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    "Not too bad"....

    well for $108k i would hope its the one he won match point with for the 4th :oops:
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    When'd 'You Jump Ship?

    omg federer isn’t even a pro player anymore, hasn’t been for… 3 years? move on people lol
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    Would Federer trade careers with Djokovic if given the chance?

    king of wimbledon & co-king of USO or king of AO….hmmm lol
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    "Not too bad"....

    i bet fedrs last wimbledon or laver cup racquet would fetch more:)
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    Can someone explain why

    my guess is he knows he has almost nothing left in the tank except one last run
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    Can Alcarunner revive the sport ?

    why does everyone think rune is 3rd of the big 3. medvedev is better than him
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    Can someone explain why

    Rafa didn't know until a week and a half before the '23 FO that he couldn't play & then once thats over he decides he needs 7 more months to recover?
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    How does this dude only have 3 US Opens

    you mean co-king along with 3 others:)
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    Panatta: "Sinner will retire Djokovic"

    Panatta is Italian and he really hates Djokovic. thats all you need to knows about that quote. honestly the borg retiring because of Mac isn't true either
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    Nadal on the difference between playing Djokovic and Federer!

    well what he said about fedr stopped being relevant when fedr switched to a bigger racquet
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    "I would like to face Nadal again but it's better if it's not at the French Open."

    thats an eye opener.. and apparently they're "rivals"
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    Roland Garros 2024 Contenders

    i just can’t see rafa winning a FO w/ djoko and alcaraz in the mix
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    What happened to Federer in 2008 ?

    i would never do that to Roger
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    What happened to Federer in 2008 ?

    but who did he get mono from ? :unsure:
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    Wouldn't it be awesome if Rafa evened out the GS race next year if...?

    if rafa wins another slam then can we say its a weak era?
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    Hyeon Chung: A future grand slam champion derailed by injuries?

    no lol he had a good and lucky AO in 2018 thats it
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    Italy lead by The Sinner win the Davis Cup for the first time in 47 years

    djoko can lose to anyone in BO3. thats a fact
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    Kygrios slams Becker over Alcaraz commemt

    Someone should tell kyrgios that he isn't good enough to talk smack lol
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    Kygrios slams Becker over Alcaraz commemt

    i love kyrgios policing everyone on Twitter
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    You walk into a tennis cafeteria. Which table are you sitting at?

    5 just for rublev... And with Ruud it would just be fun no drama!
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    Novak Djokovic is now 0-7 against top 5 opponents in Davis Cup and the Olympics

    as i said before Novak is too self absorbed and arrogant to be a good team player
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    Sinner beats Djokovic in Davis cup final 2023

    djokovic is not good at team sports like davis cup and olympics we all know that. he’s not even good in the serbian open
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    Naomi Osaka, Nick Kyrgios, Andy Murray to play Brisbane International 2024

    don’t you get it she’s a mother now that changes everything
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    The only true indicator of weak era

    you’re right hes too old to play a full schedule and dominate. that said i do feel weak era vibes considering he can dominate so much with little match practice.
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    The only true indicator of weak era

    nope. djokovic just doesn’t play enough tournaments to keep a #1 ranking
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    Novak's 98 titles are heavier than Roger's 103 titles

    you dont get it. djokovic has all the numbers and they still feel the need to "prove" hes better than federer.
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    Novak's 98 titles are heavier than Roger's 103 titles

    its so funny how djokovic fans still have to prove hes ahead of federer at this point LOL
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    At 27 Federer was dethroned

    are you trying to say that djokodalray is better than alcasinnerrune? thats obvious. the latter can't raise their game when the need to