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  1. Richie Rich

    Can Raonic Win AO 2019?

    sure he can. but it's unlikely since he probably has to go through Djokovic and Nadal to win.
  2. Richie Rich

    Dan Evans, simply telling it like it is

    he's an idiot. dan evans' tennis racquet has a higher IQ than he does.
  3. Richie Rich

    Raonic's level highest of his career

    his return of serve and his backhand seem to have improved immensely since even last year. he is pressuring opposing players on the return and not dumping easy rally balls into the bottom of the net like he has pretty much his whole career. he has played really well so far. hope he can get by...
  4. Richie Rich

    Chubby Tall Guy (Raonic) or Slim Short Guy (Schwartzman)?

    raonic has a bit of a spare tire around his middle. needs to lose a few pounds. ivanisevic said the same thing. maybe he doesn't do any strenuous training since he is injury prone with a very high likelihood he could slip a disc while getting out of bed in the morning?
  5. Richie Rich

    Estusa/ puma spec experts RDC numbers

    too bad, i just looked at mine and it's a power beam braided
  6. Richie Rich

    Frank Dancevic using RF97!

    ya, because when you are ranked 163 in the world and on a downward spiral racquet companies should not have an indifferent attitude :mrgreen:
  7. Richie Rich

    It can no longer be denied, Raonic v Nishikori is the best rivalry in tennis.

    if anyone watched the match by the end of the first set nishikori was picking up raonic's serve pretty well. serves that were giving him problems early in the match were being returned by end of the set. i think an earlier post is correct - nishikori has that extra skill and talent to have the...
  8. Richie Rich

    Davis Cup 2015 - General Discussion

    with his father stringing his racquets in the basement of his etobicoke home?? just like the old days??
  9. Richie Rich

    Nadal: "I Want to Become the Greatest of All Time"

    irrelevant discussion because nadal will never catch federer in GS titles therefore cannot be considered greatest. greatest FO winner for sure. but of all time? no
  10. Richie Rich

    What does Vasek Pospisil have to do to reach ATP Top 30 or higher?

    agree with you abut the serve. but his groundstrokes are not bad. i think it's his fitness that lets him down. he has to go for winners because if the rallies are long he gets winded easily.
  11. Richie Rich

    2015 Brisbane International Final: R. Federer vs. M. Raonic

    that and the fact that he doesn't seem to hit 50% of the rally balls into the bottom of the net this year. he was very aggressive today - let's see how consistently he can be that aggressive
  12. Richie Rich


    based on raonic's lackluster performance against groth yesterday i would say nishikori
  13. Richie Rich

    You People are Insufferable

    clearly doesn't buy common sense either.....
  14. Richie Rich

    Is Ferrer done?

    age catching up with him. hard to be a grinder and rely on your speed when you are over 30.
  15. Richie Rich

    Are Nishikori and Dimitrov already superior players than Raonic?

    comparing the three, at this stage, is really splitting hairs. all 3 have their +/- and all are ranked pretty closely to each other. wait 10 years and compare the careers then.
  16. Richie Rich

    Raonic has beaten Federer for the first time

    unbelievable that raonic breaks anyone at all. his return of serve usually is destined for the middle of the net :mrgreen: been the weakest part of his game for what seems like eternity. hopefully he improves this part of his game in the off season
  17. Richie Rich

    Are Nishikori and Dimitrov already superior players than Raonic?

    LOL. he'll probably lose to Berdych tomorrow
  18. Richie Rich

    Thiem racquet

    i realize that. but someone earlier mentioned they thought it was a babolat.
  19. Richie Rich

    Thiem racquet

    wouldn't that be a legal issue if he played with a babolat racquet with head plastered all over the frame? i think if he was really using a babolat it would be all black.
  20. Richie Rich

    2014 Rakuten Japan Open ATP Singles Main Draw

    have a feeling nishikori will pull out the win if he's healthy.
  21. Richie Rich

    Letter from John Cauthen to Steve Davis

    how about a padded room???
  22. Richie Rich

    Letter from John Cauthen to Steve Davis

    and hair on your palms too.....
  23. Richie Rich

    Letter from John Cauthen to Steve Davis

    love the $2 weights taped to the handle. if it wasn't so sad it would be funny.
  24. Richie Rich

    Great article on P1 and stringing Federer's RF97 racquets

    i'd buy your argument if you used any of those matches, not that i'm challenging it at all. wimbledon is a slam. he's going to try a little harder at wimbledon than halle, i would hope. just figured there was a better example than that match against brown. looked to me like he mailed that...
  25. Richie Rich

    Great article on P1 and stringing Federer's RF97 racquets

    didn't brown beat nadal in halle, which is right after the french open? if so i wouldn't put a lot of stock in that match. nadal was probably doing the tournament a favor by showing up. they likely used him in their advertising to sell tickets. there might be a better match than this one...
  26. Richie Rich

    Great article on P1 and stringing Federer's RF97 racquets

    how did this get to sampras, nadal and a baseline in a thread about p1 stringing? a little off topic?? i know the article mentioned nadal ever so briefly but seriously?
  27. Richie Rich

    Raonic vs. Nishikori - US open 2014 Round 16

    judging from the 3 raonic matches i've watched so far i can't see him beating a healthy nishikori. maybe raonic has just been doing enough to win but his last 2 matches were a lot closer than most would have thought and he hasn't been terribly convincing. but we will see later on. anything is...
  28. Richie Rich

    What racket is Novak Djokovic playing with?

    the telling thing about any "new" technology is the longevity of it's use in frames over many years. most don't last.
  29. Richie Rich

    Willson PS 85...NOW I get it!!

    ps 95, weighted up to 12.0 oz, 12 pts head light unstrung is great. much better than stock. didn't think i would like playing with such a thin beamed racquet but it's pretty nice.
  30. Richie Rich

    Can't wait to pummel a RF 97 Sig user

    now be honest - that's a bit of a stretch