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    Stringing help

    You can join the USSA. That organization has a Digest that lists most racquet patterns, and they even have an online Digest as well. If you have any stringing questions, you can call and speak to one of their technicians.
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    Can I use 2 different clamp base?

    3 mm seems very small. Do you have an 8 mm to try?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Well it's Thanksgiving, and I do have a lot to be thankful for. I am also thankful for this wonderful site and all the great friends I made here. Again happy Thanksgiving to all !!!!!
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    Can I use 2 different clamp base?

    Did you put that base at 90 degrees to the rails, and try to put the hex tool into the opening? The base has to be 90 degrees to get the tool to fit the adjustment . Turning it clockwise just a small amount, shortens the amount you need to throw the switch. It should lock at about the half way...
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    Can I use 2 different clamp base?

    There is a spring inside most base clamps. Check that the spring is okay. It may only need a spring to repair , as if that's it you can contact Alpha to get replacement spring. You can probably even contact tennis machines dot com and send them to old base to repair.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I agree completely. What a great post!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Well it's almost here. I would like to wish everyone here a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.
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    Is the DHH knot a sign of inexperience/laziness?

    The only knot I have ever seen come completely untied, was back in early 1970's, on a wooden racquet, it was a different stringer, not me, that just tied a single half hitch. Usually, knots don't come untied. Now I have seen plenty of double hh knots where the end hh was very loose, looking to...
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    I got a Baiardo L yay!

    @dgdawg A Frankenstein machine. It's alive! Any pictures?
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    Stringing Clash 100 with Gut - What Tension?

    I use gut, and have so for decades. My mp size racquet I string it to 61 lbs. And my OS size gets 63 lbs. Nat gut hits very well and comfortable at high tension, and higher tension gives you better control. The resilience and elasticity allows gut to be strung higher tensions than synthetics...
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    Paint vs frame crack - how to tell?

    I have seen a number of Babolat frames with cracks just like yours. One player few years back had 4 frames, all cracked in same spots. I told him ahead of time about those, and his liability if I strung them, and I suggested new racquets. I ended up stringing then just a couple more times before...
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    Wise+ gamma x stringer problem

    Your first picture looks like wise is too high. Second picture it looks too low. If you could get a small spacer, just enough to elevate the table enough so wise doesn't hit racquet would be a more ideal situation. Or take adapter to a machine shop and have them reduce the adapter down an amount...
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    I got a Baiardo L yay!

    Congratulations ! Hope you have many happy years stringing. No doubt a good machine makes the job easier. Happy stringing!
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    Interesting uses of starting clamps.

    I agree. I have 3 starting clamps. One has a scrap string just for bridging, and never tubed that scrap string, and same scrap string on it for well over 10 years.
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    Tourna 700-ES: Is it a workhorse?

    I've been stringing over 55 years. Started in 1968
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    No affordable gut?

    Intestines have elasticity and resiliency. Have you ever seen elastic leather?
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    Sting that plays the same from day 1 to breakage

    A poly / gut would hit more predominantly like poly, as main strings give the most characteristics, the gut in cross strings would just soften it up a bit. You can do that with a multi for cross cheaper. Gut/ poly gives a better playability in my opinion, than poly / gut.
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    Sting that plays the same from day 1 to breakage

    Full bed of natural gut plays well until it breaks. That set up is probably the longest playability.
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    Had a little spat at the local pro shop after a string job

    You should just learn to string your own racquets. Then when others find out, and a player comes to you and wants you to string it on the spot, you will have a different perspective.
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    Another Wise error code--999 when first turned on

    Try plugging unit into another surge suppressor strip. Those do go bad after a while.
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    What are your Favorite Non-Polyester Strings?

    Natural Gut!!! Klip uncoated my favorite.
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    Tourna 700-ES: Is it a workhorse?

    And your good friend Irvin can get you a good deal on the Tourna.
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    What even is the gauge system?

    Also, the gauge listed for tennis strings according to the USRSA, is the gauge of the string under tension. Therefore it may be one gauge before tension, and a different gauge under tension.
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    Natural gut storage - opened half sets

    I take a zip bag, and place the gut string set in that, then zip tight to a straw, suck out air in bag and pull out straw and zip closed. This eliminates a lot of the air in bag, and then place in place out of sun light. The string will stay in decent condition for me for a good while. That may...
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    Cleaning day!

    I have only used alcohol to clean. Never used a lube on any parts of machine. That works for me.
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    Clamp Spare Parts

    You may want to contact tennismachines dot com. They repair machines and may have some parts you are looking for.
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    Down Press Clamp Base

    You Mean like bourbon or vodka , or just a cold case of beer?
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    Mount at 12 can't go in the space between grommet

    The big e auction site has a bunch of tennis load spreaders. I use them routinely.
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    Tourna 700-ES: Is it a workhorse?

    Could it be possible to just swap out the base clamps of your star 5 for the tourna base clamps? May be worth while to check specifics of dimensions to see if they may be compatible.
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    Pacific String Digital 700

    Seller is most likely selling it because he can't get it repaired. Most likely it would take a special person to do such repairs, since Pacific will not repair. Makes that $250 not look so fair of a price. Most likely be an item in your house that you will not know what to do with being non...