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    Why couldn't Nadal win more Australian open and Wimbledon titles?

    Due to the other two Amigos... Federer and Joker lol 2023 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece) 6–3, 7–6(7–4), 7–6(7–5) 2022 Rafael Nadal (Spain) Daniil Medvedev (Russia) 2–6, 6–7(5–7), 6–4, 6–4, 7–5 2021 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Daniil Medvedev (Russia) 7–5, 6–2, 6–2 2020...
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    Yes - I always add silicone to my frames to help dampen, and drive some HL balance. I have just a few grams added to each of my 4 frames. It feels great, and the playability is superb. I love a HL balance - though currently have these a bit more HL than usual. My current specs are: 356g Static...
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    Yes. 10 char They will even do a hybrid for you.
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    Back to the Pure Storm Tour... and loving it!

    After my lifelong Pro Staff usage (PS85 --> PST90 --> K90 --> KPS88 -- k90... I have now settled back on the PST... and all I have to say is that I'm staying put. I love the PS line, and have always had a heavier frame (my K90's were similar specs to my KPS88's) But now that I'm getting up...
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    Applying a leather grip, what adhesive to use?

    leather stretches. you will need adhesive (2x sided tape)
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    Photos of my racket modding, lead + silicone.

    I put quite a few g's in all of mine... and notice a significant difference.
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    Photos of my racket modding, lead + silicone.

    #1 dampening/shock absorption. #2 weight distribution
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    Silicone in Racket Handle

    I silicone inject all my frames (clear silicone from Home Depot)... fantastic results. BTW, inject both 'tubes' in the handle. You can drill it out if you don't like it at a later period... but once you use the silicone, you won't go back. Great feel.
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    Mission Rackaholic Complete

    I think, like the OP, I have finally desensitized my wife to my tennis collection... though that occasionally she will come into my home office and look at all my frames that I have hanging on the wall and utter something like "why do you need all of those" (There are currently about 38 on the...
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    NO 16x19 BLX BLADE?!?!?!?!

    Eh?!?!? yes it is, that's why Wilson made 2 color schemes... one for the men and one to help draw in the ladies. It's all marketing.
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    NO 16x19 BLX BLADE?!?!?!?!

    Ah, I don't think so.
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    !Anything Better than ALU PWR!

    Agree fully. ALU was the 'original' power poly... but there are several 3rd generation co-polys that are far better with not only spin production, but more importantly tension maintenance. My favorite is Spin-X... but Blue Gear is also a great string, and even Dunlop has a very good poly that...
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    NO 16x19 BLX BLADE?!?!?!?!

    Wilson needs to add the 16x19 Blade to the lineup... that's the only way I'd consider it. Absolutely no reason to have a 93 sq inch frame without a 16x19 option for it. Oh, and by the way... if you can color one pink for the ladies - is not a 16x19 a reasonable request Wilson?
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    How heavy is your racquet with lead

    Just requires a little topspin... it's all in the follow-through :)
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    Upgrading from an original Pro Staff

    Gonna' make it even more head heavy than it already is... You can make a quick balance board if needed. Or you might be able to use the TW U tool.
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    Can I use an N90 bumper on a K90.

    Jo11y, just had a thought, and this might sound a bit weird... but may be worth the experiment. It just dawned on me that you aren't getting the cave in on the throat grommet bridges, like you are in the upper hoop. reason for this is most likely that the throat grommets use the "2 hole...
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    Can I use an N90 bumper on a K90.

    It won't fit 'naturally', you'll have to cut it into several sections.
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    Upgrading from an original Pro Staff

    I trimmed my bumper guards in a unique way (it's gonna sound funny, but I used a hole punch to cut out semi-circle pieces between each grommet... thereby reducing some head weight, but retaining protection for the frame head) - I actually posted a pick of it here in one of the other threads some...
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    Upgrading from an original Pro Staff

    Nope. I have 3 of these on the wall as well. Not close to the 85.
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    Upgrading from an original Pro Staff

    Bobby J. Don't sell yourself short man... I'm 43 and went through this transition myself... my 85 St. V's are on my wall (slight pause in post for fond memory)... while the RDS001's are by specs the closest to the ps85, they just didn't do it for me (I have 5 on the wall now :-)). I went...
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    Smashed my Favorite 88 Yesterday

    Too F-ing funny!
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    Which Genesis Sting to try out

    try spin-x
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    Okay, anyone else besides me think RPM Blast Sucks

    I've been stringing for 27+ years and am USRSA. Recommended Babolat tension for RPM is 52-62lbs. I was stringing at 61 on my hand crank, which on a constant tension pull machine would hover near 59. Do I string tight for Poly, yes. One reason is that my frames are weighted heavy at 390g...
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    Racquet modification: making a racquet head light

    Easiest approach if you don't want to remove grip is to just wrap some 1/4 inch lead tape (order from TW) around the bottom two inches of the grip, then put on your overgrip. If you don't like this, you can do what we've suggested... remove the grip, remove the butt cap, insert lead, replace...
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    Vibration Dampener Question

    vibration feedback
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    Okay, anyone else besides me think RPM Blast Sucks

    So, then how does it = "the gold standard"? The biggest thing ALU has/had going for it is that it was "the first" true tour poly. Since it paved the path, there are several 3rd generation co-polys that I believe are far better than ALU... Spin-X is an awesome co-poly.
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    Okay, anyone else besides me think RPM Blast Sucks

    it's a perfectly good reason to dislike Babolat strings... I generally think they're crap... with the true exception of VS. Hurricane and X-Cel, pretty much stink... poor tension maintenance. and RPM, well, I've voiced my opinion... and it's just that, my opinion. Signum is a far better string...
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    Okay, anyone else besides me think RPM Blast Sucks

    Had 2 sets, 2... break on me durring stringing. Different string holes... no sharp edges. The string is just too brittle. 17g pulling at 61 lbs. on my K90's. What a waste of $. No more Babolat.
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    Can't hit bkhd slice with new Babolat.

    I move back and forth between my k90's/KPS88's/ and PDRGT's. One thing I have found with the PDR's is that they are less forgiving with regards to form... whereas with the ProStaff's, even if I hit off my back foot, I know where the shot will go and can manage it. With the PDR, I've found...
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    Which string for Pure Storm GT?

    See my sig. Full poly at 66#