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    maria's 23 match winning streak

    3 tournaments are called domination? LMAO. Federer won his 11th this year. That's called domination. Look at how close the rankings are. That's women's tennis right now. Not one person dominating. Maria has the will to dominate, but unfortunately, her game isn't going to allow her to do that. I...
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    maria's 23 match winning streak

    LMAO. Sharapova I can see winning 5-6 slams. Nowhere near Fed. Something called women age faster than men. You don't see 35 year old women playing in the top 10 these days do you? And you're acting like Fed won't win any more slams. Try to see if Maria will catch him once he's won at least 2...
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    Can WTA do something to about Sharapova's shrieking?

    Are you serious? I was at San Diego and LA and she was so much quieter than on TV. And I was 7 rows from the court in LA.
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    any1 seen that new nike sharapova commercial?

    From what I understand from reading these comments, nobody saw the point behind the commercial. ;)
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    ah... it's time for BANK OF THE WEST CLASSIC!

    I'm going to the event. I only have tickets for the SF and final though. I'm going to the night session. Hopefully Clijsters will be in that match. I'll also be at the Acura Classic and the JP Morgan Chase Open.
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    Justine has a chance at the semis

    I would think JHH has a good shot at the final. Should Kim play JHH in the semis, I still wouldn't think she would win, because Kim just doesn't play Justine with a "I can beat the crap out of Justine" or "I won't go without a fight" attitude.
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    Hingis Gone

    It did, but Hingis let a 2 break lead in the final set go away.
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    will Venus win again

    Are you kidding me? 90% of the matches they show are mens matches! As a women's tennis fan, I am very disappointed that the majority of the women's tennis they show are the last 2 points or just match point. :mad:
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    Venus Williams is Overpowered!

    Does that matter? No, because Venus still lost.
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    Picture of Justine Henin Hardenne as a young girl

    You just made me spit out half my Jamba Juice with that picture. :mrgreen:
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    Quite frankly, I love womens tennis, so I don't mind. :) I have to come back from school to watch all my Tivoed tennis, so a long five setter is still WAY too long even with the fast forward button.
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    Tennis on NBA

    It won't be live. It is taped coverage from noon to three PM eastern. Following that is ESPN2 taped coverage from three PM eastern to six PM.
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    How many tennis magazines do you read?

    I have Tennis, USTA, SMASH, and Inside Tennis for NorCal.
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    Fed and Hingis - Relationship possible?

    radek looks like a frog in that.....:mrgreen:
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    Will tennis be eliminated from the Olympics by 2014?

    umm, the 2010 olympics are winter olympics.........i dont believe tennis is a winter you were probably talking about either the 2008 olympics or the 2012 olympics....
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    Venus williams Love? Hate?

    she isn't one of my favorites, but if she wins, thats great......if she loses, oh well.......but i am not too thrilled with her after that string of pulling out from all the tourneys she entered....
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    What was Wilson thinking!?!?

    isn't that just her n4 with a new PJ?
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    V.Williams vs. Hingis (Possible Spoiler)

    i thought partly that was because their opponents underestimated them.....
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    Serena Williams dissing thread.

    she actually replies to her own posts because nobody wants to listen to her....
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    FedCup: USA vs. Germany

    craybas wins 4-6, 6-2, 7-5.....
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    Male vs female matches...

    fed now? or in the past?
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    19 Years Today

    ya, i doubt shes gonna read these....but anyway, i hope she has a nice birthday and dont use the "im only 19" phrase all the time;) ....i like the intensity she brings to the isnt the prettiest, but her intensity is getting her places...
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    Fave MST?

    yes, miami, then indian wells....if a match in miami goes deep into the night, i can still watch, as im in pacific time....indian wells because its in my time....
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    Family Circle Cup Final: Schnyder vs. Petrova

    ahem....your kidding about the mental toughness right? petrova has improved on the mental part, but she still gets frustrated with her self at odd moments....
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    are any pro's using this .........

    that figures, as W-line was produced while the nCode technology is still in use making new racquets.....
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    are any pro's using this .........

    would that be any different from the nCode line?
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    Congratulations to Maria

    she still has a beautiful backhand....and she mixes it up at times which is good, seeing the lack of variety in womens tennis these days....and that final in the AO should have been 6-1, 6-1 but it only got to 6-1, 2-0 due to JHH's "tummy troubles"......and her groundies may not have the sting...
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    Congratulations to Maria

    why do you think mauresmo is overrated? shes been due for a GS for a long time, and she finally got it through playing good tennis throughout the week.....mauresmo has been consistent for the past few years and she has been playing fantastic tennis these days.....
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    Bausch & Lomb Championships - Women's Singles

    yes, petrova got forced into a third set....she said she got tired after she was up 4-1 in the surprised espn2 is airing this on tv.....its a pretty pathetic field for tier II.....
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    Winning Percentages of the Greatest Pros

    didnt navratilova have an 89-1 year in the seventies or eighties? i need to check it....