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  1. eqc6

    Help! Wilson NBlade Oversize Update?

    Sorry about that, first time posting on this section, didn't realize there was a racquet section, but I got my answer tho, thanks. I'll defenitely check out the MicroGEL if you believe that feels close.
  2. eqc6

    Help! Wilson NBlade Oversize Update?

    Thanks! Highly appreciated :)
  3. eqc6

    Help! Wilson NBlade Oversize Update?

    Hi all, so I tried this racquet the other day and fell inlove with it. Now I want to purchase one but it seems to be discontinued everywhere. I'm assuming it's because this racquet has been updated. So, I'd really appreciate it if someone can tell me what the name of the new updated racquet is...
  4. eqc6

    Tennis Lessons from Craig'slist

    one advice: if they leave their full name in the ad, doublecheck them in Google. I saw an ad which I was interested in, but after finding his myspace account, he seems to be a complete ******. So be careful who you spend money on!
  5. eqc6

    Henman & Rusedski playing Nintendo Wii tennis :)

    I figured you guys might enjoy this. Looks fun!
  6. eqc6

    Tiger is in Roger's box!!!

    You meant to say '2' types of babes. One Babe = attractive, hot woman. The other Babe = 'babe' from the animal movie jk :)
  7. eqc6

    Ok, this is not good for Andy.

    Just watching tennis and Tiger Woods is in Roger's box, heh. Roger talked to Tiger in the locker room. Federer's confidence seems pretty high and probably would 'love' to look his best infront of Tiger, who everyone is comparing him too. But anyway, hopefully this is a great match and that...
  8. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    Thank you TT forums search engine :) So I accidentally deleted my artwork scans from my hard drive, and I'm glad that I was able to search this forum so I can download them! Unfortunately these forum's versions are screen res only, and not high quality, but it's better than nothing :)...
  9. eqc6

    If Pat Rafter Was Still Playing...

    Wow really? You should defenitely watch Rafter vs. Agassi 5-setter matches, which are probably one of the more exciting rivalry. Especially since their games are complete opposite, and it's just amazing watching them duke it out.
  10. eqc6

    Nike ditching players

    :( Then again, Nike probably made a wise decision. Let's be honest, as a tennis fan living in the USA, I understand that tennis isn't THAT big in the USA. So, losing Agassi wouldn't be a problem for NIKE, since in America, NIKE makes money off football, basketball, and baseball - yup, the 3...
  11. eqc6

    vibration dampener

    lol you guys are too funny. You all already wasted your time replying, so why not at least answer the poor guy, then you can tell him it's wrong board heh. Of course it's better with dampener, better for your arm. And I use a rubberband - cheap and reliable and stays in place. Oh and btw...
  12. eqc6

    Your age group?

    Hey all, I'm pretty new here and some of you probably know me through the art thread. Anyway, I just wanted to get an idea of the age group of the people here :) So if you guys don't mind, please choose your age group, thx!
  13. eqc6

    Post your Desktop!!

    Hey all, here's mine :)
  14. eqc6

    Cute Chick with Hairy P**sy :)

    Nah, I prefer 'em shaved :mrgreen:
  15. eqc6

    Hey Noelle

    I always wanted to visit Bohol. My province is Daet, Camarines Norte and it's very relaxing there too - great beaches and rural lifestyle. I would go to Bagasbas, a nice little beach that is beautiful in the day and great at night (where the videoke bars are busy and couples/ grp of friends...
  16. eqc6

    any filipinos here?

    haha Thanks for bumping this. I never knew such a thread was made, but how would I know, I'm new here heh. I'm surprised there's alot of Filipinos here. <===Born at Murphy, Quezon City and now resides at NJ :mrgreen:
  17. eqc6

    Hey Noelle

    All this talk about the Philippines are getting me excited :) My parents are building their retirement home there now so I can't wait, so I can, hopefully, be there this Christmas. Still sucks how I wasn't able to go with my friend on his wedding- he got married in the Philippines and...
  18. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    haha, that's great fantom! Man, I really love your shading style, keep it up! This is good, at least you can keep the thread alive when I have nothing to show. :mrgreen: And ya, drawing is very relaxing that's why I love doing it. Glad to know you're drawing more. To me, drawing is like...
  19. eqc6

    Low budget stringing mahine needed - need advice asap

    I dunno about the others, but I have the Klippermate stringer, you can check for more details
  20. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    heh, ya, somebody else mentioned the same thing :) Here's another sketch
  21. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    Oh crap! I knew it, I knew I deleted something accidentally from photobucket, thought it was my imagination heh. I uploaded it again, thx for the notice. :mrgreen:
  22. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    Hey, thanks for the criticism - and I agree :) It's a first tackle at sketching Federer, so I guess it's good practice. Him and Agassi will defenitely be the first ones I'll paint. The only problem with painting is that since I'm enjoying doing these sketches so much, I don't even know when...
  23. eqc6

    Maria: A BACK Perspective

    Sharabunny :twisted: :mrgreen:
  24. eqc6

    Maria: A BACK Perspective

    Hold that thought! I'll be back..
  25. eqc6

    How it would be the Tennis if Agassi were beaten Sampras in the 4 Slams Finals ??

    What if Kournokova (sp?) was also the best female tennis player :mrgreen: Tennis would probably be the most popular sport today
  26. eqc6

    Oh the life of a pro tennis player.

    Ya, well I was suppose to host the pre-show arrival party but I had other plans so I passed the job to Andy
  27. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    And another C'mon! Btw, grats on the new baby Fantom :)
  28. eqc6

    Insert Caption

    Ooooooooooooh, You Got Served!!!
  29. eqc6

    Which pro should I paint?

    haha sorry rushed through it and misread :)
  30. eqc6

    Any Videogamers here?

    I agree, but it's the easiness that makes the game darn fun! Especially with 4 players, it's just a blast to play :D