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  1. roger nadal

    Top 5 shoes for 2011

    easily the Asics gel res 3
  2. roger nadal

    New Prince 2010 Bags

    green for sure
  3. roger nadal

    New Stick

    hahahahahahaha good one!
  4. roger nadal

    Djokovic and ST

    does anyone know what his line looks like next year
  5. roger nadal

    Djokovic and ST

    man this sucks ST was such a good brand back in the day. i hope they stay afloat. i just purchased some of his new stuff and really like it too. why cant nike just buy ST like adidas did to reebok
  6. roger nadal

    asics gel resolution 3 fit

    greatest shoe of all time!!!. true to size comfy light durable too
  7. roger nadal

    Most durble shoe?

    i went through my 6's in 1 month, but thats because i play and train 8 hours a day, i tried the asics gel resolution 3, that is a pretty durable shoe. lasted me longer than the barricade
  8. roger nadal

    Barricade, CourtBallistec, V-Pro, BigShot, or Gel Resolution?

    idk why people have so much love for the CB 3.3s. they are way too stiff
  9. roger nadal

    What happened to ?

    ditto still works for me
  10. roger nadal

    Is My graphite pro Mishaped???

    if you see something wrong, post some higher res pics of them
  11. roger nadal

    What is the Disadvantage of too Big of Grip size ?

    i think its good to have a smaller grip. like others including me have said, it makes your wrist be able to snap around. that is the key to speed and spin. the hand chart says i should be using BIGGER than a size 5 but i use a 3. all in all if u like a 1/2 stick to it. its all preference
  12. roger nadal

    So i'm getting a racquet.Wilson or Babolat?

    Prince Rebel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. roger nadal

    Is My graphite pro Mishaped???

    it may be my eyes or your pics but i dont see anything
  14. roger nadal

    What is the Disadvantage of too Big of Grip size ?

    having a smaller grip size generates more spin because of the whip motion of your wrist. having a larger grip makes it harder to turn your wrist over
  15. roger nadal

    Djokovic forehand> backhand???

    the inside out forehand is the greatest shot in tennis, DUh
  16. roger nadal

    Roger Federer Switches Racquets!?

    god, this is a horrible thread
  17. roger nadal

    Titchy tiny headed racquet 0, Sensible sized, modern game racquet 1

    calm down!!! do you not remember the first 2 sets? i think fed did just fine. and i also remember him having 2 match points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. roger nadal

    Best Racquet Piantjob?

    graphite edge TXE from the 80's. very clean
  19. roger nadal

    The GOAT Player outfit?

    ehhh feds wimbledon stuff is pretty classic
  20. roger nadal

    Huge news about Federer's racket!!!

    i cant see him using anything other than what he has now
  21. roger nadal

    The GOAT Player outfit?

    ^^^^^ i second that X10
  22. roger nadal

    Are my shoes ready for 6 month warranty?

    i like your style man. thats what i do
  23. roger nadal

    Gael Monfils PE US Open K-Swiss Big Shots

    love the green. there needs to be more green on tour
  24. roger nadal

    New Prince Rebel?

    are there any pictures of this match
  25. roger nadal

    Are my shoes ready for 6 month warranty?

    ive got the same exact shoes man. they really are durable ive resorted to wearing mine where ever i go to wear them down. your gonna have to work on those
  26. roger nadal

    What is Boris Becker/Volkl Missing

    they need to re-release the b-xplosive string. best poly i ever used.
  27. roger nadal

    Federer US Open 2011 shoes

    im diggin the fact that he is still wearing 6's
  28. roger nadal

    Leaving My Rebel For Something New

    thanks!! with my rebel i just cant whip my OHBH. every where else it is the greatest racquet ive ever used. hopefully next here Prince adds a rebel that i just .3 oz lighter
  29. roger nadal

    Leaving My Rebel For Something New

    I've got a few Prince Rebels but it has caused major arm and shoulder issues. So I have decided to look for a new stick. i have a one handed backhand too 1 players frame 2 lighter than 12 oz. 3 major spin i was thinking a prestige but any help would be greatly appreciated