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  1. beepee1972

    Can't access TW Europe

    Emailed them yesterday, certificate is/was expired.... just checked and works fine again now
  2. beepee1972

    Very much anticipated, my new Tecnifibre Ergo One

    Well.... I am still using it, and still very happy with it. Not a single flaw in the past 5 years! No need for me to look for something else.
  3. beepee1972

    Round poly with low power and good feel and tension maintenance?

    Kirschbaum Max Power. If you need a little more power Kirschbaum Pro Line II
  4. beepee1972

    Looking for advice on Strings

    Try the good old MSV Focus Hex at low tension, still beats the Focus Hex Soft, certainly in tension maintenance. And available in 1.10 if you want to go really thin ;-)
  5. beepee1972

    Battle of the Sub $100 Poly Reels

    MSV Focus Hex (the original one) would be a good starting point
  6. beepee1972

    Kirschbaum Pro Line II - The Best Poly?

    Old topic, just bring it back to life. How would you guys compare PL II to MSV Co Focus? Both strings have been around for over 10 years, but are still going strong. Especially in Europe a true bargain I think. Are there better (round poly) alternatives for the "average" poly club player?
  7. beepee1972

    Syn gut recommendation

    @graycrait : This is the one I use (in a different gauge), it's a bit different
  8. beepee1972

    Syn gut recommendation

    When you say KB syngut, do you mean the (older) regular syngut, or the syngut premium reels? Those last ones I can still get, the older Synthetic gut (without anything else) is not available here anymore. I used to order that last one in 1.35, but cannot do that anymore.
  9. beepee1972

    Breaking strings in 2h - advice needed from stringers

    go up in gauge to 1.30 (or 1.35 if available) with same string. If that still doesn't solve problem, try MSV Focus Hex Ultra in 1.30 or KB Competition in 1.35. String spacing in the new Head Speed 2022 is pretty wide, so no problem using thicker strings
  10. beepee1972

    Certificate expired on talk tennis

    still going on indeed......
  11. beepee1972

    Softest arm friendly co-poly?

    Signum Pro Firestorm, as thin as possible (for you)
  12. beepee1972

    Battle of the Sub $100 Poly Reels

    Nope. A long time ago, I played the regular SS. But since then, polys have improved a lot, so I never looked back. Assuming the Supersmash Orange more or less the same string as the original, I never tried it. Also because I do like the PL II very much, and it is not that much more expensive.
  13. beepee1972

    Battle of the Sub $100 Poly Reels

    In Europe the obvious options would be MSV, Kirschbaum or Signum Pro. For those brands, I would advise Focus Hex Soft, Pro Line II and Firestorm. All less than €100,- (some more than others)
  14. beepee1972

    Head Speed MP 2022

    Just heard back, in the Netherlands Heady Lynx 1.25 (black) at 23k is used, so it seems you guessed correctly ;-) Thanks.
  15. beepee1972

    Buying a stringing machine

    DW = dropweight, using gravity ;-) No electronics involved
  16. beepee1972

    Head Speed MP 2022

    Does anyone know what string is used when the racquet leaves the factory? In my case, I am talking about the Speed Team 2022 (black poly). Plays not bad at all, not even for a factory strung racquet ;-)
  17. beepee1972

    Best control thin string at low 40 lbs?

    Pffff...... all about preference. Try a MSV Focus Hex (as thin as 1.10)..... control, spin AND comfort at those tensions! MSV strings Focus Hex
  18. beepee1972

    Head Speed MP vs Yonex VCORE 100L

    Don't forget to test the new Speed Team if you are looking for a lighter)ish) racquet!
  19. beepee1972

    Tension recommendation

    My starting point would be somewhere like 21/20 kilo and see if you can handle that. If it is too powerfull, move up a bit. I'd rather do this, than the other way around, because you just may start too tight and harm your arm? I used 21/20 in a 98 inch 16*19. I will probably go up to 22/21 in my...
  20. beepee1972

    Favorite 305g, 98 inch frame?

    used to have a Volkl V1 Pro. Very comfortable and powerful, but a bit too (head) heavy for me then
  21. beepee1972

    MSV strings

    Focus Hex Ultra is my go-to string for string eaters. Use it in 1.30. Remains comfortable and controllable. For myself, I either use MSV FH Soft or regular FH at low tension. Still want to try the 1.20 FH Ultra to see how that one performs in a 100 head with 16*19 pattern.
  22. beepee1972

    Head Speed MP 2022

    Been playtesting quite a lot, and finally it came down to a Yonex Ezone 300 or 285 (100 head) and the Speed 2022 Auxetic, in MP or Team version. I went for the Speed Team, very nice racquet, and if needed, can still up the weight a bit. But during playtesting, this was by far my favorite. (50...
  23. beepee1972

    Hybrid string recommendation for flexible rackets

    Ditch the Pure drive ;-) And use a thin poly at lowish tension (18 kilo) in your Radical. Or a fullbed syngut or multi. You (and your arm) can thank me later.... ;-) Kirschbaum Pro Line II in 1.15 will do, if I need to give some sort of direction. Or the Head Velocity around 20/21 kilo.
  24. beepee1972

    Very much anticipated, my new Tecnifibre Ergo One

    sorry, can't help you there, never used the Baiardo or the Lite version of it. But my TF is going very solidly, not a single glitch so far, still very happy with it. But it is quite some price difference, I must admit.....
  25. beepee1972

    Tim Van Rijthoven

    When you are Dutch and into tennis, you probably have heard from him. Good things are happening with Dutch mens tennis at the moment, we have had to wait quite some time for it Botic, Tallon and Tim are doing great!
  26. beepee1972

    String recommendations to a string breaker

    Try MSV Focus Hex Ultra in 1.30. Gives my customers the best durability and playability for poly strings
  27. beepee1972

    Head Speed MP 2022

    I just playtested some Head racquet families in the Netherlands last weekend. There were 2 favourites for me, the Head Extreme MP and also Tour (98 inch) (upcoming model, with light green cosmetics and auxetic, not current light grey) and the Speed MP 2022. The Speed gave me a better feel for...
  28. beepee1972

    Help me find my new racquet please

    Dunlop CX 200 if you have enough power with helf from the racquet. Head Extreme Tour, Head Speed (Pro or MP) if you need a little (or a bit more) help
  29. beepee1972

    Full bed poly tension differential - 10% for 18x20, 15% for 16/19

    Irvin, thanks for your reply. If you state it like this, I totally agree, when you compare the same racquet with a different string pattern, in your example 16*18 versus 18*20. But what I mean, is that I generally lower the cross tension for a 16*19 pattern in an elliptic head (like radical or...