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  1. JustBob

    Alcaraz = Sinner with better touch, volleys, defence and athleticism

    Alcaraz already has the physique of a fully grown man, while Sinner still looks like a lanky teenager. Wait until he has fully grown into his body. His serve will improve as his legs/core get stronger, and he's already obliterating the ball (see vs Fritz) on his FH. We'll see what happens to...
  2. JustBob

    If Barry Bonds played tennis, how good would he be?

    Tennis players get tested a lot so Bonds would be SOL.
  3. JustBob

    Unpopular opinion: Indian Wells is probably the worst major tournament

    I could predict Felix would lose to Carlos just by watching the 3rd set between Sinner and Fritz. Sinner was just crushing the ball and it kept coming back, he had to work really hard and hit a lot of balls in order to finally get a short ball he could kill. And Carlos is a much better...
  4. JustBob

    2022 ATP Finals RR: [1] Rafael Nadal vs Felix Auger-Aliassime [5]

    Opportunistic Felix. Rafa had 4 break chances in the 1st set and could not convert, Felix had one and converted, in a game where Rafa was leading 40-0.
  5. JustBob

    Nadal Has Toughest Possible WTF Group

    Rafa might beat Ruud and nobody else. I have Felix and Fritz coming out of that group.
  6. JustBob

    Nadal will win the 2022 ATP finals

    That's optimistic. Weak group indoors will probably benefit Felix and Fritz more than Rafa.
  7. JustBob

    Paris Masters SF: Félix Auger-Aliassime vs. Holger Vitus Nødskov Rune

    Not surprised by Felix's loss, he ran out of gas. Serve/return/net play were all mediocre. You could already see some chinks in the armor in the 2nd set against Tiafoe. The more you win, the more you play, that's another thing a young player's body needs to get used to.
  8. JustBob

    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    The Rise of the Felix. It's happening.
  9. JustBob

    How many CYGS will FAA win in a row from next year ?

    He's 22, he still has 2-3 years of development before reaching is peak. For now, as a Canadian, I'm just enjoying the ride.
  10. JustBob

    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    Felix has all the tools to succeed. Having or not having an "X factor" is completely pointless to me.
  11. JustBob

    French Tennis...

    Trivia: Frenchman Louis Borfiga was the director of coaching (tennis) at the prestigious INSEP in France, where all the top athletes go. Then he left and came to Canada to become director of elite player development. He's largely responsible for the success of Canadian Tennis in the past 10-15...
  12. JustBob

    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    I think the biggest improvements from last year are his serve and his willingness to move forward/attack. Otherwise, his base game is solid and he has the athleticism to defend. He's on the right track.
  13. JustBob

    Rick Macci: Carlitos will have better career than Federer, Djokovic, Nadal

    There's an obvious argument to support that case: Alcaraz will have a better career because the likelyhood he'll have to face competition from 2 other all time greats are slim to none, with an emphasis on none. So if Alcaraz has a better career, it won't be because he's better, it will be...
  14. JustBob

    Out with the Fed, here is the media's new poster Mr. Nice Guy (feat. Rolex)

    Maybe Rolex needed a brand ambassador for Tik Tok.
  15. JustBob

    Can we all agree Fed doesn't have the monopoly on "beautiful" playing?

    Federer = Ali Nadal/Djokovic = Frazier Depends what style you like, but if you go purely by "aesthetics" (what some call "grace" in case of Federer), then yeah it's Fed.
  16. JustBob

    Has Shapovalov underachieved in his career so far?

    You don't win with flash, you win with repetition and consistency. Shapo is not as wild as he used to be, but he's still not consistent enough. Felix's "base game" is more solid.
  17. JustBob

    Novak is the most admirable athlete in the world today

    The Onion Novak is the most admirable athlete in the world today
  18. JustBob

    Nadal: "Kyrgios is handicapped"

    Toni is right, you don't win with flash, you win with consistency and that comes from repetition. That said, I don't know who the heck would want to be his coach.
  19. JustBob

    Will the ATP survive? Could they go under?

    One, I know plenty of tennis fans who can't wait for the big 3 to retire including me. Two, if "some true tennis fans leave after the big 3 retire", they are not true/real tennis fans at all.
  20. JustBob

    ATP should award Wimbledon points retroactively

    I disagree but you're entitled to your opinion. Now wait fort it... I also believe the Wimbledon decision was the correct one so we seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.
  21. JustBob

    ATP should award Wimbledon points retroactively

    It's not a surprise, they all decided to play, but it still impacts some players more than others. To me that's an injustice.
  22. JustBob

    ATP should award Wimbledon points retroactively

    They might be treated equally, but the impact is far from equal in the second case because it hurts the lower ranked players more. A top player will lose points, but the impact is negligible. A player like Harmony Tan for example, would have gotten direct entry into the USO had she gotten the...
  23. JustBob

    Height Advantage in Pro Tennis - Explain it please

    The ideal height used to be 6'-6'2". I remember 25+ years ago, if you were a 6'4" guy, you would have been told "sorry, you're too tall to play tennis". And look at how many 6'3"+ players we have now. The main reason for that is the shift towards much more physical tennis, which requires much...
  24. JustBob

    ATP should award Wimbledon points retroactively

    Here's the morale to this story: You don't fix a perceived injustice by introducing another injustice. Ask Harmony Tan...
  25. JustBob

    Rafa has Withdrawn from Semi’s - heartbroken

    Why does that news have a picture of Jabeur. loll
  26. JustBob

    GRASS COURT MAESTRO HURKACZ knocked out cold in the very first round

    Djokovic's path to the final was almost cleared in one day. Alacaraz barely made it.
  27. JustBob

    Hey Wimbledon, they took the points away, here's how you take revenge.

    Don't tell anyone and install 90's fast grass. We'd at least get a good laugh. Hehehe. ;)
  28. JustBob

    After the Australian controversy and now Wimbledon, should slams still matter so much more than anything else in a player's resume?

    Djokovic only has himself to blame, and one weird year isn't enough to ask if slams matter less.
  29. JustBob

    Felix Ager-Alliasime is hugely overrated

    That take is laughable and "overrated" is the most overrated word in the English language.