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    REVIEW: JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Paddles

    I played a lot of PB today, exclusively with the CFS16. That wasn't my initial plan, but that's how it worked out, mainly because I had no problem at all adjusting to it, coming from the Encore Engage MX 6.0. Overall, the CFS16 is an extremely solid paddle, doing everything well. And while it...
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    REVIEW: JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Paddles

    I received the CFS16 yesterday. I've only been able to hit against a wall at home yesterday and again this morning. I hit with it in stock form. My initial impression before hitting with it is that even though the grip length is above average at 5.5", the grip length seemed noticeably shorter...
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    REVIEW: JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Paddles

    Thanks very much for the excellent review of the new Joola Ben Johns Hyperion paddles. They each appear to be excellent paddles. I currently play with the Engage Encore MX6.0, which I like very much. It's also the only paddle I've ever used as my own. However, after a lot of use, it's now...
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    A good string for AeroPro Drive st. (5.0 baseliner)

    Wow. That was a long time ago. I have no recollection of the slipperiness, nor actually of the string itself. Also, I have no idea about the current Laserfibre strings, other than I heard the current Laserfibre is an entirely different company making strings that are different than the original...
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    Clash 108

    Any updated or new feedback on the Clash 108 ?
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    Alternatives to Gel Resolution 7

    The Court FF is not narrower than GR7, or at least that's my experience as I found the FF to be wider. I was a size 11 GR user from GR1 thru GR5. Starting with GR6 and continuing with GR7, size 11 became longer and narrower, so it no longer fit properly. I tried size 10.5, but it was too...
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    *NEW* Poly/Poly Hybrid thread (reviews and recipes)

    I just played a couple of sets with 17ga Tier One Firewire Boost (Firewire/Ghostwire). Great combo of power, control, spin and comfort. I'm interested to see how long this level of playability lasts. I'm not a big string breaker, so if I can get 8 hrs near this level of playability before I...
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    Poly Strings: How to decide? or Should you always try new strings?

    My limited 4+ hours experience with Technifibre Ice Code 17ga strung at 46lbs was good playability with so-so spin, however, my arm started feeling it in a negative way shortly after I started hitting with it so I proactively cut it out after the end of my second session with it before things...
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    Rackets similar to the blx six one 95 16x18

    The most recent racket I've hit with that reminded me of the 6.1 95 16x18, which I played with for many years thru various generations, is the Prince Phantom Pro 93P (14x18). The head size is more like a 95 than a 93. Highly recommend giving it a hit.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    The good news is that I read somewhere that there will be/is a v7 98S, but the bad news is that it will only be sold in Europe. I hope I'm wrong ! Can anyone verify ?
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    Does Nat Gut lose tension? Replace when frayed ?

    Wow. That is some seriously defective gut. Who makes it and what did you pay for it. I do recall many years ago playing with some low-end, more-or-less, no-name gut that didn't last long and had poor playability. I learned my lesson from that.
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    Does Nat Gut lose tension? Replace when frayed ?

    My normal string setup for many years is Pacific Tough Gut 16g in the mains with Gosen Micro 16 syn gut in the crosses both at 60lb in a Wilson 6.1 95 16x18. I should note that I'm not a string breaker in general. For me, this setup holds its tension and maintains its playability for many...
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    New Volkl String -massive spin

    Thanks for everyone's feedback on the V-Square. How does the V-Square compare to Cyclone Tour in terms of power/comfort/spin/tension maintenance?
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    Anyone still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets ?

    Thanks for the photo. I checked some old images of her and she definitely used to play with the Steam. The Burn Spin Effect racket has 16 crosses, so I guess its likely she's now playing with a Steam with a Burn paint job as you suggested. Nice find !
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    Anyone still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets ?

    Thanks for your interest, but no, I'm not planning on selling it right now. If I change my mind, I'll let you know.
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    Vortex Tennis Racquets

    Sounds good. I hope it works out for you.
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    Does anyone know the status of the Wilson Ultra line of rackets going forward ?

    I noticed that the Wilson Ultra line of rackets, except for one, is on clearance. Does anyone know the status of the Wilson Ultra line of rackets going forward ? Are they being refreshed, discontinued or replaced with something new ? Also, anyone know if Wilson will have continue with a...
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    Anyone still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets ?

    I was just wondering if anyone is still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets, which had a lot of Clash-like hype back around 2013, though maybe a little less hype than the Clash. Anyway, back around 2013, I bought both the Steam 99S and Steam 99 (non-S). I mainly tried playing with the 99S...
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    Vortex Tennis Racquets

    Let's us what you think of it.
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    Wilson Ultra Countervail 105s vs Steam 105s

    Any other thoughts on the Ultra 105s vs the Steam 105s ? I recently hit with a friend's Steam 105s, which got me interested in it. However, searching around, I've found that it's not readily available, even on the auction site. I'm considering the Ultra 105s, however, it has different racket...
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    Wilson105s vs Vortex Pro116

    Today I had a chance to hit with a friend's Wilson Steam 105s. Wow. I couldn't believe the easy pop I was getting out of my serve. Like I used to serve more than 20 years ago, or probably longer than that. We played a set of singles and I very easily held serve, which is not the norm when I...
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    Six.One 95s Users

    I've been revisiting the 95s on occasion over the past few weeks. I'm playing it stock. Yesterday, I played 3 sets of doubles with the 95s, freshly strung with Wilson 16g Natural Gut in the mains and Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 in the crosses, both at 60lbs. What a great feel. Very comfortable...
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    Power V grip/Wonder Wedge question - EBH

    Very interesting. After your comment, I tried both forehand grips (the one from the photo and the reversed one you had better results with) while swinging the racket around. Your reversed grip does feel more natural just swinging the racket around and trying the forehand grips. I should have...
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    Power V grip/Wonder Wedge question - EBH

    Aargh !!! After taking a look at the limited photos that are available, I noticed that the WW on my racket was on the WRONG bevel of the racket ! For some reason, I placed the WW on bevel 1 instead of bevel 3. So I then went ahead a repositioned it onto bevel 3. What a huge difference...
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    Power V grip/Wonder Wedge question - EBH

    Do a Google search on "wonderwedge tennis" and look under Images. There are a number of photos there.
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    Power V grip/Wonder Wedge question - EBH

    Hey Dan. Sorry to say I gave up on the WW shortly after my last comment. I actually can't really remember why now. I still have the WW on one of my rackets. Just swinging it around I believe the proper use is with the WW down, which feels more natural as you said. In this position with the WW...
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    Rules on Serving (Return man ready)

    Thanks Rattler ! This rule seems exactly right.
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    Rules on Serving (Return man ready)

    I totally agree with this, and fortunately, in my experience, 99.9% of my matches have been played within this spirit, though I used to see more gamesmanship stuff when I actively played tournaments and leagues. Even at the pro level, this cooperative attitude seems to be the predominant spirit...
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    Rules on Serving (Return man ready)

    I guess I wonder if a fairly consistent rhythm or time of pace between serves is a part of reasonable pace. At an extreme, is someone who sometimes takes 45 seconds between 1st and 2nd serve and also sometimes takes 2 seconds playing at a "reasonable pace" ? More realistically, I'm not sure if...
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    Rules on Serving (Return man ready)

    Good points. I understand that the service motion is faster with the ball coming sooner when serving underhand, but if one is set and ready for the serve, I believe the faster motion with the ball coming sooner is mostly irrelevant. My feeling is that I was in the process of getting set and...