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    Which strings for Yonex Vcore 98 2023

    4G soft is a great string at 52 lb. Excellent tention maintenance.
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    Change Yonex Ezone 98 2022 to 2022

    4. That exactly why I'm selling my one and looking for another 2020 model. I love the 2020 frame as it's so whippy and maneuverable.
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    Yonex ezone 98 2022

    I love the 2020 version, but the 2022 version feels much bulkier on my backhand? Selling my 2022 and looking to buy another 2020 frame.
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    Dunlop Revelation 200G 90, tell me about it

    I've just inherited the same frame! Thanks for your review.
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    Dunlop Revelation 200g 90" & other Dunlop Revelation Series

    I've just inherited a Dunlop Revelation 200G 90" (Green & Checkered Flag). I'm wondering what to string it at? And what with? I normally use the 2020 Ezone 98 with Lynx Tour at 52lb. Cheers in advance.
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    Yonex Ezone DR98 appreciation post

    Great frame.... just can't find another one.
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    Has anyone tried the 2020 Ezone yet?

    I couldn't tell my Ezone 2020 from the DR. They felt exactly the same apart from the sweet spot was lower on the DR.
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    Ti Radicals
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    Kyrgios is an embarrassment

    Going to be an interesting final at long last.
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    40+ players out there: Do you go bigger (head size) or stick with your good ol' small head stick?

    50 year old In the bag are Pure Aero 2016, APD 2010 and one I can't let go off ...Head TI Radical 107...pleasure to use.
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    Carlos Alcaraz is using a stock Pure aero vs

    Love the way Tennisnerd says 'Stability'
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    Carlos Alcaraz is using a stock Pure aero vs

    Well said that high level player
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    Pure Aero 2016

    I quite fancy treating myself to the VS.
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    Pure Aero 2016

    2016 is brilliant for serving however it takes some serious getting used to that massive sweetspot.
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    What are the rackets you carry in your bag?

    Aero Pro Drive GT 2010 Pure Aero 2016 Head TI Radical OS
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    Aero Pro Drive for seniors?

    Is it me or does that frame hav a unique sound as it whips through the air?
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    Aero Pro Drive for seniors?

    Currently using the 2016 PA.....Like a rocket launcher compared to my 2012 APD. If you need freepower it's the perfect stick especially turning defence to attack.
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    APD/Pure Aero Appreciation thread

    Currently rocking the 2016....what's your favourite frame and set up?
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    Pure Aero 2016

    I'm tempted to treat myself to the newest one?
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    Club Level Re-string

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    Pure Aero 2016

    2016 eems much for powerful than my previous APD. You can serve bombs.
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    Club Level Re-string

    Players should string their racket as many times per year as they play per week. Does the same apply for polys or is that aimed at gut/nylon strings? Sorry to come across as a novice. 3.0 level using PA 2016. Thanks in advance
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    Pure Aero 2016

    Picked up the PA 2016 and can't wait to try it after enjoying the APD GT. Need that help!
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    Boom Pro or Pure Aero for "getting older" 4.5 player

    Yes, lots of people say that about that frame. I need all the help I can get lol.
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    Boom Pro or Pure Aero for "getting older" 4.5 player

    Cool - I'm coming from the APD GT
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    Boom Pro or Pure Aero for "getting older" 4.5 player

    Hi, what do you string them with/at please. Just picked up the 2017 PA. Thanks in advance
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    Head Auxetic Prestige MP-L - bring it to the US of A pls!

    I had the Graphene XT version and that looks vastly different to the new ones, much thinner...wish I'd never sold it tbh and wish id tried another set of strings stung with a lower tention
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    Head Auxetic Prestige MP-L - bring it to the US of A pls!

    I was amazed how similar they both looked? The prestige looked like a radical with the burgundy PJ.
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    Babolat Aero Pro Drive or Pure Aero

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    Babolat Aero Pro Drive or Pure Aero

    Feels like I'm cheating with blast & APD GT. Just picked up a 2017 PA...can't wait to see how that plays..I normally use blast at 52lb.