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    2023-2024 Ratings Discussion

    What if I know it's not going up or down?
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    USTA State Championship Rainout

    That's what I've heard. It's a lot of work for little reward to put on these tournaments (unless you're looking at the bigger picture, tourist dollars.) The local CTA however doesn't get much out of it.
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    R you ready for some USTA league stats?

    Only numbers that surprise me are how many self-rates y'all have. Wow those are big numbers. Guessing it's not a huge league.
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    USTA State Championship Rainout

    Lots of indoor options in the Triad unfortunately I don't think players would be all that jazzed about coming to GBO/WS.
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    USTA State Championship Rainout

    Problem is Wilmington and Asheville are probably the two most desirable destinations in the state. NC Tennis was in a no win situation. No matter how they determined who would advance someone would've been mad. Perhaps not refer to the lottery winner as the champ. Just say they've won the...
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    New USTA Tennis app

    This is a different app.
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    New USTA Tennis app

    Got an email from usta today touting their USTA Tennis app. Was pretty excited that thinking they had a replacement for the current Tennislink app. Then I downloaded it. They should've spent their money on a flaming bag of crap instead. All the league info in the new app is nothing but the...
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    What do you do when you play someone who doesn't see let serves?

    Wrong. Anyone playing on the court can call a let.
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    USTA Appeal Nightmare

    Not sure why the OP cares so much about this when it seems the player in question doesn't care at all.
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    Can you prove she did it solely to distract you? If you can't then you can't claim a hindrance.
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    how well does this questionnaire predict your NTRP/UTR?

    Fatal flaw of this rating system is most folks have no clue how fast (mph / km/h) the balls are that they are hitting or receiving.
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    Is stomping feet a hindrance?

    It's only a hindrance if you can prove it was done solely to distract. Good luck with that.
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    Mixed Doubles & Spouses: Play Together or Different Partners?

    If I wasn't planning to play mixed with my wife I wouldn't play. No there are times when availability dictates we may need to play with a different partner but if we are both in the lineup then we are playing together.
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    wanting to call it out

    From my understanding it's only your point if you can reasonably interpret it as a line call. If you hit a lob and your opponent says 'out' as the ball is crossing the net because they think it's going to be wide/long then it's not reasonable for you to interpret that as a line call and your...
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    New Southern Rule for 2024

    You sure about that? Their tax returns tell differently unless they've significantly cut membership dues which I don't think they have. Year Membership Dues 2021 13,594,739 2020 17,186,195 2019 18,964,208 2018 18,540,278
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    New Southern Rule for 2024

    Just got the following from USTA NC: Players, Captains, Friends: This is an important announcement regarding changes surrounding Mixed Doubles and Tri-Level USTA Southern and North Carolina leagues for the 2024 Championship year. Mixed Doubles Starting in 2024, all Mixed Doubles Leagues in...
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    New Southern Rule for 2024

    From what I have heard is that this is the directions nationals is going and it's up to each section if they want to implement in 2024. Likely in 2025 it will be mandatory.
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    Well, I *said* I wasn't ready

    Looks like Francis is making a comeback to me.
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    At what point in your life did you stop actively trying to improve?

    The day after I got married. Edited to add: oh I just read the replies and realized you were talking about improving at tennis.
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    Best place to retire for a tennis player ?

    If you If you want clay courts look at the Piedmont Triad region of NC. Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington. Pretty low cost of living, lots of tennis (Greensboro alone has 100+ soft courts including at least 26 public soft courts.) Lots of private clubs for every budget...
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    How to React to bad line calling

    Don't compromise your ethics by hooking them back. Question the calls and leave more margin for error in your shot selection. Any coach that says hooking back is the correct way to handle it would not get my $ in the future.
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    How Often? Data pulls for TLS, TR, UTR sites...

    Tennisrecord and tennisleaguestats are both worthless. I've seen an actual year end rating from USTA that was 3.42. TLS had that player at 3.21 and TR has that player at 3.34.
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    Opponent Complaining about Squeaky Feet

    Your opponent needs to be able to prove you were doing this solely to distract. Good luck with them doing that.
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    Whose point is it?

    Yes your point but since your opponent was not on the court wouldn't the odds have been much better hitting it on his court than it would trying to hit him?
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    First USTA League

    Stand at the net guarding the alley. Be on high alert and ready for balls being blasted at you. Block back anything hit to you and let your partner do the rest.
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    Bathroom break during USTA match in middle of the set

    On the let question it's up to the receivers to grant it unless you'd started your service motion. Then it's automatically a first serve. Of course, you have to hope your opponent knows that rule.
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    The Post-Injury Existential Crisis

    I wouldn't swear off tennis just yet. The folks I know that have had hip replacements are playing better tennis now than they did before their surgery. Maybe just try to play socially instead of league tennis. Also there's nothing wrong with pickleball. You should give it a shot. It's quite...
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    I think I’m with USTA

    Rosters here are capped at 15.
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    Famous people playing adult leagues or tournaments?

    Saw where former NFL QB Rich Gannon played. Which led me to wonder if this is him. USTA Leagues