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  1. tomkowy

    Which tennis player should Head feature that will promote the Prestige line?

    You're right, Stan is not big enough. Fed is a better option for Prestige line :)
  2. tomkowy

    Which tennis player should Head feature that will promote the Prestige line?

    Medvedev, Hurkacz, Khachanov, Struff, Evans, Wawrinka, Bautista Agut...
  3. tomkowy

    Sinner with a 95?

    Sinner is not hitting flat. He uses a lot of spin just to keep the ball in play. Recently he uses spinny, deep forehands to move their opponents further behind the baseline and mix the tempo. He won't benefit from a tighter string pattern. And Graphene Touch Speed MP does not have a wide string...
  4. tomkowy

    Head Extreme Tour Auxetic Customization

    I add lead directly under top of the handle, where the handle get's thinner and connects with racquet throat. I just wrap lead tape around the handle. I could fit around 4 - 5 grams in that area and I didn't feel the grip changed. I like it better than placing the lead along the handle or...
  5. tomkowy

    Head Auxetic Extreme Thread

    For serves I preferred Pure Aero 98 - similar spin but a bit more power. For volleys I liked Extreme Tour more - Pure Aero 98 is just a little bit too stiff for me when I hit off center.
  6. tomkowy

    Could Poly Plasma 1.23 work well at low voltages on the Presitge 360+ MP?

    I've used Poly Plasma 1.23 with Wilson Ultra Tour 18x20 at 21 kg. I don't think it's a good combination. The string is way too dead and muted for 18x20 for me. I preferred Pro's Pro Cyber Power 1.25 or softer, shaped poly. It gives you more forgiveness, a bit more power, spin and durability is...
  7. tomkowy

    Head Auxetic Extreme Thread

    Yes, 3 - 4 grams total around 3 and 9 solves the stability issue. And no, MP is not the same as Tour. MP plays more like Pure Aero, Tour plays like Radical MP and Pure Aero 98 had a baby. I felt that the ball flies differently of Tour vs MP. True, if I don't do full swings, ball flies...
  8. tomkowy

    Which of these Strings is the best option for the Prestige 360+ MP?

    Definitely not Signum Pro Poly Plasma. It's way too dead and gives not enough snapback for 18x20. Will feel boardy, I've tried it with Wilson Ultra Tour which is similar to Prestige MP.
  9. tomkowy

    Head Auxetic 2.0 Boom MP

    In your opinion it’s closer to Ezone 100 or Ezone 98?
  10. tomkowy

    New Demos: Welcome your suggestions

    Wilson - you have the Blade 100, nothing more fits your needs from their offer Head - Gravity MP and Radical MP -> both will need some tailweight but both fit your description (SW slightly above 320) Babolat - none Tecnifibre - none Yonex - Ezone 98 fits your description well, it just needs some...
  11. tomkowy

    Racquet Hive brain help... 40+ female very athletic/agile 4.5-5.0

    So you like: - swingweight over 325, probably up to 335 will be fine long term, - racquets that provide a little more spin. First of all, I wouldn't stick with the Blade 18x20 if you play better with something like VCore 98. Even if you develop better technique, Blade will still not fit your...
  12. tomkowy

    No love for the Pure Strike

    Why use the Pure Strike 16x19 if you can use Pure Aero 98? Babolat in some sense killed one product with another. Pure Strike 18x20 was always more a niche racquet than a best-seller. The new Shift 99 Pro and Solinco Whiteout 18x20 are probably only competitors for a power racquet with tight...
  13. tomkowy

    Aeropro drive original

    Later Pure Aero are different to Aeropro Original in a couple of aspects: 1. No dampening tech, the feeling is very raw :) 2. Average string spacing - there is still quite a lot control and spin is not exagerrated 3. Low twistweight - the racquet is easy to swing fast but there is little...
  14. tomkowy

    Yonex & Head racket help!

    Prestige Pro will not have more power than the Blade 98 for sure.
  15. tomkowy

    Thiem and pure strike?

    I don't think it's that easy. If you add mass in the wrong spot, you can make the vibrations worse.
  16. tomkowy

    Hugo Gaston “retires” down match point

    Maybe there was more than one bet? One that he wins, second that If he loses, then only by retiring. Could be rage quit, could be match fixing. I remember for how long Davydenko was having these strange losses before someone got interested in that.
  17. tomkowy

    Trying to find a new racquet similar to Wilson Ultra 95 Ceramic FP

    1. There is very little difference between 2021 and 2023 Gravity racquets 2. MP in terms of power is somewhere between your Wilson and Ezone 100. Think of it as a softer, a bit more controlled Ezone.
  18. tomkowy

    Wilson Ultra Tour!Help!

    I’ve played with Ultra Tour v2 for a couple months. Despite low RA it’s stiff in the upper hoop. No amount of lead will change that, nor different string setup. Maybe silicone in the handle will help.
  19. tomkowy

    Looking for a modern day Wilson nCode nSix-One 90/95

    My ex-sparring partner played with nCode 6.1 95. I don’t think there is a new racquet very close in feel and how it plays. ProStaff 97 is the obvious one to try. In my area guys who were using 6.1 95 as juniors now usually play with Blade 18x20 or some VCore Pro (the older, green version).
  20. tomkowy

    HELP: Building the ultimate racquet collection

    Wilson ProStaff 6.1: I don’t recall other racquet being used by so many players as Head ProTour, Babolat PD and this one
  21. tomkowy

    Head Extreme Tour Auxetic Customization

    Your ET is headlight so I'd add first 3 grams total at 3 and 9 to bump it up to average specs. Then I'd go with general rule: add lead at 3 and 9 and under top of the handle. For each gram in the hoop add a gram under handle. Why I’m adding lead there? Because Extreme Tour is spin friendly...
  22. tomkowy

    Help find a new racquet for me.

    Looks like You’re looking for a jack of all trades - a racquet that does most things well. Demo: Yonex VCore 95 - you liked it so why not? Yonex EZone 98 - not as stiff as previous version, helps on serve, does everything well You’ve already tested most of the frames you may like so just try...
  23. tomkowy

    Extreme Tour questions...

    Extreme Tour has kind of a classic shape, not overly narrow. Definitely not as long as Speed MP. Extreme Tour stringbed is very consistent If you hit with at least some spin. If you hit with no spin at all (look Medvedev), then Extreme Tour makes the ball fly long a lot. If you hit at least...
  24. tomkowy

    Extreme Tour questions...

    Yes, that is true. However, it’s not a big difference. Speed MP has really long mains, it can be a bit erratic If you don’t string a bit heavier.
  25. tomkowy

    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    If you have all tools needed (pallets, lead tape, swingweight app, etc.) the whole operation takes less than 90 minutes. I think it’s much less effort than testing another 3-4 racquets.
  26. tomkowy

    Help finding the right racquet - Undecided

    Both racquets are good, just choose one and stick to it. If the ball is flying out it’s on you, not the racquet. Instead of focusing on the racquet, focus on how each shot feels and try to adjust. Balls will stop flying out. Or hit with 80% of full power - balls will not fly out.
  27. tomkowy

    Why are there no control string patterns in spin friendly frames?

    It’s a great idea to advertise bananas but ship apples instead ;) No one would feel tricked
  28. tomkowy

    Thin & tacky overgrip

    I'm used to Head Hydrosorb Pro as main grip (1,75 mm thick) and Yonex Super Grap as an overgrip (0,6 mm thick). After changing my forehand grip a bit I've ran into an issue: 1. One overgrip is too small now - I need to grip the racquet harder, it's not comfortable. 2. Two overgrips are a bit too...
  29. tomkowy

    Soft on Elbow, good on blocking one hand returns, 310 grams and under, 100 sq inches, whippy, solid slice, not much need for customization

    Whippy + good on blocking + good for slice -> pick two ;) I’d look for high twistweight and lower swingweight combo. Yonex Ezone 100 fits to this description. I don’t know If it’s comfortable enough
  30. tomkowy

    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    ISO 305 and its predecessor, RS 305 both have very high twistweight - above 15, compared to 14.3 for ET. If you add 5 - 7 grams of lead total around widest part of the hoop of ET, you end up with SW around 330 - 335 and twistweight similar to Tecnifibre. Then the difference in perceived power...