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  1. grif

    Novak serve @ 155mph!?!?!?

    You can see the serve and speed reading here (at 4:50) :
  2. grif

    Djokovic [3] vs. Nadal [2]

    Yeah, you can find Nadal's English interview here (select from top right pane):
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    Murray's Dream

    A few nights ago, as he lay in a hotel bed in southern California, Andy Murray had a dream. It would not take much psychoanalysis to work out what it meant, nor to understand that, as far as Murray is concerned, it was not so much a far-fetched fantasy as a prophesy. "I actually dreamt for...
  4. grif

    ATPmasters series stream-anyone watching it?

    No, I'm not in the US.
  5. grif

    ATPmasters series stream-anyone watching it?

    Same here. It seems that you're just limited to the courts on the upper right, which seems to be just 2 courts so far. Can't get the women's matches either, because apparently I'm not in a supported region. I was hoping to see Nalby vs Gulbis, but I have a feeling that's not going to be...
  6. grif

    Djokovic on Tonight Show

    Courtesy of tangerine_dream (MTF):
  7. grif

    Safin injured, out of Davis Cup. San Jose in doubt.

    According to this (dated 7 Feb), Marat's pencilled in for the doubles:
  8. grif

    "Other" young guns in 2008

    A couple of young guys I wanna see more of are Gulbis and Young. I saw Gulbis's match against Safin and he was displaying some serious firepower, leaving craters on the court - this from someone who looks like he's still a school kid. Not sure how well he's gonna do cos he can be hit and...
  9. grif

    Safin to battle Serbs....

    I forgot to put a smiley in my post :)
  10. grif

    Safin to battle Serbs....

    Novak seems really subdued and restrained in that clip. He needs to play with more emotion.
  11. grif

    Djoko vs Murray

    The British No1 and his Serbian contemporary show that a year is a long time in tennis, writes Richard Jago (The Guardian): Had Andy Murray wanted to see those little improvements which he believes will carry him into the very small group contending for grand slam titles, he had no need...
  12. grif

    Djoker's Coach

    Neil Harman, Tennis Correspondent, in Melbourne : Novak Djokovic won the first ATP tournament he contested immediately after employing a coach he had been assured was the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove; so did Andy Murray. In Djokovic's case, the transformation started in...
  13. grif

    AO Final : Herald the new kid on the block

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times Tennis Correspondent: Tennis has a sparkling new champion who can only enrich the sport. Novak Djokovic seemed like a breath of fresh air when he first emerged on the world scene a couple of years ago and now he is Australian Open champion the pinnacle of the...
  14. grif

    Highlights - Nadal (spanked) V Tsonga (Ali)

    Maybe the guy really isn't Erich from and was taking credit for someone else's work. Looking at this guy's past postings, they don't seem to match the more mature style of Erich from r.s.t
  15. grif

    Tsonga reminds me more of Sampras

    "... But it is his game that has really taken the tennis world by storm and of all the comparisons that have been flying around, Pete Sampras is the name that sticks out. The American's game was built on a fearsome serve, huge forehand, instinctive volleys and athleticism around the...
  16. grif

    Highlights - Nadal (spanked) V Tsonga (Ali)

    Brilliant. That's good to know. I just wanted "Erich" to get his due credit :)
  17. grif

    Highlights - Nadal (spanked) V Tsonga (Ali)

    Unless you actually are Erich, you should really thank and credit Erich from, as he's the one who's been making and uploading all these highlight videos.
  18. grif

    Tsonga is pitiful in talent

    I like Murray and he's gonna do well, but this just cracks me up: "...Murray will be one of the first to sample the Rod Laver Arena. He has only played in the main stadium once before, losing out to Nadal in last year’s fourth round in a match many believed he was capable of winning...
  19. grif

    Pat Rafter on Fed, Tsonga and Djoko

    Q. What else has changed about the game? PATRICK RAFTER: I think everyone is great athletes now, too. There was a time when you would look and say, I reckon I can beat him athletically, but not now. You got to be a great athlete. Q. Do you ever look back and breathe a sigh of relief...
  20. grif

    Kohlschreiber's service winners

    Actually, I was wondering about the stats for a given match. If you look at the stats, they mention: Winners (Including Service) ... but what does this mean exactly ? Does this include aces AND service winners (i.e. receiver's racquet touched ball) or just aces ? I can't find any...
  21. grif

    Murray's mum says : British youth lazy and lack fight

    Judy Murray disclosed last night that Britain's juniors had a reputation on the international tennis circuit for being "lazy, ill-disciplined and lacking fight on court". The mother of British No 1 Andy Murray and his doubles-playing brother Jamie also revealed that many foreign coaches in...
  22. grif

    Djokovic and Murray playing doubles

    Interesting piece from the past about Djoko and Murray playing doubles together. Things sure have moved on since then : Surely never before have first-round losers in the doubles attracted as much media attention as Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic did last Thursday. They could certainly...
  23. grif

    What do you think of Ernests Gulbis?

    Just a few notes after watching Gulbis against Safin. Gulbis has got the individual shots, but needs to learn how to put it all together and just use his head more. He loves going for the spectacular winner rather than work a point and this usually gives him a pretty big UE count (lol, I'm...
  24. grif


    I saw the entire match and although Gulbis made a ton of UEs, it's pretty incredible just how much effortless power he can generate.
  25. grif

    they just made Djoker imitate Pova again

    It was obvious he didn't want to do it. They pretty much forced him into it.
  26. grif

    Novak and Ana

    "...The four greet one another as the old friends they are; Djokovic, living up to his heart-throb role, offers Ana an elaborate bow that ends on bended knee. The crowd loves it. Although they played at different clubs, Djokovic has practised and played with Ivanovic since they were five...
  27. grif

    Djokovic's ball bouncing...

    Look in the mirror - lol.
  28. grif

    Djokovic's ball bouncing...

    Glad to know you're not bothered by Djokovic's ball bouncing then.
  29. grif

    Djokovic's ball bouncing...

    Everybody knows (apart from you) Moya's character. It's also obvious you seem annoyed by Djokovic's ball bouncing and were more than eager to put doubt on Moya's comments. Very obvious. You need to read up on the definition of 'objectivity' before you use it.