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  1. Dilexson

    When was the first time you had the feeling Nole was winning the slam race?

    2015/16 run made a lot of us think that. 2019 pretty much removed any doubts i think.
  2. Dilexson

    What are the odds that Nadal and Djokovic draw each other R1 at the AO?

    lol its the best crowd puller in all the matchups including Raz. There's no way they'll put it on week one.
  3. Dilexson

    Nadal v Djokovic RG 2021 semi final official match highlights finally released

    loved this one. I knew it would be a good one but i did not expect him to bag the win. One of his most impressive wins imo. Dare i say it made the tournament as a whole better for non Rafa fans! It does get boring after watching the same guy lift the trophy year after year. Having said that i...
  4. Dilexson

    The most hyped tennis players who did not live up to their expectations?

    Canadian duo in the last 8 years or so. honestly can't chose between Felix and Denis lol
  5. Dilexson

    Djokovic will win the Calendar Golden Slam in 2024

    you know usually when they hype him like this he ends up failing the quest halfway through.(n)
  6. Dilexson

    Can Novak achieve a Quadruple Career Grand Slam?

    come on , he's already gone past the seemingly impossible 2 career slams and now sitting on 3. It's already a a phenomenal achievement. bet he'd rather want a Wimbledon or even USO.
  7. Dilexson

    Who will end with the better h2h in slams in Djokodal matches ?

    you aren't any different bro. We all have our own bubbles and thinking that our own bubble is the representation of entire 'western' or eastern or whatever world is not a great take.
  8. Dilexson

    Who will end with the better h2h in slams in Djokodal matches ?

    that statement doesn't apply any tennis players i know of , including Roger and Rafa. Even when they were winning like crazy they were just a footnote on newsreels on most channels lol
  9. Dilexson

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I come here for these posts, thank you. Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities was mostly misses than hits but the 3rd episode, 'The Autopsy' (by David Prior who also did the film, 'The Empty Man') is absolute gold for horror fans. Easily the best story i've come across in body horror type films...
  10. Dilexson

    Friendly exchange at the net between Sebi Korda and Ben Shelton :}

    Watched the interview, understandably a lot of hate comments there. I guess fans wanted to see a bit of submissive presser from him, refreshing to see him not backing down against the questions though lol. I didn't think he was coming across as insulting anywhere in there either.
  11. Dilexson

    The career inflation era argument is utter propaganda

    once in a while you get a great thread BUMP and this one's a popcorn to read through. Well done lol
  12. Dilexson

    When do you realize Djokovic is Fedal's equal?

    For a lot of us it must've been sometime during the 2015-16 stretch, certainly was for me I think. He was trailing both considerably in slams before that to be taken as their equal, at least for the casual fans.
  13. Dilexson

    The Tyranny of Metrics – a Defence of Federer

    popcorn thread ,especially the middle pages. (y)
  14. Dilexson

    Is Novak still THAT good, vulturing or somewhere in between?

    Farewell. Or you can pull a Zagor and comeback whenever the tennis landscape gets completely upturned. :whistle:
  15. Dilexson

    How many slams will Djokovic win?

    Night and day between tail end of 2016 and now .I didn't think Fed had any slams in him, Nadal was awful for more than two years by that point and Djoker looked like he was following suit. How things have changed in a short span..!
  16. Dilexson

    Predict the slam winners of 2024

    AO is the only one i can be half sure of. Everything else will be up in the air and hopefully stays that way.
  17. Dilexson

    Djokovic in slams since Wimbledon 2018 (last 19 slam participations, age 31-36)

    damnn he doubled his previous count in 5 years. I never thought any of the Big 3 would ever be able to truly distance themselves from the other two but if he keeps going this way... :unsure:
  18. Dilexson

    Djokovic humbles Shelton by mimicking his celebration

    lol It makes sense why Novak did it.
  19. Dilexson

    US Open Draw: Carlos gets Zverev/Sinner QF; Medvedev SF - Djokovic draws Tsitsipas QF, Rune/Ruud SF

    tbh I've heard this sctik from every fanbase whenever I log in here for any meaningful tourney lol
  20. Dilexson

    2023 Cincinnati Final - Carlos Alcaraz vs Novak Djokovic

    would've loved another win for the youngster but a match worth staying awake from 3 am onwards . lol A meeting at next USO would be incredible!
  21. Dilexson

    Karen Khachanov is now World #5

    damn i actually forgot abt him lol
  22. Dilexson

    Does TTW negatively affect your work productivity?

    ugh. when i'm bored at work i mean.
  23. Dilexson

    What was the last movie you watched?

    hey anyone seen Oppenheimer yet? excited about a new Nolan film. will probably go this week.
  24. Dilexson

    Does TTW negatively affect your work productivity?

    It's purely for entertainment. like browsing reddit while waiting in a line etc.
  25. Dilexson

    Alcaraz/ Nadal first Wimbledon wins. What was more impressive?

    Not fair to Alca(he could have a better wimbledon career anyway). I don't think we'll see a 1st Wimbledon win of 2008 level for a long long time. The build up to it was top notch.
  26. Dilexson

    2023 Wimbledon Final: Carlos Alcaraz vs. Novak Djokovic

    downloaded the match, gonna watch it tonight. i hope these two meet a few times in slams. Would love to see one in either of the hardcourt slams.
  27. Dilexson

    Wimbledon Finals ratings explode in the UK, Alcaraz-Djokovic up over 50% compared to Djokovic-Kyrgios

    tennis needs rivalries and great match ups. Don't think lot of folks dreamed of seeing the clown in centre court lol