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  1. finalfantasy7

    Weiss cannon ultra cable comfortable?

    most comfortable poly ive played with, however tension maintenance is the worst - becomes too pingy within 90mins, im just a 4.5 player
  2. finalfantasy7

    Favorite Brand (Smaller)

    Other = Restring zero
  3. finalfantasy7

    Help finding a Hyper G alternative

    Volkl v sqaure
  4. finalfantasy7

    Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP - Best strings

    Restring zero
  5. finalfantasy7

    Restring Zero. New string release.

    tan - what do you consider as your top5 poly strings?
  6. finalfantasy7

    What did you last eat?

    chicken tikka panini with chips
  7. finalfantasy7

    Best shoes for wet hard court

    Yeh, play in Nottingham, play on astro turf with sand = super fast court, holds up well when it rains light to medium. I ve just came from the yonex eclispsion 3 to the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 - the eclipsion were great - but just tad too heavy and felt clumsy on the slide / run due to...
  8. finalfantasy7

    Soft, spin friendly poly

    ok, which ever string you get - tells us how it went
  9. finalfantasy7

    Soft, spin friendly poly

  10. finalfantasy7


    yeh thr hybrid has very good reviews, i have it, just waiting to string it
  11. finalfantasy7

    Soft, spin friendly poly

    could try also volkl v square similar stifness but more spin, lasts around the same
  12. finalfantasy7

    Any poly better than Lxn 4G for tension maintenance?

    Restring zero and toroline wasabi
  13. finalfantasy7

    How large difference between mains and crosses can you use?

    thats interesting, ive always been told anything over 5lbs - as it changes the racket from the ends od the mains - by a small margin. Have you ever noticed this
  14. finalfantasy7

    Soft, spin friendly poly

    Weisscannon ultra cable is probably the softest, its also very spin friendly - however tension maintenance is probably the worse for any poly string, i could tell a difference in 1hr of hitting, im a 4.5nrtp, couldnt play with it after 90mins. Try toroline wasabi - i wouldnt say soft, but...
  15. finalfantasy7

    Favourite tennis balls

    Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls
  16. finalfantasy7

    Best shoe for avoiding ankle sprain

    I would add the Yonex eclipsion to the list as well
  17. finalfantasy7

    Your favourite HC tennis shoe?

    For me = Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour - just perfect for me
  18. finalfantasy7

    Volkl Cyclone Vs. Yonex Polytour Rev

    honestly try Restring zero and Toroline wasabi - both are comfortably ahead in all categories - last way longer easily 35-50% longer
  19. finalfantasy7


    do you think thr similar, interesting, for me game changer is spinnier and bit stiffer - as its a squared string but toroline is more comfortable - slightly better feel - but longs longer - i do prefer wasabi, but liked game changer
  20. finalfantasy7

    Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour

    dont like the jet blue with yellow, but the women salmon pink - looks really nice
  21. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    conversation isnt finished - we can carry on. Most likely i will keep buying restring zero and toroline wasabi - but as i've just stocked up on both strings, should keep me busy for next 3 yrs, i do have plenty of single sets (45 of them) strings from many other brands, have have many reels...
  22. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    Ive told you ivebeen on the website - its got a picture of a girl wearing torqiouse hat and top, black wristband on left forearm with a black racket + yellow dampner + blue strings and the M logo on strings for assuming Mantis (strings). At top says strings - sell 6 of them in the centre says...
  23. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    I did, i emailed them on monday 18/09/2023 - like i mentioned above - still havent received a reply - checked my junk box = nothing their, havent even received any newsletters also - signed up to it on same day
  24. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    As soon as the answer is slightly delayed by one day everyone immediately writes something on here - well you cant say 1 day as you have no proof - but thr have been many posters saying the same problem. Why create a new website while your at war?, also why tell people that they will be...
  25. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    Are all honest and good people in your country - hell no as i live in England - think you mis understood my post regaridng when i wrote ukranian men - as i was referring to tennis nerd video - which he did say. You've never seen anyone on here write that they have decieved anyone or did...
  26. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    Does anyone have an update on mayami europe - been 2 months now since expecting to open
  27. finalfantasy7

    Mayami strings

    Tell us how it goes