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    Alcaraz will retire a One Slam Wonder

    Right here bud. Just gonna double down on everything I've claimed thus far.
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    Best way to categorize forehands?

    Did F. Gonzalez have a WTA-style forehand? Takes backswing often behind his body, racket drops on edge instead of 'pat the dog' and the follow-through is variable but more often than not ends up with a traditional follow-through instead of windshield-wiper. Closest comparison I can think of...
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    Will 23 be enough?

    There always comes along some new phenomenon who blows away all records and ends his career without ever losing a match and racking up like 80 Slams over 2 decades. No record is safe. And Alcaraz will be nothing compared to this guy.
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    Best way to categorize forehands?

    Is the most fundamental difference between forehands the grip used? Or whether it is straight-arm vs bent arm? Or whether the racket drops down on edge or 'pat the dog' leading up to contact? Or whether the racket face follows an on-edge or windshield-wiper follow through? I think the most...
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    A. Zverev has way more potential than Alcaraz

    Alive and kicking and I am only going to DOUBLE DOWN on what I initially said. Alcaraz is the most overrated player of all time, and Zverev is only one sports psych sesh away from winning 30 Slams. You can't deny that height talent. Wake me up when Alcaraz has won 25+ Slams, until then he's...
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    Biggest forehand on the ATP currently (June 2023)

    There's no big bazooka like prime Gonzalez these days, but of the powder-puff forehands on tour at the moment, whose is the biggest?
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    Berrettini is better than Tsitsipas in every way

    Still better than Tsitsipas's though
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    Berrettini is better than Tsitsipas in every way

    Both are serve + forehand bots, but when you think about it; Forehand: Berrettini's is more powerful Topspin backhand: Berrettini's is more solid Slice backhand: Berrettini's is way better 1st serve: Berrettini can hit more mph 2nd serve: Berrettini can hit more rpm's Volleys: Berrettini has...
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    Grating questions seem the norm with this journo

    This is what the journalism world needs - baiting and drama, not the same mindless questions over and over again.
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    Rublev Vs Sinner - who is the better baseline automaton?

    One hits flat and early, the other hits heavy and early - which is the better baseline robot currently?
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    Does Alcaraz have an 'old-school' or 'modern' forehand?

    At the backswing, his racket is on edge (hitting side of strings facing towards his right) whereas players with a modern forehand will have a 'pat-the-dog' backswing where the hitting side of the strings is facing the ground in the backswing. However, he has a 'kind of' windshield-wiper finish...
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    Alcaraz will retire a One Slam Wonder

    The mindless sheep on this forum are obviously quick to hype-train and bandwagon this guy because he's world no. 1, has won a Slam and has won the most recent Masters. But I'm here to provide a healthy dose of realism: Alcaraz won't win any more Slams in his career. His game is just...
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    Alcaraz = Sinner with better touch, volleys, defence and athleticism

    As per thread title - Sinner really doesn't have any advantages over Alcaraz, does he?
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    Don't understand how Tsitsipas can beat Sinner

    The break point stat is overblown because in pretty much all of the games that Sinner had multiple break points he went on to break anyway, so it didn't really matter if he was 1/1 or 1/50,000,000,000,000,000 break points in the game, he broke anyway.
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    Don't understand how Tsitsipas can beat Sinner

    Sinner's game is tailor-made to beat Tsitsipas reliably and drama-free. He is solid off both wings and accurate enough with either groundstroke to be able to pin Tsitsipas in his backhand corner - drilling him with inside-out forehands and crosscourt backhands over and over again and never...
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    Rank the backhands of FAA, Tsitsipas and Ruud

    The 3 top 10 players who are 'forehand dominant' - i.e. their backhand is a weakness. Which one has the weakest backhand?
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    We keep seeing the loopy forehand and flat backhand combo. Why, and does - anyone have the opposite?

    Several players on tour have loopy forehands and a much flatter backhand. I understand it is normal for the backhand to be a flatter shot (particularly if it's a two-hander because of a shorter swing path limiting racket head speed) - but there are several players who have a rather extreme...
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    Will Alcaraz be the weakest one Slam wonder of all time?

    Wait, so I'm somehow a troll because I'm grounded enough not to buy into the ridiculous hype-trains that everyone else here seems to get swept up by? This guy has won ONE Slam. Until he wins another one, I'm never going to believe he has the ability to.
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    Will Alcaraz be the weakest one Slam wonder of all time?

    Let's get the obvious out of the way first - and I don't think anyone will disagree with me here; Alcaraz will never win another Slam again. But, with that said - does that make him the weakest one-Slam wonder ever?
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    Would a more extreme version of Kyrgios be good for the game?

    Kyrgios is just tame and boring. Would a more extreme version of him be good for the game? So, instead of just verbally abusing opponents, this guy would actually go across the net and brutalize his opponents? Permanently maim them, and maybe even murder one or two? Instead of throwing water...
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    Should Tsitsipas have been defaulted?

    That's the beautiful thing about tennis - you can physically murder your opponent by smashing your racket through his face when you're both at the net and say it was a mistake because you missed the ball. No-one can prove you didn't miss the ball accidentally.
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    Why do so many guys with the ultra-extreme wristy 'flick' forehand have good grass results?

    Kyrgios, Berrettini, Khachanov, Tiafoe, Querrey - these are all guys with that very modern forehand with a (usually) Western grip and the motion with extreme wrist lag where the racket head faces the ground all the way up until milliseconds before contact when the wrist snaps the face open...
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    How do you rate Alcaraz's talent? Is he more talented than Fedalovic as a whole?

    Alcaraz's talent level is similar to Garcia-Lopez (OK, maybe not quite at that level), but I don't think he will have overall as solid a career.
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    Bigger forehand: Alcaraz or Ruud?

    Speed x RPM = 'bigness' of shot. Does Alcaraz or Ruud hit their forehand bigger?
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    Alcaraz will never win a Slam OR a Masters

    Lol, I'm just gonna double down on my prediction. This win convinced me even more that Alcaraz will never win another Slam or another Masters. His game is just limited, underpowered and based on a drop-shot gimmick that will soon be figured out and once it is he's gonna be the whipping boy of...
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    Alcaraz will never win a Slam OR a Masters

    His whole game is based on this little drop-shot gimmick that is gonna get figured out and exposed real soon.
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    Alcaraz will never win a Slam OR a Masters

    Yes he's losing in the finals (unless it's Tsitsipas - because I've also predicted that Tsitsipas will never win another title). In fact, I'll go one better; Alcaraz will never win another title again in his career, not just Slam or Masters.
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    Why do umpires even bother arguing with players?

    I would just like to see an umpire say to Kyrgios: "You're not shocking or rebellious - you're just boring. You're boring the living **** out of me right now. Open your trap again and it's an instant DQ." Kyrgios: "yeh - bu" Umpire: "DQ. Good night everyone." I would also love to see an...
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    Alcaraz will never win a Slam OR a Masters

    Update: he's STILL a overrated hype job and nothing will change my mind. Mediocre movement, and no weapons - another Spanish grinder journeyman - I see him somewhat as a poor man's Gimeno Traver. He will certainly never win a Slam, and never win another Masters. All you fickle lot may be...
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    The Legend of Stefanos Tsitsipas at 23 years (with 3 slams to go)

    The game needs EVERY player currently on tour (including Sinner and Alcaraz) to go away and get replaced by actual athletes, not these pathetic genetic abominations who play tennis simply because every other sport they tried to play rejected them for more physically gifted athletes.