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  1. Brian Purdie

    Nike Fall 2010

    anyone else remember how players complained that Agassi's neon yellow clothes at the 1990 US Open might make them lose sight of the ball in his clothing? I wonder if anyone is lame enough to complain against Nadal
  2. Brian Purdie

    Famous celeb loves Nike Challenge Tech's

    I couldn't beleive it!
  3. Brian Purdie

    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    agree; that jacket is the best thing i've seen on this thread so far to me
  4. Brian Purdie

    planter faciitis

    i have it too. I don't have all the answers, but i did make some lifestyle adjustments, many of which revolve around avoiding excess pressure on the ligament. 1) avoid taking the stairs (especially when wearing dress shoes-this was my downfall) 2) don't put your feet up on side of the coffee...
  5. Brian Purdie

    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    It's not impossible to find, but cetainly doesn't show up on **** but once or twice a year. $4 was a deal. Prob from 1985 to 1989. Wear it and enjoy it
  6. Brian Purdie

    blake melt down = fila $$ drop?

    I agree. I thought Nike really hesitated with Nadal by not releasing the bull logo stuff until last year. Only now are we getting shirts
  7. Brian Purdie

    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    three more: Tough to find Nike 1989 Womens version of the shirt one last version as a polo unreleased:
  8. Brian Purdie

    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    one more:
  9. Brian Purdie

    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    European samples from Nike that never made it to retail production:
  10. Brian Purdie

    blake melt down = fila $$ drop?

    Agree. Fila picked up Blake when his career was on a downturn. I never saw the logic in creating a line for someone whose career was winding down and had never won a major. Lendl switched to Mizuno late in his career in 1990 (retired in 93) and he got his own shoes and racket with his name on...
  11. Brian Purdie

    Lendl Adidas Shirt

    don't count on it. Adidas re-released a jacket with the argyle print about 5 years agoand it did not sell well. Those shirt generally sell on the big auction site for 35-75 USD depending on the size you need
  12. Brian Purdie

    how's your Tennis Channel Racquet Bracket doing?

    It's been a wild ride with tourneytopia (or racquet bracket) or whatever Tennis channel's "you pick em" contest has going. I was up in the top 1/3rd of the pack early on, but picking Gulbis to go deep proved my downfall and I am only in the top 71%. The bottom half of the draw was easier with...
  13. Brian Purdie

    ESPN coverage of slams is horrible

    i was going to comment on it myself. Isner, Cilic, Tsonga, Soderling all playing live right now. Should have gotten Direct TV
  14. Brian Purdie

    K swiss: are they back?

    when I saw New Balance make a big comeback in the late 90's I was REALLY suprised. Those were my dad's shoes that no teen would be caught dead in. All the sudden in 1998 they became the hottest thing going and still carry a good amount of street cred. I could never explain the New Balance...
  15. Brian Purdie

    John McEnroe Officially Launches His New Tennis Academy

    That raises an interesting question: does anyone have any idea how much time some these names on a tennis academy really participate in day to day activity? Does Chris Evert really hit the court 2 days a week with a select group of kids? Are there some people like Newcombe or Hopman or Van...
  16. Brian Purdie

    K swiss: are they back?

    okay, they're not signing top 5 singles players, but first it was Fish, then Monfils, Querry, and now the Bryans too? Kswiss was a very popular 80's tennis player shoe among serious juniors and adults 20 years ago, but died out due to the outdated design and popularity of newer brands...
  17. Brian Purdie

    French Open Friday: We need to take down NBC

    24 hours = 48 people on the facebook group. Not horrible. Thanks to JamesBlakeFan#1 for the good email to NBC sports. As for inviting Jon Wertheim and others to join the group...I can only invite my own friends to join the group. If someone can figure out how to link to another organization...
  18. Brian Purdie

    French Open Friday: We need to take down NBC

    does the logo pic infringe on copyright? if it has a red line through it?
  19. Brian Purdie

    French Open Friday: We need to take down NBC

    and yes, i used your photo vibranis.
  20. Brian Purdie

    French Open Friday: We need to take down NBC!/group.php?gid=128826030463982&v=wall Tis done! I created a facebook group. that was really easy: NBC: Show the French Open and Wimbledon Live!
  21. Brian Purdie

    French Open Friday: We need to take down NBC

    it would need to be something to get the attention of the tennis sportwriting community (or even a commentator at TC or ESPN), which would then escalate the matter to the attention of the tournament directors or producers at NBC calling on them to respond to the outrage. All this, and it has to...
  22. Brian Purdie

    French Open Friday: We need to take down NBC

    French Open Friday is a personal holiday I created and you may partake in the festivities wherever you may find yourself. I've been celebrating in some capacity since 1991 when I watched Agassi's semi on NBC (not realizing it was taped of course). Grab yourself an Orangina, a few croissants, and...
  23. Brian Purdie

    Visors, For Men. Acceptable or not?

    breif period in 2002 when that was cool. passed its prime now
  24. Brian Purdie

    John McEnroe Officially Launches His New Tennis Academy

    i doubt mac has the vision to continue something long-term. He is very good at short projects, but commitment like this is not an attribute Mac has showed in the past. i like Mac, but this has failure written all over it or Mac has turned over a new leaf in his older age and is growing up
  25. Brian Purdie

    Anyone seen the Wawrinka Lacoste polo?

    I've been all over the internet trying to find it. Will this be Europe only release or has it been showing up in your local stores?
  26. Brian Purdie

    Wawrinka Lacoste polo

    any notice how similar the Wawrinka Spring Lacoste polo looks like the McEnroe 1980's checkerboard collection? Anyone know where can get the Wawrinka polo. I can't find it online yet. A friend said he saw one in a Lacoste boutique in Europe in Wawrinka blue and another in black.
  27. Brian Purdie

    Guga Diadora Shirt

    This was the best one
  28. Brian Purdie

    Guga Diadora Shirt

    the ones put out by TW last year pale in comparison to the yellow ones Guga wore in 2000 and 2001. I loved those, and I have never seen one on the big auction site either. Also, you can't be cheap when you're looking for stuff that's as old as what you are trying to find. Be lucky to find one...
  29. Brian Purdie

    Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

    btw this one is my fav:
  30. Brian Purdie

    New Nike Up

    anyone know if the RF on the pic of the shirt is actually on the ones that are making it to marketplace?