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  1. goran_ace

    Ball Machine Monthly Payment

    Join a club. Mine lets you use the ball machine for $5/hour on top of whatever the court fee is. A ball machine won't make you a better player anyway. Play live people.
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    Pros don't hit deep near baseline that much

    Yes. This. It's not so much where the ball lands but where your opponent is able to hit the next shot. Generally the deeper the shot the deeper you push your opponent back but some people's shots are heavier and carry through the the court more or sometimes spin gets you a better angle take them...
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    Good news: I'm getting to some finals. Bad news: I'm losing them all.

    I never won an individual title in my entire tennis career and I did alright. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. If you can consistently get through a few rounds you're in good shape. You just need to win more than you lose.
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    Has any pro made it from D-3 or D-2 college tennis?

    This guy tracks current college players with at least 2 ATP points
  5. goran_ace

    How many sets can your body handle

    3 sets here too. I still feel good after 3 sets but I know I can't play 2 long matches in a day anymore and don't want to push past my limits.
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    Most common male tennis physique ???

    Lars' dad!
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    Chicagoland Competitive Junior Tennis

    Northshore burbs of Chicago are extremely competitive for high school tennis. New Trier has a long winning tradition and had their fair share of TRN blue chips in recent years with Jared and Aron Hilzik at U of I, Tom Fawcett at Stanford. North shore burbs have some of the best public schools...
  8. goran_ace

    I'm embarrassed to ask this. How do I hit a slice serve?

    When first learning it I'd exaggerate and toss it as far to the right as possible (assuming you're right handed) and work on getting the feel of that brushing motion around the outside of the ball. You're not going to be able to get the ball to bend right to left much if you're using the same...
  9. goran_ace

    You're game today vs 10 yrs ago

    Much better considering 10 years ago I had just come back after a long break from the game and was 20 lbs heavier, out of shape, and extremely rusty
  10. goran_ace

    Single greatest thing that helped your tennis condoning?

    I'd say diet. Cutting a lot of junk out of my diet helped me lose weight and losing weight means I can move a little bit faster, play a little bit longer, put less stress on the body. Eating the right foods before/after playing helps with keeping my energy up and in recovery.
  11. goran_ace

    Twisted foot sideways on curb. Bones hurt, not tendons/ligaments.

    Any signs of bruising? One time I rolled my ankle really badly and didn't have any swelling or sharp pain, could put weight on it, but a few days later there was noticeable blue/purple bruises meaning I tore something. I was able to walk fine in a straight line on it but had no stability or...
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    How Long Can You Abstain From Hitting Before You Begin to Suck?

    Hitting isn't the problem if you were a decent player in the past. I hit with old college buddies once in a blue moon and these guys still have good hand-eye coordination and relatively clean swing mechanics even if they only pick up a racket once a year. I even took a few years off from the...
  13. goran_ace

    Organizing a company tennis tournament, advice needed

    I've run socials at the club I used to work at for adults and children, but we'd have a staff of like 10 people for these things because you may only need 2-4 pros on the court but you need other people behind the scenes and in the clubhouse to keep things running smoothly - e.g. food, keeping...
  14. goran_ace

    What will Sharapova be mostly remembered for?

    Really? Ummm no. Weed, cocaine, vicodin are absolutley performance enhancing drugs. Weed and coke are both on banned on the WADA list. Meldonium not banned until Jan of this year. She was legal until it was banned in Jan of '16. Her management team F'ed up.
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    What will Sharapova be mostly remembered for?

    She'll be known for her looks and her majors. Does anyone remember that Hingis was suspended for two years for cocaine?
  16. goran_ace

    Upcoming Tournament-- Minimal Clay Practice Time

    He just wrapped up his last season of college tennis. I'm sure mobility or fitness won't be an issue. Just needs to get used to the feel of the court under his feet.
  17. goran_ace

    Upcoming Tournament-- Minimal Clay Practice Time

    I couldn't disagree more. I would not recommend trying to shorten the point. Clay rewards working the point and being patient. Think outlast him, not outhit him. Play your normal game, but expect that you're going to have to hit 2 more shots to finish than you normally would on hard court. So...
  18. goran_ace

    Tips on playing with a wooden racket?

    I've played woodie events and they can be a lot of fun. Best thing you can do is get out there a a day or two before the event and hit around just to get used to it. To me, wood felt really sluggish so you gotta prep really early and get the racket moving forward quickly to hit through the ball...
  19. goran_ace

    Tips on winning someone who is not using proper technique.

    Forget the idea that there is proper technique vs improper technique once the ball is in play. If he beats you, he's the better player that day. The score doesn't lie. And yes the score matters. That's why we play the game. That's the beauty of the sport. You'red not judged on how pretty you...
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    Most aesthetically pleasing one handed backhand?

    She can really unload on that backhand side too.
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    Getting fit in 2 weeks

    Agreeing w above. There's not a lot you can do in 2 weeks to dramatically improve your fitness/endurance but what you can do is make sure you are eating properly - eating the right kinds of foods, when to eat, etc. Also make sure you're stretching to stay flexible and getting a decent amount of...
  22. goran_ace

    Does Federer intend to keep playing forever?

    Not very many players get to retire on their own decision. He's still easily a top 4 player. If he drops to #8-#10 maybe we can talk about when he's going to retire. He's going to play as long as he feels he can compete with the best. Or as long as he can keep getting guaranteed top money on...
  23. goran_ace

    How far can I make it?

    Sorry man, if you're 16 and haven't already somehow distinguished yourself as a better player among your peers it's probably not going to happen. It takes results, not just wanting it. For most potential college varsity players its an issue of where will I play not if by the age of 16. Maybe...
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    ACC tennis

    Unfortunate, yes. Surprising, no.
  25. goran_ace

    How to deal with criticism of your game?

    Tell him "thanks, I'll take that into consideration" and then walk away or change the subject. It's up to you to ignore his advice or try it out. No need to be confrontational.
  26. goran_ace

    why can't i slide on HC?

    Nope. You're more at risk of getting your foot caught on a line than a dip. Either way still way safer to slide on clay than hard.
  27. goran_ace

    Golden Set Difficulty

    Came close a few times in high school but never got it. Also played on a loaded high school team and we had some weaker schools in our conference. Every time I got close it was completely unintentional. Just going about my business. I knew I was going to win easily and I wanted to get off the...
  28. goran_ace

    Do you play more indoors or OUTdoors

    I play more indoors, mainly because I play tennis more often in the colder months. In summer the leagues are on the courts almost every night and I'd rather spend time on the golf course on the weekends.
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    High School Tennis Questions

    ^^^ Some pretty good advice in the previous posts. I've worked with a lot of high school players and I cannot stress enough the importance of getting first serves in play. More first serves in play shifts pressure from the server to the returner. On the other side of the net, another piece of...