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    Does Glucosamine help joints, knees?

    It's quite possible. I've only been taking regular doses of turmeric & Omega-3 for the last 15 or so years (also Costco brand). Don't take any collagen or HA. I think though it's the combination of everything (exercise, diet, supplementation) as opposed to just 1 or 2 supplements which have...
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    Does Glucosamine help joints, knees?

    FWIW, I've been taking the Costco stuff since my R knee ACL surgery in 1999. While I've missed days here and there, I've been pretty consistent over all these years. December 2019, dislocated my L patella with other accompanying soft tissue issues in the following weeks. When the injury...
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    Plantar Fasciitis- What helped you?

    Take it to a comfortable stretch and hold it there for at least 5 minutes, work your way up to it if you have to. You're not looking for a stretch that's painful. Few times a day would be ideal. Ease into the stretch and ease out of it when finished. If doing both feet, stay safe and...
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    Plantar Fasciitis- What helped you?

    The question you need to ask yourself is if I play tennis on both feet, then why am I only getting PF on one? While manual work and stretching is all good and recommended, if there's a kink/imbalance further up the chain in the knee and/or hip (hell could even be the other leg), that could be...
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    Tennis elbow. Best explanation and treatment IMO

    Well, at least with no trauma you know you can go at it hard. Obviously a different approach with trauma or specific MOI. Prob just slept on it wrong.
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    Jim Courier, Commentator.

    100% agree. Favorite commentator.
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    Tennis elbow. Best explanation and treatment IMO

    Wait, what? You mean you actually FIRST treated where it was bothering you right away? Instead of FIRST trying to change strings, rackets or technique? :unsure: Or waiting a year to rest? :rolleyes:(For others, Yoss knows I'm being sarcastic - if that wasn't clear). But sincerely glad it...
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    De Quervain's syndrome

    Not the only option. Can do gentle soft tissue work in the area and forearm. Gentle thumb pulls/distraction with rotations. Check your ergonomics in terms of computer keyboard and mouse usage and such. Appropriate rest if needed. Physical therapy and/or occupational therapy are options as well.
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    Who Eats 100% Organic?

    Prob 75-80% organic. I make a concentrated effort when food shopping to get organic spices, veggies and grass fed meats and wild caught fish when available but I'm not militant about it. I do eat out and have no issues eating non-organic foods. Haven't notice health benefits per say, but I...
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    SI Joint Fusion - anyone?

    Sorry to hear about your wife's struggles. At this point in her chronic illness I'd try to find someone who will treat a little more wholistically, meaning looking for and treating other areas that may be impacting the SI joint and lower back. Pelvic upslips and/or rotations are possible...
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    broken left arm

    Barring any unforeseen complications, your kid should be able to resume tennis much, much sooner than 4-6 months. Tennis conditioning is possible during this 4-6 week period while they are in the cast, care obviously to be taken to not trip & fall. Physical and/or occupational therapy once the...
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    Bicep pain/weakness

    Stretching is good, but sometimes you just aren't going to be able to stretch out the adhesions, you need to break it up. Using more force isn't really the answer to the chronic problem you have, that's why I suggested holding the ball into the trigger points for at least 5 minutes; to allow...
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    Bicep pain/weakness

    Re: MRIs - restrictions in fascial/connective tissue system do NOT show up on any standardized tests (MRIs, US, X-ray), so while it's good that the MRIs were negative, that doesn't mean there isn't adhesions in the region. You mentioned you've spent countless hours stretching and kneading the...
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    Bicep pain/weakness

    What are you doing about the probable muscle adhesions in your biceps? If you're still massaging it and causing bruising, you are going in way too hard. Try using a tennis ball to gently press into any tender or painful areas and allow the ball to soften into those areas. Hold in each tender...
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    TV shows that had Tennis episodes

    Pilot for "Profit" (1996), about 18:30 in:
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    Sounds silly I know

    Hit with a buddy who I haven't seen & hit with in months and he lost about 27kgs since I saw him last year. No difference in the weight and speed of any of his shots including serve.
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    Knee Protection? Compression? Braces?

    Unfortunately, if you haven't found a brace that helped with whatever you're looking for in the past, I doubt you'll find one in the present. If you're not doing so already, a strength & conditioning & flexibility program for your lower extremities should help. It won't be an easy fix in terms...
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    Knee Protection? Compression? Braces?

    Most people will argue against knee extensions as it does put a lot of force on the joint itself especially in the terminal extension range (0-30degrees). The question that no one knows is at what point is that force not good for the knee anymore? The body and its components love stimulus, but...
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    Achille Tendonitis / Both Ankles (Help needed)

    Stretching alone won't solve the issue esp with that regimen. You're better off doing 1 rep 3x daily with each rep held for at least 5 minutes. And as Yossarian mentioned, you need to load the tendon with exercise. Plus doing some kind of soft tissue work into the area and gastroc region to...
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    shots - what muscle provides the most power

    Cremaster muscle, obviously.
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    Trigger Finger. Anyone dealing with this???

    Treat this all the time.....soft tissue mobs, myofascial release to break up adhesions and restrictions in the tissue. Find a physical or occupational therapist. Surgery as a last option.
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    Falling apart - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    There are some CFS patients that can trace the start of their symptoms to environmental hazards or pollutants, sort of like the pebble that started the avalanche so to speak. Others can trace the start of things to a trauma like a physical trauma that they just couldn't recover from. Sometimes...
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    Falling apart - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Sorry to hear about your situation. The short of it is my average patient is someone with exactly your story. Do I help every person that walks through the door? No, of course not. Is the form of bodywork that I do (John Barnes Myofascial Release - "MFR") some miracle cure? Absolutely not...
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    Got Questions you need answers to?....maybe I can help

    @ServeDoc, Regarding the 2nd serve stance, do you recommend changing it from the 1st serve? Currently I stand for my first serve with my front foot at a 45 degree to the baseline (pointing to the net post) while my back foot is parallel to the baseline. But for my second serve, both feet are...
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    How long before workouts take effect

    If you do a workout (specifically a resistant workout) once, then yes immediately "your body recognizes that muscles have been stressed and damaged". Will the body start the repair process right away? Yes. Will it start the hypertrophy process right away? The simple answer is No. The more...
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    Name that strain, forearm edition

    Cremaster muscle, obviously.
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    knee getting worse without going to gym during covid

    Cardio: burpees, mountain climbers, shadow swings with lateral movement, shadow boxing. Resistance training: Squat your spouse.....real functional exercise when you gotta carry her out of the burning house. Full pistol squats, shrimp squats. Too easy? Try them on a Bosu ball. Chilly...
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    Got Questions you need answers to?....maybe I can help

    Any advice for errant inconsistent tosses? I've tried all different ways of holding the ball, trying to "lift from the shoulder", slow tosses, fast tosses, etc....but I still can't get the damn thing to go in front of me. At this point I know a big part is mental, but I'm wondering if you had...