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  1. KamehamehaBackhand

    2023 18+ Intermountain Sectionals

    Wyoming had teams for combo mixed (7.5, etc.) last fall at sectionals. The captain of the team said she had to organize two teams and have them play each other a couple times one weekend to get one qualified for Ssctionals.
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    USTA league discourages improvement.

    Counter point, the teams I've been on that have district/sectional aspirations organize lots of team practices and try to make each other better. The teams I'm on that don't have such aspirations are usually just trying to make sure they have a full lineup show up for each match.
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    What is your play style in singles?

    Currently consistent baseliner. When I started playing singles I had a lot of trouble with the mental game. Would go into a frustration death spiral once I started making errors. I solved this by getting more consistent and learning to reset my mental state. For a while my singles game was...
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    The dreaded EOY Rating thread

    Finally got bumped up to 4.0! I think I was bumped from 3.0 to 3.5 back in 2016 so it's been awhile. So glad I don't have to hear people tell me how I should/could/will someday be a 4.0 anymore lol. Looking forward to a challenge!
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    Ideas to get more younger people involved in tennis?

    I am one of the few people who was looking to get back into competitive tennis almost immediately after college. I think the main reason is that I only got to play 2 years in high school. First time I picked up a racket was summer before my junior year, my neighborhood friends and I signed up...
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    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    I noticed that for my current section and prior section. I actually think they made a change a couple months ago, because it seemed like every week my and others ratings seemed to be ticking up and up, almost like there was a circular reference or something. So I think they may have then...
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    3.5 Nationals 18 and over??

    I feel like I'm in a similar boat. Been stuck at 3.5 since 2015 (?!) I think... Was playing well in 2016 but then moved to PA and it took me a long time to get into the tennis scene so I went backwards in 2017. 18/19 was in a different area of the country for the summer so couldn't participate...
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    3.5 Nationals 18 and over??

    I haven't heard that. This link has all of the nationals for league tennis: Maybe what you're referring to is a tournament? Or something for the mid-west section?
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    3.5 Nationals 18 and over??

    For Intermountain, yes. There is no nationals for combo mixed (6.5, 7.5, 8.5, etc.), only for standard mixed (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc.). So I think that's why they have it later in the year; you only advance as far as sectionals.
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    3.5 Nationals 18 and over??

    Oh good, a few of the Vegas 3.5 guys are on the NV team for mixed 7.5 sectionals next weekend. Should be fun :). The NV team for 7.5 is out of Darling though, so hopefully a different vibe.
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    Share your WTN - Crowd sourcing the NTRP to WTN mapping

    Since WTN was first published in early June, I've had some movement in my numbers: WTNs: 17.9 WTNd: 19.1 During the same time TR's dynamic NTRP estimate has gone from 3.43 to 3.71, although they aren't including the tournament data or mixed for doubles. Interestingly, I don't think UTR has...
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    Road to 4.0 - how to practice?

    I've been a 3.5 since I think 2015 and I may finally be moving up to 4.0 with this rating season - or at least TR seems to think so at 3.71 right now after being around 3.25-3.30 for a number of years. I haven't really made any changes to my technique in the past year or so - though I have a...
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    Tournament Results Impact on Dynamic NTRP (Intermountain)

    This isn't an Intermountain document, but from the Colorado district site ( Following the league season Year-end ratings will be produced by the USTA and published on TennisLink for all league and tournament players to view...
  14. KamehamehaBackhand

    Tournament Results Impact on Dynamic NTRP (Intermountain)

    Yeah I'm well aware. It just seems like if you're trying to estimate ratings, and it's common knowledge which sections count tournaments, it wouldn't be difficult to add an if/then statement to their algorithm to make it more accurate.
  15. KamehamehaBackhand

    Tournament Results Impact on Dynamic NTRP (Intermountain)

    Interesting! Thanks for the info. I do think it makes sense to weight tournaments lower since it seems like roughly 1/2 of most draws are people playing up. Did your district have this rule? It seems like it's saying you couldn't play in both 3.5 and 4.0 for 18 & over which is odd. Lots...
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    Tournament Results Impact on Dynamic NTRP (Intermountain)

    It's my understanding that Intermountain includes tournament results in NTRP. However on TR, tournament singles matches don't calculate a match rating, while doubles matches do but they are in green and don't appear to be included in the regular dynamic rating (similar to flex league matches)...
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    On Court Coaching for USTA?

    Well mine is certainly not D1 quality! But still feels great when it connects. I'd actually rather get a BH SV than an overhead. I seem to hit overheads fine in practice but they always go long in matches. I think it's either that I stop moving my feet or am trying not to overhit - resulting...
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    On Court Coaching for USTA?

    This may be better suited to the humblebrag thread, but I've played in multiple 7.5 and 8.0 mixed matches (as a 3.5 female) where I've hit a sweet BH swing volley and the 4.0/4.5 guys on either side of the net were like "dang...I can't even hit that shot." Wish I could hit one on the FH side!
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    UTR or USTA flex leagues

    The description includes a sentence that says "Find new level-based competitors" so I think they do intend the matches to be competitive. It's one registration page for all levels, then based on who registers they split it into a few divisions. They had enough for 3 groups for this session...
  20. KamehamehaBackhand

    UTR or USTA flex leagues

    So I just started my first UTR flex league. They weren't available where I lived previously, but Denver does have one. I've played 2 matches so far. The first I won 6-0, 6-1 and the second I lost 6-0, 6-0. So clearly so far the range of skill levels within my division seems very large. On...
  21. KamehamehaBackhand

    Horror stories of choking, losing big leads, etc.

    It's not necessarily always a choke. For example, I was losing a singles match 1-5 against someone a level above me but typically plays more doubles. Then I won a long point and after winning that she made quick errors on the next few points. Turns out she wasn't used to running all over the...
  22. KamehamehaBackhand

    WTN was posted today...

    Singles WTN improved to 19.0 after a win playing up at 4.0 S2. Also under 'results' it says "Player results by rank list are available beginning the week of September 20th." Is that where you're supposed to see which matches are included?
  23. KamehamehaBackhand

    How to stay focused throughout a match

    I feel like everyone struggles with this, you can see it watching the pros too. I personally can't remember ever winning a match 6-0, 6-0. I've won many matches dropping only 1 or 2 games which certainly could have been double bagels, but when the match is not competitive I guess I'm just not...
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    Anybody playing tournaments?

    I've only ever done 1 tournament because in the areas I've lived (Minneapolis and Pittsburgh) it's been max 1 per year and slim draws for my level (women's 3.5 singles). The one I did, I was the only 3.5 woman who signed up so they had me play the only 3.0 woman who signed up and refunded us...
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    WTN was posted today...

    Yeah that's exactly what I meant - the cohort FYB was referring to probably exists but there's a lot of variation. Also I'm 32 so that approach to women's rec tennis is probably correlated to the older gens.
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    WTN was posted today...

    Not my experience (for myself or most people I play with) and sounds like something from half a century ago. But I also don't play "daytime" women's tennis because I work a typical 9-5, so I'm probably biased.
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    WTN was posted today...

    If USTA lived in this century, they would have gotten their act together by now and created co-ed leagues, which would go a long ways in having data to make this work better. FWIW, I (3.5 female) recently played a 3.0C guy in singles (in a non-USTA league) and won 6-0, 6-1. His WTN for singles...
  28. KamehamehaBackhand

    Share your WTN - Crowd sourcing the NTRP to WTN mapping

    Also had issues logging in due to server issues on their end, but finally got in: NTRP: 3.5C (female) WTNs: 19.5 (GZ 17.7-21.2) - blue checkmark WTNd: 20.9 - gray checkmark UTR has me higher for doubles, but I agree with WTN that I'm a bit better at singles.
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    I had a situation a couple of weeks ago where I left in time to make it to the match at least 15 minutes early but got a flat tire on the way there. I called/texted my captain who explained the situation to the other captain. While I got lucky with having a mechanic who was driving by stop and...
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    Men and Women on the Same USTA Team?

    When I organized teams for a corporate WTT league in Minneapolis a number of years back, the format was: 1 set women's singles, 1 set men's singles, 1 set women's doubles, 1 set men's double, and 2 courts each playing 1 set of mixed doubles. So you still didn't have men vs women in singles that...