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  1. henrytennisadelaide

    Learner Tien Racquet?

    Def BP/H22. Not the string pattern available retail I think? Last cross looks significantly higher up than retail BP.
  2. henrytennisadelaide

    When is the Wilson Blade V9 coming out?

    Apologies, should have read "last release"...
  3. henrytennisadelaide

    When is the Wilson Blade V9 coming out?

    Last year the NYC/USO "edition" of the Blade was actually the new version before the new version dropped from memory? As in the NYC edition was printed as v8 before the v8 paintjob had released. Could be wrong.
  4. henrytennisadelaide

    DeMinaur Racquet?

    And what leads you to believe that?
  5. henrytennisadelaide

    Nike 2023 General Thread

    Wasn't there suggestion earlier that Nike designed the shorts sans "curtain" and it looked ridiculous so last minute they had to add fabric to extend length on the back?
  6. henrytennisadelaide

    Part 2 of the Netflix Docuseries 'Break Point' Premieres June 21

    Hmm... looks to me that they are trying to emphasise the party nature of the USO to reinvigorate the US interest in tennis?
  7. henrytennisadelaide

    Origins | Holger Rune

    ATP's desperate effort to clean Rune's image having realised he will likely be a key face of the tour over the next decade.
  8. henrytennisadelaide

    Diary of a Racketaholic... picture thread

    You act like those making these "knock offs" benefit from making them. If there was financial gain... sure. But there isn't.
  9. henrytennisadelaide

    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Still looks like a D-beam to me
  10. henrytennisadelaide

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    From memory his current stick is 18x19 so not an "off-the-shelf" Blade Pro, no.
  11. henrytennisadelaide

    Wilson Clash: Success or Failure?

    Dubbed as a racquet that would alter the trajectory of tennis technology, has the sentiment of the Clash succeeded or failed. This is not necessarily just about the pro level, one could expect that there may be Clash's being used on tour in the next 10 years (once the current crop of juniors...
  12. henrytennisadelaide

    Are any pros using the RF97/PS97 mold?

    Wasn't there speculation that Ons Jabeur was using it? Can't recall if this was ever confirmed.
  13. henrytennisadelaide

    New Balance General Thread (2023)

    Does anyone know if there is a way to buy the shirt Tommy Paul was wearing at the Aus Open in Australia?
  14. henrytennisadelaide

    Ben Shelton- over hyped or potential super star?

    Agreed. Epitomises the next-gen in terms of stereotypical movement on hardcourts. Explosive and lots of sliding.
  15. henrytennisadelaide

    Alcaraz back to the Vapor Pro

    Looks like he could use some extra protection on the medial heel to, like myself and many other sliders.
  16. henrytennisadelaide

    Cristian Garín's cool apparel

    The athletes actually paid to sponsor Lululemon have larger logos placed on the front of clothing (Jack Sock, Leylah Fernandez) so the fact that Garin doesn't have that makes me think he has bought he clothes as opposed to being sent them.
  17. henrytennisadelaide

    When will Head ever release Djokovic’s actual stick ?

    Well put. The other thing to consider is that I don't think Novak is as synonymous with the Speed as Nadal is with the APD/Pure Aero or as Roger is with the Prostaff.
  18. henrytennisadelaide

    When will Head ever release Djokovic’s actual stick ?

    One would imagine that Head would manoeuvre around the situation by changing Novak's PJ to whatever his retail signature frame PJ would end up being, and letting him play with that for a few months before releasing it as to indirectly suggest to the public that Novak has changed frames, and they...
  19. henrytennisadelaide

    "3 cm and 8 of muscle edema, evidenced by two MRIs"

    Whether or not Novak is actually injured or not is up to individual interpretation, but when you announce that you will make the evidence public, only to then not supply such evidence, of course, people are going to question the legitimacy of the injury.
  20. henrytennisadelaide

    Crushing It. [pics]

    This looks like a legit v8 buttcap. No way Goffin has gone from BLX Blade to v8??
  21. henrytennisadelaide

    Sponsorship Changes for 2023

    Nike is not a charity. They won't just sling around that sort of money in an industry which they plan to discontinue.
  22. henrytennisadelaide

    When is the Wilson Blade V9 coming out?

    If it ain't broke... I'd be really surprised to see the mould change. Feel-wise the layup is more important anyway...
  23. henrytennisadelaide

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Also be mindful that the flex profile (where the frame bends) is different (and more specific) than just knowing the RA (general stiffness). The Blade Pro has a flexy throat but stiffer hoop which is unique and different to the normal blades.
  24. henrytennisadelaide

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Can anyone please post a photo of the v8 buttcap?
  25. henrytennisadelaide

    When is the Wilson Blade V9 coming out?

    As per current cycle the Clash will also come first.
  26. henrytennisadelaide

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Khachanov uses H22 currently.
  27. henrytennisadelaide

    lead placement among the pro's

    Possibly because the layup of prostock frames are more stable anyway hence no need for stabilizing weight at 3 and 9. Just a thought.
  28. henrytennisadelaide

    Shelton Sponsorship Status

    I was always of the understanding that Nike and Novak were very close to signing after his Sergio Tacchini split but Uniqlo came in at the 11th hour and 59th minute with more money and the promise of the Asian market/being the face of the company.
  29. henrytennisadelaide

    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    I think that says all you need to know about the quality of the shoe. People are willing to spend good money on a shoe which they know will far shorter than other shoes they could buy.
  30. henrytennisadelaide

    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    Hard to quantify but how much harder to slide? I am a former GR8 user and current Vapor Pro user and am finding the VPs far easier to slide in. Also, were you able to slide straight out of the box?