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    New Novak Djokovic "Panther" clothing from Adidas

    Plenty of sports players wear under armor. It's especially popular with soccer players, it's rare to see a player not wearing some form of an undershirt.
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    LOL,,,I heard Nadal say "this is Obligatory tournament, ONLY reason i am stil here"

    Nadal and Federer needed the break. This obligatory tournament garbage is....well, garbage.
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    Nike Vapor VI

    Vapors are a bit plain looking. Nice shoe though.
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    Nike Men's Summer Global 3/4 Pant

    I recommend not getting them.
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    Cheap ways to win

    Lmao, are you being serious right now? By the way, you are truly pathetic. What you're trying to do is learning to be a pusher, and a crappy one at that. Actually get good and take the time that other people have to get your strokes down. Absolutely pathetic OP.
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    Nadal Madrid Cages look tight.

    Yeah, Rafa said on his blog that he wears a size ten regular shoe and tennis shoe.
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    Nike Summer 2009

    Lol, I actually first stated I hated them, but who knows, might end up getting a pair for the strangeness of the colors.
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    Nadal Madrid Shoe?

    Monfils was wearing 'em.
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    Except for clay, Sampras superior to Federer in every aspect of the game of tennis

    Fed's backhand eats Pete's alive. Federer is FAR more well rounded.
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    I'll see how I like the poly. I'm sort of hoping I fall in love with it as so many people here seem to.
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    Jolly, any particular reason why you string at 70 pounds? Just wondering if it does something for you that a lower tension doesn't.
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    Any particular reason why I'd string at a lower tension like that?
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    What Gauge Do You Prefer for Polyesters?

    70? No wonder you break strings so easily. :D
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 gauge strings. I got 'em for free at a tennis camp, lol.
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    New Prince Line: January 2009 (Pictures + Specs)

    The Rebel looks really nice.
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    new adidas shirts

    Yeah, looks like they only have the orange one.... In due time I suppose. HEADS UP THOUGH! The official adidas store has all of 'em.
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    The future of nike tennis?

    I thought the shirts this year were alright. But Nike's definitely playing it extremely safe. Nadal was a breath of fresh air (from certain peoples' perspectives :D) with the styles he introduced. I think that they're not doing enough with their short sleeve shirts but the sleeveless looks...
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    Jolly....think it's worth it to have a go with the set of poly strings I have laying around? The place that carries the Gosen I'm using now is taking a damn long time restringing peoples racquets (multiple weeks). And my coach can get my racquet back to me within a day's time.
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    Nike Summer 2009

    Nearly impossible to tell, but I'm just taking an educated guess and saying it's the new Vapor in black. That's what it appears to be.
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    What would you do???

    I'd see how it unfolds. See whether he forfeits or not. Don't try and impose and be like "SOOO, do I get the win?". Plus it's probably up to the people running the tournament.
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    Adidas at Costco...

    Drew - It's Charlie from PbN!!! I have a pair of Nike's cages, and they last a while, and have a good guarantee, as do lots of other shoes. So I definitely recommend you spending some decent money in some quality shoes that will definitely last a while and have a good guarantee!
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    Age Started Tennis

    15. Been actually playing for a solid year now. I think it's safe to say I'm a 3.5. I think I'm pretty decent for only having played a year!
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    new shanghai adidas shoes

    LMAO, are you kidding?
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    Except for clay, Sampras superior to Federer in every aspect of the game of tennis

    Lol, as soon as an argument starts with "except for....", then it's instantly stupid.
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    Fake Racquets at Sports Authority

    Yeah, definitely not fakes there. It's a legitimate place.
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    Hybrid of Full

    I don't push at all and I never ever break strings. :(
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    Do these shoes qualify for a warranty exchange?

    Hell yes lol. Those look destroyed.
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    Ahhh!!! Pushers!

    What do you suggest when a pusher is hitting extremely short balls that hardly bounce any (very flat...very very short balls)?
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    I hear ya. I suppose I'll hold off for now, I have arguably the best ground strokes at the group lessons I take, although that's not saying much lol.
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    The J011yroger guide to strings.

    Jolly, I was considering restringing with a better synthetic gut, but I might just keep my regular cheap Gosen. If I made a step up to some Laserfibre syn. gut (which I have on my old Prince triple threat, I like it), would there be any real benefits from using this more expensive string...