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  1. ls206

    Ultimate string of choice !

    Hey @galapagos, I noticed you’ve got a rating for Head Lynx but no full review linked. Was it not a great playtest? On paper it looks like a softer more controlled Firestorm. How would you compare the two?
  2. ls206

    Speed Solution FF3

    Looks like they’ve ditched the full “plastic wrap”. I wonder how that will impact the lateral stability. Hopefully they will be more breathable and maybe even lighter.
  3. ls206

    Blade 98 V8 16x19 Help

    Why did you move away from the pro staff?
  4. ls206

    String weight and swing weight

    There is definitely more interest from consumers in the swingweight and twistweights of racquets. We can only hope that this does actually lead to manufacturers both listing and tightening their QC on these previously invisible specs
  5. ls206

    String weight and swing weight

    I have a Prince phantom that has the unstrung swingweight listed on the throat. Don’t recall any other racquet having the SW listed
  6. ls206

    String weight and swing weight

    I wish I could dislike comments..
  7. ls206

    Toalson Rencon - has anyone tried this?

    Sorry, I don't think I ever used the 1.20 gauge and can't remember anything about the string anymore. Also I'm pretty sure I didn't know what I was talking about back then (and still don't :D)
  8. ls206

    Which Pro´s Pro string should i tie to my Head Prestige Graphene 360+ MP?

    I used to play with Blackout 1.28mm in mine, strung at 21/20kg
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I could have posted the exact same thing @einca13. To me the response off the strings is crisper on the extreme tour, with the flex of the blade being most noticeable on flat serves. I’d also say that the blade lets me hit through the ball easier so it seems like there’s less spin. But it’s...
  10. ls206

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Can anyone compare Blackout and cyclone power?
  11. ls206

    Arthur Fery's racquet and specs

    Looking at some pictures from Wimbledon, it looks like it may even be a retail (mold) Blade v8. The Blade Pro has much more spacing on the start and end of the crosses that don't match Fery's racquet Blade Pro Retail Blade v8
  12. ls206

    Wilson H22 puzzle

    My (naive) guess is Jo Wilfred
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    Arthur Fery's racquet and specs

    Might be a good time to bump this thread. Fery is playing some good tennis at challengers recently. His game reminds me a lot of McDonald’s. Looks to be fairly flat off both wings and he’s keen to get forward, with great hands at the net. I think he switched to some form of Blade this year (at...
  14. ls206

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I did the same, it actually felt cumbersome and harder to swing without some extra weight at 12. And we’re only talking 1-2g Ended up settling on about 5g in the buttcap too
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    what a coincidence, I just got a set of that to try, how does it compare to Lynx tour in terms of power and comfort?
  16. ls206

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Yep that's exactly what I tried to say with: extra length beyond the "usable" parameters. You won't be holding the racquet lower just because the trapdoor protrudes, what that means is you end up with a shorter racquet. Obviously your position of the racquet can change while you play or for...
  17. ls206

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Having posting the specs, I'm now of the belief that Wilson specs (at least the blade) are actually false. The trapdoor adds 2-3mm of extra length beyond the "usable" parameters (at least with respect to measurements). This means the SW values are inflated and the balance point skewed...
  18. ls206

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    For me, because it's far easier to match the racquets that have similar specs to start with. The combination of a couple of grams, a couple of mm and a few SW points difference can result in a racquet with a noticeable difference in mass distribution and a much more complicated matching process...
  19. ls206

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Thought some might find this interesting. Measured 6 v8 Noirs, each with the plastic still on the handle: Racquet Weight (g) Balance (cm) Swingweight (kg-cm^2) 1 307.6 31.3 288 2 306.8 31.8 293 3 308 31.3 289 4 309.5 31.0 287 5 306.7 31.9 298 6 306.8 31.3 288 In terms of the...
  20. ls206

    there is no way alcaraz is using the aero VS, ive tried it and its really bad racket

    Apologies, I think that includes a dampener that adds 1 point I believe. The string is firestorm
  21. ls206

    there is no way alcaraz is using the aero VS, ive tried it and its really bad racket

    Where did 326 come from? His unstrung swingweight is 293. With a 1.30mm string there’s no way it’s less than 330 strung. My racquets are 290 unstrung and 330 strung, with a 1.25 poly
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    New Adidas Barricade 2023

    Does the women's version have extra eyelets for a runners knot?? Although I can't see it on the other side. Why is this missing from the mens?
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    Ultimate racquet of choice - tournament players and/or coaches

    Depending on your string, and with 4g lead at 3&6 I’d guess your swingweight is around 340.
  24. ls206

    Ultimate string of choice !

    In my opinion, I would say PTP is a very “nothing” string. Nothing standout; low power, low spin, linear response, no pocketing. Firestorm on the other hand has a good amount of ball pocketing and spin. I would say it has more gears too, with the control increasing with the power/racquet speed.
  25. ls206

    Ultimate string of choice !

    PTP is nothing like firestorm in my opinion. Sorry, I’ve not tried a lot of other strings to give a better alternative though.. RS Lyon potentially (from a small sample size)
  26. ls206

    New Balance Fresh Foam X CT-Rally

    Yep. They ugly.
  27. ls206

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Does Naomi even play tennis anymore??
  28. ls206

    Adidas SoleMatch Control

    Can anyone compare these to the Head revolt pro 4.0? I'm after a budget friendly shoe with some decent cushioning, but a bit more lightweight feel that the usual stability shoes. Edit: just reading up on some reviews and there is some mention of a lack of cushioning in the revolt pro Ordered...
  29. ls206

    Metortune Racquet Tuning

    Doesn’t the Yonex tuning machine have that feature?
  30. ls206

    Wilson Kaos 1.5

    I tried the SFT version but never played in them. I went half a size up from Asics and they were still a little snug. The deal breaker for me was that the upper is quite flexible and the lacing system isn’t good enough to hold your foot in place. Just walking around the house my foot was able...