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    Anybody had a partial knee replacement?

    Actually mine has several patients that play tennis. He hasn’t been judgemental about it. I guess, though, it’s common sense that the knee will wear out quicker the more stress you put on it.
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    Anybody had a partial knee replacement?

    I have one scheduled. Tried everything else I could think of, including stem cells. Knee improved a bit but not enough to play tennis.
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    Increasing the life of a knee replacement?

    Apparently tennis will reduce the lifespan of a knee replacement. So I wonder, would a suitable brace help the knee last longer? Seems like reducing the load, torque, etc on the joint might help it last longer. What say you? FWIW my ortho says he wouldn’t bother.
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    Anybody had a partial knee replacement?

    Thanks for taking all the time to post your knee replacement experience in the various threads on the subject. It’s been helpful information for me, and for others I’m sure.
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    Hip replacement?

    Apparently hip replacements have gotten way better lately. I have one friend who got both replaced in the same year, and was back on the courts surprisingly quickly. I don't think he plays singles, but then again I've only known him to play doubles. My FIL recently got one replaced, and felt...
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    Perfect Storm For Arm Destruction

    You could make it!
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    Hip replacements and tennis...

    I know a guy who's back to playing dubs after having both hips replaced. He's enjoying himself and moving pretty well. No idea about the hips wearing out quicker thing.
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    Anyone have experience with Tenex Health TX for tendonitis

    RobFL, is PRP a traditional surgical approach?
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    Anyone have experience with Tenex Health TX for tendonitis

    Supposed to be an ultrasound based method for treating tendon issues without surgery. I noticed an ad in the latest Tennis magazine that peaked my curiosity.
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    Kevin Anderson's potential ?

    I watched him against Isner pretty closely. He has a good all-around game and moves well for a big man. Perhaps he just lacks that extra gear on the big points.
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    ATP 250 BB&T Atlanta Open

    So Isner vs Anderson in the final. Who wins? I predict 3 tiebreak sets.
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    Connors to coach Sharapova!

    Wow, very surprising. Marsha has the resources to get the very best, but Connors? Really? I'm in the camp that thinks he didn't do much for Roddick.
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    Did Federer tank because he felt sorry for Murray?

    Tanked? Really? Because he didn't want to win the career golden slam? I think not.
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    Customizable shoe inserts

    Probably try the tape first, and use the glue once I've found something that feels right.
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    Customizable shoe inserts

    Looking at my old insoles, I think I understand the technique that tlm is talking about (Though some pictures would be welcome!) When I find some double-sided tape I'm going to give it a try. Couldn't hurt.
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    Customizable shoe inserts

    Just started trying Dr. Scholls custom fit. So far, I'm pleased. They're the best-feeling off the rack solution I've tried so far. That said, I haven't played tennis with them yet.
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    Customizable shoe inserts

    I'm concerned that whatever I construct with tape would fall apart under the pressure of competitive play. Did this ever happen to you?
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    Customizable shoe inserts

    dozu, I'm trying to get a little more arch support.
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    Customizable shoe inserts

    Not sure I'm ready for the "real" (expensive) ones yet, but the off-the-rack inserts have not been helpful so far. Has anyone had success with the type that go in the oven for a bit and allow you to get a bit of customization? Thanks for any input.
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    Is there life after hip replacements?

    A good friend had both hips replaced, and he's playing just fine. Actually, he was back on the court in just a couple months after the second hip replacement! He isn't playing singles, but he's playing a very respectable 4.0 doubles game and is pain free. He's no speed demon, but he's moving...
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    PK Ioninc Ki5 Help!!!!

    I love the Ki5....use gut in the mains strung at 60 lbs. Plenty of power, almost too much.
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    Alternatives to Wilson NXT 17?

    Have you tried NXT Tour?
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    Low back pain/tightness

    topsltennis, get one of Robin McKenzie's books on back pain...he really helped me out. He's a physical therapist from New Zealand who has spent his career studying back pain and how to cope with it. Topsl is a neat place, I took a vacation there a couple years ago.
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    More good stuff from Serena

    Great post. I totally agree.
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    Ruptured Achilles Tendon

    I had a partial tear that I managed to recover from. It was a very slow process, though. There is a lengthy (and valuable) thread on the subject here somewhere. If I recall correctly, either ChicagoJack or maybe NoBadMojo may have started it.
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    Racquet weight attachment

    I've seen footage of a couple of players - McEnroe and Max Myrni, I think - using some sort of weight that snaps on or attaches to a racquet. I would like something similar as a warm-up/therapy tool. Does anyone know what they are using? I've yet to find such a product available anywhere.
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    mini tennis

    SystemicAnomaly expresses my opinions of mini-tennis exactly. It's amazing to me how many people just don't get it. I also like it for a gradual warm-up, getting my old joints in gear before we move to the baseline.
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    Achilles Tendinitis

    I've struggled with it the last couple years. After the initial pain and swelling settled down I did eccentric strengthening religiously, and I think it helped. A mistake I made was trying to come back to tennis too soon..I made a couple of false starts that put me back on the sidelines...
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    Serve motion change I stumbled on-feedback from experts please

    Interesting post. I am no expert, but I can relate to your experience in a lot of ways. Looking at the Nadal clip, it looks as if he indeed does the closed-faced takeback as you describe...then his backswing takes the racquet into a straight up position before going into the racquet drop...