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    Solinco Whiteout Users Club

    I've been demoing both Whiteout 305 and 305 xtd 16x19 for the past week, and I'm thinking of switching to the xtd frame. I'm coming from Vantage 90 and 95 racquets (330 and 320 g and 31cm unstrung). So, the foam fill "technology" is not new, but it is definitely familiar. I really need a...
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    Wide speed/lightweight shoes

    I recommend the Asics Gel 9 Wide (2E). They feel low to the ground, stable, and very grippy.
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    Frames similar to KPS 88?

    You're an idiot! Enough said!
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    Frames similar to KPS 88?

    I bought it from TW, so I don't think it's a fake. And the weight and balance of my KPS 88 are pretty much in line with what TW advertised.
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    Frames similar to KPS 88?

    Hi, Could you guys recommend me a few frames that are similar to the KPS 88 in terms of feel, flex and plow through? I'm an all-court player, and I'm probably a 4.5. I'm currently using two 90-squared-inch Vantage frames with the following specs when strung: 364g, 31.5 cm, and about 340...
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    Calling all runners! Running shoes similar to Babolat Propulse 2

    I posted a pretty long response to your second post, but it never showed up. Anyway, minimalist shoes are pretty, but like 90 squared inch racquets, they are not really good for most people. A friend of mine strained his calf muscle because he began running with a pair of minimalist shoes. His...
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    Calling all runners! Running shoes similar to Babolat Propulse 2

    The cramps you've been experiencing are probably due to your shoes' lack of support. What you need is a pair of "Stability" or "Motion control" running shoes. These shoes will give you the necessary arch support, so that you can increase your millage. I highly recommend you checking out...
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    Help with tension

    Hi, I need your help with finding the appropriate tension for some hybrid setups. My current setup is WeissCannon Scorpion in the mains and Forten Sweet 17 in the crosses at 50 and 52 lbs. What I want to try are: WeissCannon Scorpion and Prince Premier Attack 16, and its inverse...
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    Fixing Up a Prince Tennis Racket Stringing Machine Model P-200

    dak95_00, Could you e-mail me the guides for the P-200 stringing machine at ngohoang at gmail dot com? I've been looking for them, but none of the people I contacted had them. Thanks a lot.
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    Fixing Up a Prince Tennis Racket Stringing Machine Model P-200

    I have a working P-200 machine. I bought it for $250 a few years ago. It's an interesting piece of equipment if you like to tinker with it. The pump, the glide bars, and the clamps are hard to replace or fix if anything goes wrong. As I've developed my stringing technique and know-how, I will...
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    PV Audio's Playtest Thread

    pvaudio, I finally strung up my racquet with Weiss Cannon Scorpion 16L and Forten Gut Sweet 17 at 55 lbs and 57 lbs respectively. I have played with this set up about 4 times, probably 8 hours, over the past two weeks. But I still don't know what to think of it. The first time I played...
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    PV Audio's Playtest Thread

    pvaudio, First, thank you for the reviews. They've been very informative and insightful. I've been reading pretty much all of them whenever I need a break from dissertation writing. Second, I have a few string concerns that I'd appreciate your advice on. Like you, I really like Weiss...
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    Safe tension difference between mains and crosses

    Hi, I've been playing for two years now with WeissCannon Scorpion in a full bed. But only recently that I've tried it at low tension, about 40 lbs on my Vantage 90. I really like the power and feel that it offers at low tension. I'm curious about hybriding Scorpion with a multi. Is it safe...
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    CB 2.3 and Prince T22

    Hi, My CB 2.3's are not going to last me much longer. And it seems a few people have already posted about replacing these shoes. I actually have a more specific concern. I'm curious about Prince T22, but I don't know if they are similar to CB 2.3's in terms of cushion and fit. Does...
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    Strings similar to Tecnifibre Polyspin

    Could you guys recommend me a few poly strings that play similar to Tecnifibre Polyspin? Thank you.
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    Matching and balancing racquets

    Torres, I ran into the same problem a few months back when I was trying to match my racquets at home. I got the balance and static weight down, but my racquets did not swing similarly. I could tell one was swinging faster than the other. I tried all of the tools and methods provided by TW...
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    Help with shoes and insoles -- for arch support

    Hi, I'm trying to help a friend with foot problem. He's currently using adidas Barricade V, and according to him, after 2-3 hours of hitting, his feet hurt really bad right around the arch. Does this mean the Barricade V's that he's using are not giving him enough arch support? It seems...
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    String and stringing in Saigon

    I just moved to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to do fieldwork. And I'm having a hard time finding certain strings -- Black Code and Signum Pro Poly-Plasma. Does anyone know of a big store that carries these strings or just lots of strings in general? Thanks.
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    Maybe I don't want what I want... (help with customizing)

    OP, What helped me keep track of my racquet modifications was to create a spreadsheet with the following columns: stock weight, stock balance, amount of lead tape added, location of lead tape added, mod. weight, mod. balance, and notes. Each time you modify your racquet, you should start...
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    Tennis drill books

    Hi, Could you guys recommend me a book or two for practice drills? I'm looking for a book that offers a lot of drills for improvement in strokes, strategy, and conditioning. Thank you.
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    How do you decide if you want to add more weight to the handle or the head?

    From my experience, after putting lead tape at 12 o'clock, I put the same amount in the handle -- behind the trap door -- to make the racquet less head heavy. In other words, putting lead tape on or in the handle will help you achieve a certain balance in the most effective fashion. Click on...
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    You Will Never Find Your Holy Grail

    To the OP, I understand your frustration with the racquet fetish, in the Marxist sense of fetish of commodity, which is characteristic of the TW board, but it is silly to assume that we all play the same game of tennis. We "play" tennis differently. For some, such as yourself, playing...
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    the Nadal string

    The New York Times blog did a short piece on the RPM Blast string by Babolat. I think the interest from the press in this new string is an attempt to "rationalize" or explain the fact that many top seeded...
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    Prince string machine model MP-100

    Hi, I just got a used MP-100 machine, and it didn't come with a manual. It'd be great if you could e-mail me the manual at Thanks a lot.
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    Info for Prince stringing machine, MP100

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing a used Prince stringing machine, MP100, but I could not find any information on the machine. Could any of you fill me in? For instance, when was the machine first produced? How much did a brand-new machine cost? Is it easy to use? Does it have a lot of problems...
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    Vantage 95"

    Yes, they were.
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    Vantage 95"

    You guys are indeed dedicated tennis fans. I’ve enjoyed all of your posts and pictures in this Vantage thread, so I thought I should contribute to this thread. My experience with Vantage is a bit different, and maybe unorthodox. I didn’t have the money, so I had to buy and trade my racquets...
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    Substitute(s) for Technifibre NRG2 17

    Where do you buy the ProSupex Maxim Touch string from? I googled it, but I could only find individual sets on e*bay -- and reels from ama*zon. Thanks.
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    Substitute(s) for Technifibre NRG2 17

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I'm actually still surprised with the fact that I broke my NRG2 within 7 hours of playing because I'm a flat hitter. It used to take me months to break a Prince Synthetic Gut string. I think switching to the new racquet -- which is heavier and has an open...
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    Substitute(s) for Technifibre NRG2 17

    Hi, Could you guys recommend some substitutes for the NRG2 (17 gauge) by Technifibre? I really liked the softness and the bite of the NRG2, but its durability was disappointing to say the least. My last set of NRG2 lasted about 7 hours of hitting time. I'm a 4.5 player, who likes to play...