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  1. oy vey

    Better Athlete: Novak or Andy?

    Murray once said he would hate to get into a fight with Nenad Zimonjic.
  2. oy vey

    "Andy might be a slight favourite for me": Navratilova

    he is the feminist tennis player now-that's why Martina likes him.
  3. oy vey

    How many more Wimbledons for Novak?

    I'd like him to bag 2 more AO 1 RG 1 USO
  4. oy vey

    Hail Becker!

    Becker got his million dollar bonus check. Yes, it does look like health is rubbing off on Boris too. He's gotta get up early, walk around, get fresh air, be around people eating healthy,...not a bad deal for Becker's wife either.
  5. oy vey

    Murray's attitude on court is horrible

    Champion Andy Murray exits Wimbledon shouting and cursing
  6. oy vey

    Gulbis: ''Money and fame have changed Novak''

    His father is a USSR oligarch LOL
  7. oy vey

    Question about Genie's outfit

    Terrible dress, like she just stepped out of Little house on the Prairie.
  8. oy vey

    wawrinka tattoo

    At least he could have quoted Dostoevsky :) BTW Is he still with the Mrs?
  9. oy vey

    Djokovic and crowds

    Yep, I have that saved and watched it recently. It was kind of over the top how they were cheering for Nole vs. Murray, still, I was glad Nole won.:)
  10. oy vey

    Nenad Zimonjic is very attractive.

    They asked Murray one time who he would not like to get into a fight with and he said....Zimonjic. I've met him twice and he's a really nice, quiet guy. Nestor who seems quiet on court is a big loudmouth and prankster off court.
  11. oy vey

    Now that Djokovic will win the Australian open....

    Novak will get total: 7 AO, 1 or 2 RG, 2 US, 2 WIM
  12. oy vey

    le thanasi kokkinakis club

    Vive le Kokk
  13. oy vey

    Now that Djokovic will win the Australian open....

    Any GS is a good slam. The more the merrier.:)
  14. oy vey

    ESPN Picks for AO 2014 - Novak and Serena

    No, it is Becker of course.:) Who is Cahill picking? Murray?
  15. oy vey

    the novak djokovic club

    I'd like to get a T shirt like that!
  16. oy vey

    Andy Murray and Lleyton Hewitt similarities

    They are both annoying with their "come on" after every point.
  17. oy vey

    Novak Slammed By WADA President

    Who on earth would administer a blood sample the next morning after they supposedly said no the night before?
  18. oy vey

    Berdych making fun of Djokovic in Twitter?

    Tipsy doesn't like Radek "the finger" Stepanek
  19. oy vey

    Roger i have no sympathy for Troicki

    Strict. Unbending. Germanic.
  20. oy vey

    Federers last two handshakes with nole

    Tsonga dances around like an ape every time he wins a match. So what?
  21. oy vey

    PRP should be illegal

    Sure, then they need Phelps to give back all his swim medals. He had an egg in his house and slept in it every night one year before the Olympics. Sorry, they won't ban the egg. Too valuable to the US Olympians
  22. oy vey

    When is Laura Robson going to become a champion and top 10 player?

    Robson the great western hope? Dreamers.
  23. oy vey

    PRP should be illegal

    No one liked it when Lance Armstrong was PRP doping.
  24. oy vey

    PRP should be illegal

    No it doesn't sound cool, it's cheating.
  25. oy vey

    Murray back op done

    He will play WTF probably. Keyhole surgery is not bad at all. They said it was "minor."
  26. oy vey

    Murray back op done

    Murray won't get more than a couple more slams. How many weeks has he been at number 1?
  27. oy vey

    Murray back op done

    I don't think so....Safin is handsome.
  28. oy vey

    Which major is a must have for a top player ?

    I agree. But I also feel Novak will win it before he retires.
  29. oy vey

    stan will replace Murray for world no 3 spot. in 2014

    Murray might be the type who just wanted to win USO and WIM and relax at his McMansion with his dogs and Playstation.
  30. oy vey

    Who will win Mens final tommorow and WHY?

    Nole slightly, Rafa hasn't had to dig deep mentally since they played in Paris.