn't have many stores.
  20. JKN666

    Ok i just saw Murphy Jensen stringing Nadal's racket

    who remembers the failure of babolat in shanghai last year? for sure it's painted.
  21. JKN666

    Federer's real racquet (pics included)

    nice thx for pics.
  22. JKN666

    Need help customizing LM Instinct

    bump again sry
  23. JKN666

    Need help customizing LM Instinct

    yeah i just want to increase swingweight and weight
  24. JKN666

    Need help customizing LM Instinct

    bump... help please?
  25. JKN666

    Need help customizing LM Instinct

    hey all i want to customize this stick because i feel it's a light and could be more stable. i just really want to increase the weight so where should i put lead tape. thx. JKN
  26. JKN666

    anyone see a problem here with the official topspin 3 roster?!

    i just don't understand why they didn't add djokovic and gasquet. and why monfils?
  27. JKN666

    The retro serve

    hmm i see interesting
  28. JKN666

    The retro serve

    hey here's a vid of the retro serve found on what are your takes on it?
  29. JKN666

    Should Federer get a coach ?

    hey it's that stupid guy again.