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  1. Raiden

    Which tennis player was more hated by the public, John McEnroe during the 1980s or Novak Djokovic today?

    He was huge in Europe too, just that Borg was even more huge.
  2. Raiden

    "He broke the contract, and it's very immoral" - Qinwen Zheng on Fissette

    Nothing. She's based in Spain — he's from Belgium. So subject to EU law. Contracts are invalid if they breach labor laws like the right to quit or the right to be employed by a rival after you quit. These sorts of "bans" and restrictions are sometimes imposed by employers in job contracts...
  3. Raiden

    How does Gauff avoid falling into the same trap as Raducanu and Andreescu?

    Not all injuries are equal. Raducanu's and Andreescu's injuries seem like strain injuries (not freak accidents). Which is odd to have at their age. It suggests they flamed out because they were overextending... playing at a level their body never developed the capacity to sustain in the first...
  4. Raiden

    I thought Coco Gauff was overrated and overhyped?

    Now? LMAO It has always been that way. Marketing hype never been "measured" or "proportional" to tennis success or performance. Sharapova made more money than Serena from the moment she showed up in 2005 until she was drug-busted. And long before that Kournikova made more money than anyone on...
  5. Raiden

    I thought Coco Gauff was overrated and overhyped?

    Different kettle of fish. Naomi was 20 when she won her first slam. The primary driver of Coco's hype so far has been her age. This will change into something else in the future of course. To what exactly that basis would evolve only time will tell.
  6. Raiden

    I thought Coco Gauff was overrated and overhyped?

    Rubbish moving of the goalpost. The rating and "hype" of players is inherently a commentary on their future also, not only their present. Can't turn around and say it was true till July but not true from August. That's ludicrous and absurd. And there was no caveat to all the irrational anti-Coco...
  7. Raiden

    Why Carpet Courts Were Perma Banned

    Rog arguably hurt himself — had the tour been full of carpets his two rivals wouldn't have cought up to him. They benefited far more from the carpet ban In fact Djoko's rise literally coincides with the ban to a T — his trademark slide on a hardcourt woulda been a nonstarter if the tour had...
  8. Raiden

    Amarissa Toth

    In isolation that was not a big deal thing indeed. But context is everything — up to that moment during all the argument, that player (Toth) was pretending not to know what was going on. She was far back at the other back corner and facing the crowd (had her back to the center of the court) —...
  9. Raiden

    Amarissa Toth

    Odd. People who use "woke" unironically actually like Navratilova — due to her allegedly anti woke trans stance. But I guess you are the extra ultra nutty wing of the wingnut culture warriors
  10. Raiden

    Why does Princess of Wales gives both trophies

    Neither is Kate Middleton a tennis fan. They gave the job to her cuz Wimbledon has status and they wanted to raise Kate's public profile. She is technically not the right fit as handing over the trophy had been a lifetime post. But in her case I suspect she will not hand over the trophy...
  11. Raiden

    PTPA could not get along with ATP, now at loggerhead with WTA

    What is sexual about it? That logo hints at a tennis ball and not much else. One have to be a sick depraved pervert to see sex in there.
  12. Raiden

    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    But isn't he a bit on the light side physique-wise? I feel like that is Sinner's true one big weakness, and that's something that can't be endlessly developed without compromising other aspects (like speed / footwork etc)
  13. Raiden

    Stepanek and Korda's gf

    Wasn't Casanova also Czech? Ok he was obviously Italian but he kinda did reside thereabouts (in Bohemia). So I was wondering whether Radek might be a descendant — somebody better check the family tree.
  14. Raiden

    Carlos Alcaraz Joins An Elite Group

    Yes. Contrast that with Nadal for example, who, unlike Carlos, gives you the feeling of having endless reserves and can go on being explosive forever
  15. Raiden

    Andy Murray on women playing Bo5: "It's not their decision."

    Maybe at other times but this time Murray is spot-on. His point is that women playing only in Bo3 format should not be held against them. Which does happen. Everywhere including here someone always says "but they don't play Bo5 — therefore they don't deserve (fill in the blanks)". Murray is...
  16. Raiden

    Tsitsipas ended cooperation with Mouratoglou

    Halep situation is somewhat different. She took more risk. She fired literally everyone in her team (even her agent) and replaced them with Mouratoglou's people. The ATP players --both Tsi and Holger-- never did such a thing. They retained their longtime crew and complimented that with...
  17. Raiden

    If Serena had the greatest serve in women's tennis, just like Chrissie and Cliffy keep saying

    Serena's serve was always good but her serve in her youth/20s was not as good as it became later. She clearly prioritized sharpening that stroke's potential in the latter half of her career, as it became even more important to winning — given that she can't rely on movement and explosive speed...
  18. Raiden

    For people who think there is no chance rafa pulls out of the semi. He pulled out of RG.

    He won't pull out. Nadal is more egotist that he pretends to be His lust for calendar slam will keep him around just in case something happens to Nick (on or off court) and the Spaniard wiggles thru to the next round at the last minute
  19. Raiden

    Rafa is the funniest of the big 3

    Who knew that the talent where women in this sport would trump men would be in humor of all things? Li Na is arguably the funniest tennis player (male of female) in decades, possibly since Bobby Riggs. Then just days ago this debutante just spitballing off the cuff on first try left everyone...
  20. Raiden

    Rafa is the funniest of the big 3

    In "unintentionally funny" kind of way, yes Nadal is funny af. Otherwise not even remotely. The dude is as serious as a heart attack. Not one even slightly lighthearted sentence in his autobiography that I just completed reading. Roger on the other hand is goofy all his life (long before his...
  21. Raiden

    Cleanest Baseliner Currently?

    Indeed. Posters seem to be misinterpreting "cleanest baseliner" as if it means "most successful baseliner". If anything Djokovic in fact excels in surviving and thriving even while having to strike the ball outside the sweet spot.
  22. Raiden

    How good is Toni Nadal as a coach?

    BS Moya coached nobody before. Now he's just riding the coattails of a finished product. He is ATP's equivalent of Mouratoglou (who is riding the coattails of Serena)
  23. Raiden

    How good is Toni Nadal as a coach?

    Toni is not a garden variety coach. He can't be for example put in charge of a Fed Cup team. He gives good behaviour an extreme importance — a level of importance that coaches normaly can't afford to give (or else will be fired inevitably, something Toni didn't have to worry about because of...
  24. Raiden

    You guys are all corrupt - Shapovalov

    This is like trying to close the barn door only after the horse has bolted, crossed the street, got rammed by a car, given a mercy shot, sent to a restaurant, and ended up on plates in several tiny pieces
  25. Raiden

    Djokovic's Complete Dominance of Next Gen: 27 wins 8 losses!

    What will his ranking points be if he wins this slam? And by the way can someone help me whether last year's French Open points have already dropped off? (or is it part of the covid-preserved stuff that will not drop off until October or something?
  26. Raiden

    Djokovic watches YouTube highlights of his opponents obsessively!!!

    No, usually players assume the coaching staff they hire are doing this stuff all day — but in reality no doubt many of the coaches are doing just the minimum rather than the max
  27. Raiden

    Dear lord, who hired Chanda Rubin?

    The man's tirade about Chanda is also as nonsensical as that — not based on anything wrong she has done. Just personal dislike masquerading as objective disapproval.