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  1. Polvorin

    Can we all agree on one moral victory that differed from the result?

    Is that the one where Djokovic took the strategic timeout to stop the momentum? What a complete reversal.... really threw Fed out of his groove starting the 5th. Those last two sets were quite a roller coaster.
  2. Polvorin

    Ranking the Big 4 in Each Department

    a few disagreements, but mostly looks good to me Murray serve return > Nadal Federer forehand > Nadal except on clay Murray volley > Djokovic Federer overhead > Nadal
  3. Polvorin

    Most bagels dished of all time

    I guess they are coming in 2018..? idk :p
  4. Polvorin

    Most bagels dished of all time

    Kind of bizarre that their slam count lines up perfectly with active years on tour...
  5. Polvorin

    Most bagels dished of all time

    in order to bagel someone you have to be able to break serve, not just win tiebreaks ;)
  6. Polvorin

    Time to scrap the WTF

    Maybe it's time to scrap year-long conditions suited to defensive grinding instead.
  7. Polvorin

    No way

    I always thought the mysterious back injury just as he was about to take the #1 ranking in Cincinnati was suspicious. The way the whole end of the season unfolded seems similarly contrived but who knows...
  8. Polvorin

    Why do Federer and Nadal fans ignore all of the evidence?

    Djokovic's era was so tough his biggest competitors for much of his peak were 5-years-past-his-prime Papa Federer and all-time-great Muzzah. :rolleyes: In all seriousness, how do "weak era" proponents not see that for much of Nadal and especially Djokovic's dominant periods, literally their...
  9. Polvorin

    Fed fans: Were you happier after FO09 or AO17?

    It is possible to add one still, should you care to
  10. Polvorin

    Turning in my FEDAL UNITED fan club badge: Not happy w Rafa

    Not so sure about that, he took 3 weeks off after the USO, and 2 more after Shanghai. That doesn't sound like overplaying. But I do agree Roger was smart to prioritize longevity as he always has.
  11. Polvorin

    Which in form player does Federer feat most from Group B at WTF?

    On this surface he fears none of them, but Rafa is still Rafa and as Annacone said, don't underestimate the great players
  12. Polvorin

    Fed fans: Were you happier after FO09 or AO17?

    where's the poll? AO17 by a significant margin for me
  13. Polvorin

    Pat Cash : I have heard Nadal say this numerous times. Stop complaining !

    Typical form... instead of adapting and changing things in his game, he expects the game and the rules to change for him. Nothing new here.
  14. Polvorin

    Which active player is a natural matchup nightmare for Nadal?

    Possibly Del Potro, had he stayed healthy and at the top of his game
  15. Polvorin

    Can Roger defend AO ...

    Can Nadal win WTF for once? (The big one, not RG which is meaningless)
  16. Polvorin

    WTF groups

    Sock is in form and a more dangerous opponent on this court than anyone in Nadal's group with the possible exception of Dimitrov... who has proven to have the game to compete with the best but not the belief. Acting as if a 5-7 6-7(3) Cilic Nadal semi wasn't competitive is just silly.
  17. Polvorin

    WTF groups

    Yes, all three of them have won M1000's on hardcourt. Cilic has a hardcourt slam. Any of them when playing well is at least some kind of threat. Compare that to... a guy who barely seems to be able to win a match off of clay (Thiem), and Goffin who is a solid player but has no real weapons and...
  18. Polvorin

    WTF groups

    All three players in Fed's group are more of a threat than any of the three in Nadal's. Nadal on one leg might legitimately make it through that group. Still expect the maestro to come through though... he's still the best in fast conditions, of course.
  19. Polvorin

    Nadal's 2017, WTFs and YE #1

    Ahh yes, I'm thinking of the Tour Finals in 2008 when he had the bad back but played through it. 2005 was an ankle injury? but he still played 5 sets on it, strange more people don't talk about what a warrior he was in his time.
  20. Polvorin

    Guy Forget full of praise for Nadal : '' He apologised to me ten times.''

    Awfully nice of this Guy to Forget that Rafa has only played Paris six times in his whole career, including this year. It's almost as if the scheduling is exceptionally poor for this event... hmmm...
  21. Polvorin

    Nadal's 2017, WTFs and YE #1

    You may have noticed Fed doesn't get injured very often... He hasn't withdrawn from matches in 250's or 500's or matches in earlier rounds of bigger events either. Not because those matches are of greater importance, but simply because he doesn't get injured much.
  22. Polvorin

    Nadal's 2017, WTFs and YE #1

    All that suggests is how bad his back must have been for that particular match, that he felt unable to compete. It says nothing of the WTF. I'm not sure why you would be so desperate to downplay the significance of the WTF. Could it be because Rafa has never won it?
  23. Polvorin

    Nadal's 2017, WTFs and YE #1

    My example shows how important the WTF final was to Fed. That back problem in 2005 was one of the more severe injuries he's played through in his career. He even got on court treatment, which for him was unheard of.
  24. Polvorin

    Congrats to Sock, but try to match his line of opponents in Paris

    Pouille is ranked higher than anyone Nadal had to beat at the USO... Sock could be a slam winner!
  25. Polvorin

    Nadal's 2017, WTFs and YE #1

    We also saw Fed with a broken back attempt to play through the pain in a 5 set loss in 2005 WTF final. But things change when you are 32 I suppose.
  26. Polvorin

    Nadal's 2017, WTFs and YE #1

    I would say no, on the basis of making five finals even though he only won one of them. I believe the same is true for Nadal.. he has made two WTF final matches previously, so any claim that a victory would be a fluke is just hate.
  27. Polvorin

    Fed fans: does Nadal deserve YE#1 in 2017?

    I did make a mistake which I acknowledged. The general point about the abundance of clay court matches allowing Nadal to go on such winning streaks however remains accurate, with the exception of 2013... a year in which most of us probably know Fed's game was at an all time low-- he was still...