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  1. LuckyR

    Future president of the USA

    Huh? None of those qualities is concentrated in US presidential candidates.
  2. LuckyR

    If you hit like a pro but not a pro

    What's your National ranking in your age group?
  3. LuckyR

    do you think you can take on a pitbull

    Just to clarify, what makes killer dogs is the physical ability of the dog, which folks focus on, PLUS terrible human owner behavior, which is typically ignored.
  4. LuckyR

    A Question for my 50+ Brethren

    It depends if you are playing other "step or 2 slower guys" or not. If you are, I'd play my regular game as I would put my slower game up against their slower game. OTOH if you are playing young guys, you're right, your normal (slower) game likely won't cut it. You're going to have to do...
  5. LuckyR

    Adult Camp at the Nadal Academy

    So it's good instruction at a great facility in a beautiful part of the world, with minimal opportunities to play matches. Cool.
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    What are tactics that ‘kill’ you in singles and doubles?

    In singles I have issues with playing power baseliners. If we are evenly matched they have better consistancy from the baseline so I am in the position of having to get one or both of us to the net in order to win. I am fine with that conceptually (since that is my doubles game in a nutshell)...
  7. LuckyR

    Which is the greater career?

    Huh? Identical slams and golds plus or minus YE finals? Okay, I've got one: what's a bigger number, zero or five. Please vote. Useless.
  8. LuckyR

    Where should you aim returning vs I formation?

    It doesn't really matter where (since you don't know what the netman is going to do at the beginning of the match), you just need to decide before the serve and stick to it regardless.
  9. LuckyR

    Doubles rules

    Yes that's true, though most folks choose based on their personal skillset and preferences rather than those of their opponents.
  10. LuckyR

    Doubles situation - What’s the best play?

    Many variables in this seemingly simple scenario: First, especially on a first serve your partner should also be in second volley position towards the T (to cover a poach of your return), but should be moving laterally and forwards towards second volley position as your return bypasses the...
  11. LuckyR


    Tennis instruction specifically is known for a nonstop nitpicking critique of stroke mechanics as the pupil hits shot after shot. Most of which, while technically correct, is useless to the point of being harmful to the process of learning.
  12. LuckyR

    I found this about era strength from 2000-2023

    If folks can't agree what "strong" and "weak" eras are, speculating on when they occur is a waste of time.
  13. LuckyR

    how to get out of a slump?

    I definitely observe my opponent's stroke mechanics as there is a ton of helpful information there, just imagine a telegraphed dropshot. So basically I focus on the ball until it is near the opponent, then I defocus (or more accurately broaden my focus from a 2.5 inch ball to a seven foot...
  14. LuckyR

    60 years ago today

    I was 2, don't remember where I was when it happened...
  15. LuckyR

    Can you improve your line calling?

    Luckily, the only guys who I know who intentionally miscall lines are such poor players it almost never comes up nowadays. But it has in the distant past.
  16. LuckyR

    Can you improve your line calling?

    Making fair line calls in even the most "important" match is easy. Making fair line calls when you honestly believe the other guys are cheating you in even the most meaningless match is difficult.
  17. LuckyR

    Affordable Japanese classic cars you can enjoy

    IMO the best bargain in cars is my actual car, namely a 996 C4s, they go for about 20s to 30s and they perform essentially the same (or better) than a 993 C4s that goes for 100k more.
  18. LuckyR

    Affordable Japanese classic cars you can enjoy

    I sold my 20 year old 91 MR2 turbo for 2k, now it's worth about 8 times that. Oh, well.
  19. LuckyR

    Explaining golfers elbow

    Smart move and good luck. GE has the reputation of being more difficult to solve than TE.
  20. LuckyR

    AI cars must be banned: Robotaxi ran over & dragged pedestrian

    I agree with what you commented on. But I'm more irritated by the AI never going over the speed limit and perhaps going well below it in order for the computer to drive safe enough to meet it's programming ability.
  21. LuckyR

    Big Increase In Youth Tennis Participation

    Did you? The #1 sport (basketball) wasn't played by a whopping 86% of folks, which isn't that different from the 93% for tennis that you tried to pass off as some sort of meaningful stat.
  22. LuckyR

    Underarm serves with decent sidespin are very effective

    Sure I do (I'm not calling you a liar), BUT your title wasn't "against my competition the underhand serve... is very effective". By not qualifying your claim you imply that it is universally true, which you just verified it's not.
  23. LuckyR

    Consistency in Tennis

    True. My point is that #1s are way more common and include many posers.
  24. LuckyR

    Can you improve your line calling?

    If you can see space between the line (black line in your example) and the ball, it's out. So: out.
  25. LuckyR

    Underarm serves with decent sidespin are very effective

    So not notably effective. I suspected as much.
  26. LuckyR

    Big Increase In Youth Tennis Participation

    Low number? Tennis (apparently) is the 4th most popular sport, according to this data set.
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    Last day of this year

  28. LuckyR

    5 months with Tennis Elbow so far; help :-(

    Well it's stress to the tendon. Could be from racquet, strings or BH technique. IF you switched from an arm unfriendly to an arm friendly one, then it wasn't the racquet. Keep adjusting. Good luck.
  29. LuckyR

    Underarm serves with decent sidespin are very effective

    Very effective, eh? So do you typically lose the point when folks hit them against you?