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    2023 Australian Open Men’s Singles 16 January-29 January

    everyone laying out red carpet for Novak's presentation ceremony:
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    No tennis on ESPN3?

    I thought I could catch some action on ESPN3 from continental US but looks like ESPN3 is not streaming them for free. Am I correct?
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    21-20-20 : What next?

    I think it will be 22-20-20 and by the end of the year 22-21-20
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    Drysdale's Djokovic Diatribe

    @stringertom I second that! welcome back!
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    Hypothetical question about Djokovic exemption

    If AO tournament is giving such a nice platform for everyone (including players) to reach out to millions of people, is it wrong for the authorities to use the same platform to spread the message that vaccines save lives? what's wrong with it? even if they are making a so called "false" case...
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    Hypothetical question about Djokovic exemption

    but y'all are not answering the question. what Novak would have done had he not contracted covid in december? would he have withdrawn from AO? Could he have gotten his vaccination but not willing to share his vaccination status?
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    Hypothetical question about Djokovic exemption

    So, Djokovic was granted exemption based on Dec 16, 2021 positive infection. Had he not got the infection, did he have enough time to get double vaccinated by Jan 17 which is the beginning of Aus Open? Was his intention to get vaccinated in first place? If not, was he prepared to not attend...
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    'Don't panic' says US woman who recovered from coronavirus

    anyone here from france or italy?
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    how can i donate for manufacturers making ventilators?

    Are there any sites where I can donate directly to non-profit organizations that make ventilators? Please provide your input.
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    Any one else have/had tickets to Indian Wells 2020 and sad today?

    You do understand that 80% of infections are asymptomatic but can be transmitted to high risk group, right?
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    Ball boys and girls

    Yes oral and nasal discharges.
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    Ball boys and girls

    Are you guys sure it's only sweat. I have seen many players use towels to clean their facial fluids. Are you sure??
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    Ball boys and girls

    Why do they have to handle players towels? I always had this question not just because of recent pandemic but I thought it was glaringly wrong unhygenic to handle players' fluids. How do they protect themselves?
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    Thiem looking good

    Will win career grand slam.
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    2020 Australian Open Final :- [14] Sofia Kenin vs. Garbine Muguruza

    One slam wonder. WTA producing too many one slam wonders.
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    Unusual Pain location

    Do you have any neck tightness or soreness? Do you have full range of motion in your shoulders?
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    2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]

    We know for sure that Roger will lose this match but how many games/sets will he win?
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    2020 Australian Open QF :- [7] Alexander Zverev vs [15] Stanislas Wawrinka

    For folks over 32, delayed onset of muscle soreness begins only after 24 hrs as opposed to 12 hours for those under 32. Stan will need to recover fast from his previous 5 setter so is the case with Roger.
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    Low back exerchses

    Yoga and yoga and more yoga.
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    Federer will win at least a slam in 2020

    Sun will rise from the west at least one day.
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    Things that could bring me back to tennis.

    Wawrinka wins another aus or french open
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    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    I am a vegetarian by birth but I don't like this concept that going vegan is the way to go. It's all about portion control and making healthy choices. No diet is foolproof. I agree phytates block mineral absorption that's why vegetarian folks from India soak their legumes for at least couple...
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    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    It is not about being vegan it is about making healthy food choices.
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    Tight hamstrings and calves?

    I strongly recommend yoga. Will do wonders to your entire body.