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  1. Devilito

    Who is the greater player? Mcenroe or Wilander?

    lol. I mean, Mats was a great player, but come on. Mats was like the Medvedev of the 80s. Steady player that was like a wall. Didn't exactly set off fireworks. Mac's level was much higher. If this was a video game and we could lock in their peak level, Mats wouldn't win a single match unless it...
  2. Devilito

    Who wins Australian open now

    Don't care, but I'm feeling Grigor for semis.
  3. Devilito

    Kygrios slams Becker over Alcaraz commemt

    He's and amazing tennis player, but every top zoomer player thinks they're the greatest thing ever. I have top juniors that i teach at my club that think if they could go back in time they'd win 20 slams and clown on guys like Mac and Borg. I'm not even joking. These kids are great players, but...
  4. Devilito

    Kygrios slams Becker over Alcaraz commemt

    Would love to see Nick and Carlos with an 85 sq" racquet, gut/syngut on 80s grass, 80s balls, 80s shoes, etc. They'd be shanking every second shot, hitting everything out or in the net, and sliding on their asses trying to play off the baseline. Becker would clown them both
  5. Devilito

    Has Djokovic become a clearer GOAT in tennis than Messi and Jordan in their sports?

    His highlights consist of 40 ball rallies where his opponents end up making an error after being exhausted and Novak fist pumps. If that's your idea of the best tennis player of all time, good for you. To me, that's interpreting tennis skill as being really fit and athletic instead of having a...
  6. Devilito

    Would Jim Courier be more successful if he were active today?

    Jim had devastating ground strokes with an 85 racquet and synthetic gut lol. With a Pure Aero and full poly his game would be ridiculous. There are few players from the 90s that would benefit from modern tech and surfaces as Jim would. He'd be racking up slams in this era
  7. Devilito

    Paris Masters Final 2023: Dimitrov vs. Djokovic

    I want Grigor to win, but Novak in 2. Match up for him is terrible
  8. Devilito

    Who is ready to believe in Dimitrov one last time and be disappointed again ?

    His skill level is no different than it used to be. Difference is that it seems like in 2023, he transitioned from a boy to a man. His mental game, his shot selection, his attitude on court is what is making him a winner. I'd love for him to win Paris. Bad news is that Novak is the worst match...
  9. Devilito

    What are the good takeaways from Fedal H2H rivalry?

    Fed was good on the surfaces Rafa was best on and Rafa was terrible on the surfaces Fed was good on during Fed's prime so they rarely met on Grass and Hard and often met on Clay, giving Rafa a nice H2H advantage. This isn't quantum mechanics.
  10. Devilito

    Sampras Thread

    Get that, "New Gen" grinding crap out of here!
  11. Devilito

    Did Federer hurt more tennis players with the RF97 than help?

    RF 97 is not heavy. 1/2 oz is not a massive amount of weight difference for people to swing around. Lighter racquets compromise technique not heavier ones. Heavier racquets teach you timing and how to hit the ball early and use technique over strength. Lighter racquets teach poor technique that...
  12. Devilito

    Did Federer hurt more tennis players with the RF97 than help?

    RF97 is a completely milktoast racquet. It's not like you're swinging around Pete's 85sq" 14oz bat strung at 75lbs. If you're having trouble with an RF97, the problem is your game, not the racquet. Obviously no single racquet is for everyone, but to suggest a beginner should not be using an RF97...
  13. Devilito

    Did anyone say Alcaraz would abuse Federer's BH?

    Should have been over in 2 if Grigor didn't choke his break advantage in the first. Fed would have dismantled Raz
  14. Devilito

    New Fed Uniqlo

    Brutal. Did someone get paid money to come up with that? Also love how perfectly tailored those are on him, then when you try them on in a store they're boxy and baggy in all the wrong places.
  15. Devilito

    Would you pay $5,000

    Even in their primes it wouldnt be a good match. They're not doubles players
  16. Devilito

    Breaking news: Laver Cup lost its superstar and prestigious status

    Sure, Fed's retired, but why not pick up a racquet for a couple of exo games at the Laver cup? His knee can't be THAT bad.
  17. Devilito

    Why touch tennis is not getting as popular as pickleball?

    Small courts and athletic players leads to games where 99% of the points end in an error because it's impossible to play an aggressive game based on hitting winners. Tennis is the only sport out of all of these where you can actually have different playing styles. Everyone in these other games...
  18. Devilito

    US Open Men's Final: Ticket resale market has collapsed

    Nobody wants to watch 50 ball pusher rallies for 5 sets where at the end the players have to be carted out on stretchers.
  19. Devilito

    LOL Carlos isn't winning this thing

    Watch Grigor Steffi his way to a title
  20. Devilito

    Alcaraz is Box Office !!

    How many wins does Alcaraz have over Fed?
  21. Devilito

    why pros ball don't go out?

    That alone, in fact, does.
  22. Devilito

    Do any current ATP players use a racquet over 100sq in?

    If you're looking for inspiration, Andre is mosdef one of the ATG that used an oversized racquet. Nobody else comes close in the current era comes close.
  23. Devilito

    Which is the Strongest 24 months period in the Open era ?

    Recency bias. Every single player in the year end top 10 in 1992 won a Slam. Nothing like that has come close. 1991-1992 is the correct answer
  24. Devilito

    Introducing True Groundstroke-Winning Percentage

    LOL as in, it's so obviously true you'd have to know nothing about tennis to deny it?
  25. Devilito

    What is gained with age?

    Skill, power and tactics can be gained with age. What's lost with age is physicality and movement. Tennis, over the years has gone from a skill based sport to a physical contest. Advancements in tech such as light/stiff raquets and poly strings, make it almost impossible to miss a shot if you...
  26. Devilito

    Djokovic Out Of Canada

    Eubanks is ranked around 30 now, how wasn't he automatically getting into the Canadian open regardless?
  27. Devilito

    Fed - 1 title ahead of Nole at W and 1 title ahead of Rafa at USO - Will it stay this way by time they are all retired?

    Doesn't even matter. Inflation Era. imagine thinking Nole is equally as good as Petros on grass because they both have 7 Wimbledon titles, or if he wins one more he's better than Petros. That's just stupid talk.