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  1. Ripster

    Roland Garros 2020 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    Djokovic is still the favourite to win every slam outside of the French (and he will still have chances there). Despite this loss, I think he's still likely to get the all time slam record.
  2. Ripster

    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Didn't realize until the post match recap that Fed had set points to go up 2-0 on Millman. It's like the Anderson match all over again. Weird how he's going mentally a wall lately.
  3. Ripster

    2018 Wimbledon SF: [2] Nadal vs. [12] Djokovic

    They closed the roof. Nadal is doomed.
  4. Ripster

    The Ernests' Earnest Journey Towards Elitism!

    Gulbis looking good, will win Wimbledon.
  5. Ripster

    Madison Keys....duh why don’t I just keep using the same and successful strategy which is .....

    WTA in general has taken a big step back from what it used to be. Early 2000's had so many top players with interesting game styles: Henin, Mauresmo, Clijsters, Hingis, Williams sisters, etc. Now it's just ball bashers vs retreivers with no sense of how to construct points.
  6. Ripster

    Thiem playing Lyon??

    Not sure why he's playing. Both tournaments this week are either 1) guys ranked lower or 2) higher ranked guys that don't play well on clay and/or need to get matches. Thiem is neither and he's a top 3 contender for RG. Playing three weeks in a row before a major and 5 out of 6 weeks is not a...
  7. Ripster

    2018 Indian Wells F: [1] Roger Federer vs. [6] Juan Martin Del Potro

    Del Potro's backhand is now close to 2009 level and with the added variety in the slice, it's become a great shot again. Hopefully another GS is coming.
  8. Ripster

    2018 Indian Wells F: [1] Roger Federer vs. [6] Juan Martin Del Potro

    Wow, that felt like a GS final. What a match
  9. Ripster

    2018 Indian Wells F: [1] Roger Federer vs. [6] Juan Martin Del Potro

    Federer gets so edgy when he's losing lol
  10. Ripster

    2018 Indian Wells Masters - More than a mere M1000

    Donskoy is a great ball striker. No idea why he hasn't done much....
  11. Ripster

    2018 Acapulco - ATP 500

    Zverev reminds me of Murray at the beginning of his career. Has all the shots and talent but doesn't know how to use it. And he ends up getting waxed sometimes because of it.
  12. Ripster

    Andy Murray withdraws from Brisbane, considers hip surgery

    This is sad stuff. Really rooting for Murray.
  13. Ripster

    WTF 2017 QF - Sock vs Zverev

    Are people seriously comparing Sock and Nalbandian haha..... I'd rather have a beer with Sock than Zverev but still wanted Zverev to win for the sake of the tournament. His best level is much higher than Sock's, unfortunately Z still has some maturing to do mentally.
  14. Ripster

    Is the WTF actually an exhibition this year?

    Yeah, in 2014 Murray flew all around Asia playing 250's and took wild cards into Euro tournaments in a desperate attempt to qualify for an exhibition.
  15. Ripster

    [3] Federer vs [24] Del Potro

    I'm not sure Rafa will wax him. It was a long time ago but remember what happened when they played in 2009. I think it will be close and I could see JMDP winning.
  16. Ripster

    [3] Federer vs [24] Del Potro

    are you disappointed though? You got your bases covered with that name.
  17. Ripster

    [3] Federer vs [24] Del Potro

    One thing I noticed about Del Potro is on big points he just hits winners.
  18. Ripster

    [3] Federer vs [24] Del Potro

    wow bye bye Fed. The Nadal/Fed matchup is never going to happen
  19. Ripster

    2017 US Open. WTA.

    The fact they're playing in the middle of the night might have something to do with that. It's ridiculous that Vesnina yells hi ya! when hitting the ball
  20. Ripster

    Is Coric just a bad matchup for Sasha Zverev?

    Some of you guys are reading too much into this. Zverev played a bad match, that's it. I think it was partly due to having a bad history in the juniors against Coric. He got lulled into long baseline rallies, didn't use any of his weapons and Coric was a wall. I've been watching most of his...
  21. Ripster

    Who's left in USO 2017

    Yeah, he seems to be finding his game all of a sudden. He has a scary all court game when he's firing on all cylinders. Not sure why Nadal is rated so high, I don't see him winning at all. There are a number of players that can take him out on a fast hardcourt.
  22. Ripster


    Man, she has a great game - very fun to watch when she's on. Why does she have to be so annoying.....
  23. Ripster

    2017 USO R2 - [8] Jo Wilfried Tsonga vs [Q] Denis Shapovalov

    Shapovalov looking good, will win US Open.
  24. Ripster

    2017 ATP TRS1000 Cincinnati - Draw, general discussion & withdrawal watch

    Looking through the draw I actually think Kyrgios is going to win this.
  25. Ripster

    2017 ATP TRS1000 Cincinnati - Draw, general discussion & withdrawal watch

    With all the injuries/upsets Cincinnati has turned into a disaster. Looking at the draw today I face palmed
  26. Ripster

    2017 Montreal Final - [2] Roger Federer vs [4] Alexander Zverev

    Fell bad for Fed but his injury happened midway through the second set and Zverev was controlling the match the whole time. So I think he would have won either way.
  27. Ripster

    2017 French Open - Men's General Discussion

    This is by far the most poorly organized Grand Slam. They never finish any of the matches on time so whoever plays last on Chatrier gets screwed as play will be suspended due to darkness. How hard is it to install some lights?
  28. Ripster

    Indian Wells 2017 QF: [9]Roger Federer vs [15]Nick Kyrgios

    whoa, huge bummer. This was going to be a blockbuster.
  29. Ripster

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    I don't get why every match Nishikori gets scheduled for 11am.
  30. Ripster

    Who is Greater? Kei Nishikori or Milos Raonic

    Nothing fundamentally flawed about Nishikori expect for a below average serve - which is expected given his height. Otherwise he has all the shots and moves incredibly. Raonic has a top tier, almost unreturnable serve, and a great forehand. When he plays aggressively there's very few outside...