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  1. DoubleDeuce

    What's your best guess on the time for Fedal match?

    Anyone remembers the times, or can find out, the last years semis schedule? If I were to guess they will put Fedal last
  2. DoubleDeuce

    What's your best guess on the time for Fedal match?

    Need to arrange my schedule off work and need to know when approximately the match starts. What's your best guess, local time?
  3. DoubleDeuce

    Fed Fans: the Novak Slam or Rafa's 10th French Open?

    Neither. You want wishful thinking? Del potro
  4. DoubleDeuce

    What news you got about a pro player today?

    Haha this guy tiriac " I like long legs, the longer the better" And Hingis told him : The older you get, the stupider and hornier you become! No, JK :D
  5. DoubleDeuce

    Djkovic is only a "Fill the void" number one

    They keep showcasing Billy J King and Elton John and its all about this "hall of fame" guys. Its about them. Do something for younger generartion. Get some younger and fresher looks. Look what a figure like Beckham did for US sucker.
  6. DoubleDeuce

    Wiliams vs Matek- Sands USO 2015

    I hate bullies, effing hate them
  7. DoubleDeuce

    Wiliams vs Matek- Sands USO 2015

    Yessss. Got help from Serena a lil bit. She went for outright winner off the return and missed. Her bullying mentality worked against her.
  8. DoubleDeuce

    Wiliams vs Matek- Sands USO 2015

    As far as I know, Sands is not the type to get tight too badly. She is one tough cookie.
  9. DoubleDeuce

    Wiliams vs Matek- Sands USO 2015

    I like Sands. She is what I call Original. Would love to see her get us rid of Serena. Let some other girls have a chance
  10. DoubleDeuce

    The "Entertain Me Till AO" Thread

    Nice vid jack. It's amazing what people try to do. Here is another one.
  11. DoubleDeuce

    Is Nadal Really the Greatest Clay player in History?

    hmmm, only one other FO in 10 years. Nadal is the luckiest arzzz in the whole history
  12. DoubleDeuce

    Rafa winning a 9th FO makes Federer's legacy look better.

    I agree. Smart analysis. I thought if this as well.
  13. DoubleDeuce

    The Great Escape

    Have you seen the movie? That was Nadal vs Djokovic, last Sunday. Novak blinked, cameras showed him puke on court. He was sick. Nadal was spent, bent over, if only Novak could hold that last game he was going to break Nadal and win the set and eventually the match. The great...
  14. DoubleDeuce

    Will Rafa win the French this year?

    Nadal will lose his ranking at Madrid. You wont see him win anything this year.
  15. DoubleDeuce

    Almagro's backhand is utterly unfazed by Nadal's forehand bounce. How does he do it?

    Since when? Alma's Bh is the same as it was, same as when he lost the final here last year to him. Nadal is declining, that's how he did it.
  16. DoubleDeuce

    Nadal declining badly. However this increase his chances of winning the French

    Left knee was taped. That does not increase his chances for the French.
  17. DoubleDeuce

    Federer Fans - Do you consider loss to Wawrinka a bad loss?

    No I dont. Wawa is in his prime and Fed is on his way out, making 2 master finals is pretty good to me
  18. DoubleDeuce

    Does Rodge have a chance at RG 2014?

    If someone knocks down Nadal?
  19. DoubleDeuce

    Who gets awarded Slam titles if a player is found guilty of doping?

    Fed soon will have 13 majors awarded to him for a total of 30
  20. DoubleDeuce

    Rafa's contributions to tennis

    30 seconds is for sure Anals of tennis history, no? Ask Tursonov
  21. DoubleDeuce

    Better Way of Measuring Dominance

    No he did not bro. Of the 4 charts shown only in one Nadal is ahead of Rodge, you are welcome to cherry pick that one. :)
  22. DoubleDeuce

    A question for Federer fans

    No Because of the gamesmanship I disqualify him of any goat discussion.
  23. DoubleDeuce

    Is Nadal really better than Borg?

    There are arguments for both, but If they both played with what was available to Borg, tech wise, then who would you favor? Not only equipment wise, even medical treatments available now ( blood spinning that Nadal has used extensively) should be a factor?
  24. DoubleDeuce

    Best Number 1, Says History and Numbers

    ^^^^^^ Yeah, well... then why did he spend his post puberty and adulthood as number 2? Oh wait, number 1 ranking is against the field! DUH
  25. DoubleDeuce

    Best Number 1, Says History and Numbers

    The only weak era I know is clay court for the past 10 years. Again, those stat are only when he was number one, weak era or non weak era are your terms. Try harder maybe you get it.
  26. DoubleDeuce

    Best Number 1, Says History and Numbers

    The article and stats are about the time he was number one, not post 2007. Nadal stayed at #2 most of his career, even during the weak era :) oh BTW did he win his RG title in strong clay era? oops:)
  27. DoubleDeuce

    Best Number 1, Says History and Numbers

    Excellent stats, for those who still have high expectations from him. He is 32 now, expect accordingly.
  28. DoubleDeuce

    Where Rodge Fails

    ^^^^^ True, People expect him to perfrom. They dont see, dont care, dont understand, the difference between a 26 yo Fed and a 32 yo Fed. Not only Fed, ANY player.