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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I'm still playing with it! Surprisingly I used to play with a v6 16x19 cv, then switched to the v5 18x20 and haven't looked back. I think the v8 with some weight is fairly close to the v5, but lacks some punch. The feel is as if you're playing with a v5 but you're wearing gloves.
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    Sinner with a 95?

    Has anyone tried mimicking sinner's setup? If so, how did it play?
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    Have you ever switched your rackets after a particularly bad loss ?

    Yeah I have. If anything, it provides me a fresh perspective and helps me get over a bad loss. I find it helps me even if I go back to my original racket later on (even like a week later)
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    Will we get a new Grand slam winner in 2024?

    Definitely think so... with a 37 year old nole and a young alcaraz, this would be the perfect time
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    To London With Love: Fed does 007 bit at start of Uniqlo clip

    If anyone from the tennis world would play James bond, it would be the fedmeister
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    Sho Shimabukuro Racket specs

    Hey TT, does someone know what racket Sho Shimabukuro is using? I have been watching him lately and love the way he hits his forehand on the rise - it's something I've been trying to incorporate into my game and he's a perfect template for that. His racket PJ is of the vcore, but don't know any...
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    Why was this title so important for Djokovic?

    He smashed his racket and hit the fridge? Wow, I knew he cried into his towel but didn't know he smashed a racket. Do you have a clip? Couldn't find it on the Tube.
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    Is it worth it to watch the olympics in person?

    Ooh yeah I forgot about rafa! It would definitely be worth it if he plays, and for me I think it would still be worth if alcatraz plays in his place. Hopefully its the bull though, I've never watched him live before.
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    Can you buy olympics tickets yet?

    Was thinking about getting tickets, but on the official website they only have wheelchair tickets available right now. Is there another place to buy tickets now? Thanks.
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    Is it worth it to watch the olympics in person?

    I'm debating whether or not I should get tickets for the Paris Olympics once they get released... mainly for the tennis olympics, but it would be interesting to also watch some of the other sports for a bit while I'm there. On the tennis front, is it worth it to watch tennis olympics in-person...
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    Best tennis quotes

    I bet that's what he says to badosa to convince her for some ;)
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    Thin beam racquet with power strings

    Yeah, I think it does. I strung my 93p 18x20 with max power mains, and syn gut crosses at a low tension. I find that I get just enough pop from the multi, resonable spin from the poly, and the controlled nature of the frame helps reel it back in. I use full poly in my other rackets, but the syn...
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    Is humidity still a problem for newer natural gut strings?

    Agreeing with the rest of the guys here... modern gut holds up really well. Flew down to florida for about a week, was worried that my gut strings weren't going to like going on the plane, then the sudden increase in heat and humidity, etc. but it held up without issue! Didn't use some "special"...
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    Yonex 2023 Vcore 95 lead tape location recommendations?

    The vcore 95 isn't my DD but when I tried it, I felt that it really needed lead at 3 and 9 since it was too unstable in stock form. But I use a weighted up blade so maybe I just like playing with bricks lol
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    Federer the winner today!

    Any time the big 3 is involved you know it's gonna be a fun thread lol
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    If Andy Murray didnt bust his hip, would he be still contending for slams?

    I reckon the later stages of his career would look sort of like the later stages of Wawrinka's career... maybe slightly worse since stanimal peaked later than mury
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    How to watch Alcaraz?

    you could just join the dark side and do a lil piracy :cool: of course, I am not recommending it since it is illegal.
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    Softer version of Kirschbaum Max power

    I recently tried max power in my 18x20 blade, and I liked the pinpoint control and good spin. However, it was a bit jarring on my elbow... do you have any recommendations for a string that has amazing control like max power, but is a bit softer? Or, is there a hybrid I could try with max power?
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    Pure Aero Rafa Origin 2023

    I mean, if you play better with it, and you can manage the weight (without causing injury or fatigue), then I wouldn't see any reason not too. 343 sw isn't that unreasonable to play with if you feel fine with it imo. But I think it really comes down to how you play and feel with the PARO...
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    Alcaovic - How pumped up are you to watch this either in Rome or RG final?

    Yeah the Big 3 at Grand Slams are different monster compared to their 250/500/1000 form. Alcaraz vs Grand Slam Djokovic is gonna be incredible, but I can't see carlitos beating that djokovic yet
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    Alcaovic - How pumped up are you to watch this either in Rome or RG final?

    First thing I thought of when I read Carlovak was Karlovic lol
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    Wide speed/lightweight shoes

    Hey TT, I'm looking for some wider lightweight tennis shoes. I tried out the vapor pro 1, and while I really liked the feel, it was just too narrow for me, and if I went up half a size the shoe became too big... Are there any lightweight/speedier shoes out there that are also on the wider side?
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    2015 blade 18x20 vs V8 blade 18x20

    wow that's great info man, thanks for the details. Looks like I may have to get some more 2015's after all - really love its blend of pwr control and spin, while still getting more feel than pretty much any other midplus out there. Have you tried any rackets that are sold today/recently that...
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    2015 blade 18x20 vs V8 blade 18x20

    Does anyone have any experience with these two sticks? Currently playing with a 2015 18x20, and I'm wondering if I should be stocking up or if the v8 plays like the 2015. I've hit with the 16x19 v8 twice, but it was a different string and tension so no maybe not super accurate. If anyone has...
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    what are the funniest player nicknames you heard on this forum?

    ***** woah it censors automatically I had no idea this was a thing
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    Wilson Blade 18x20

    agreed. The 2015 blade 18x20 is something special!
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    Pure Aero Rafa Origin 2023

    hopefully some poor quality control can help me land one that is 330 sw strung lol