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    Nike Cage 3 Promo

    Thanks all - any ideas which player these may have been issued for (judging on the size alone) ???
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    Nike Cage 3 Promo

    Is there any way of me knowing if they are men's or womens? They don't fit me.
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    Nike Cage 3 Promo

    Any idea what actual size these are please? I purchased on the Bay here in the UK thinking these were 11.5 UK, can't even get them on. Presumably a pro stock issue - any ideas whos??
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    Head Extreme Pro 315g 100" (2021)

    thank you.
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    Head Extreme Pro 315g 100" (2021)

    Anyone know how the Extreme Pro (315g) 2021 release compares to the regular Extreme MP (300g). Wondered if the 315g was more controlled?
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    Bjorn Borg Apparel

    Anyone got any feedback regarding the new Bjorn Borg tennis clothing collection? Wondered what it performs like as the materials seem a little heavy..
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    Prince O3 Tour MP (2005/2006 version) - what else comes close now?

    The o3 Tour (black and orange) version was one of the nicest sticks back in the day!
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    What's the best tennis shirts for Tall men?

    Hi all, Been struggling with tennis clothing for a while now. Don't want a table cloth but just a shirt that fits a little longer in the body. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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    Rafa Nike Tennis Challenger Shirt?

    Found two new ones
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    Rafa Nike Tennis Challenger Shirt?

    would you know the style code by any chance? I remove labels when i buy goods and want to try and track down some more
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    Murray Under Armour Custom Tennis Shoe

    Picked these up a few months back and they are annoyingly too small for me ahhhhhh! - just sharing images nontheless as they are pretty cooooool.
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    Rafa Nike Tennis Challenger Shirt?

    Anyone know which Rafa top this is please?? Logo is on the sleeve.
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    RF x AJ3

    I think the creases are what make them look cool actually!
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    Best Cushioning for Hard Courts

    Hi all, Currently play a lot of tennis on artificial clay here in Europe but will be playing more tennis than normal on hard courts this summer and need a shoe that offers substantial cushioning (dodgy ankle) and can take the sting a little. Any suggestions??
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    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    haahaha i have 2 pairs and play in them occasionally - love the comfort level. I hear what you are saying though - but it's cool to have something different on the feet.
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    WTA Tour player with bunionette causing me to stop playing. Looking for a pair of shoes that will fit.

    How about an older silhouette? Something like the Air Max Cage 2 could be good if you half size / full size up? Lots of padding in those. Failing that, i would have thought the asics gel 8's could be ok??? Failing that can you not strap the bunions
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    RF x AJ3

    they are online now - for all.
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    Player Issue Nike Tennis Shoes - Any ideas who's they might be?

    Too small to be hers I'm guessing. All standard markings yes
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    Player Issue Nike Tennis Shoes - Any ideas who's they might be?

    Hi, I inherited a few player issue tennis shoes recently and wondered if anyone knew which model these shoes are? They are a size 6 UK / 8.5 US Product code reads: Promo Y3 458802
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    Any idea what Nike tennis style / silhouette this shoe is? (please)

    This is what my friend said, but I'm digging for more info. I heard Agassi wore that size sometimes and I did find a pic of him wearing them.. They weren't a colourway that went on general sale I believe..
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    Any idea what Nike tennis style / silhouette this shoe is? (please)

    Hey, I got gifted these from a tennis buddy - I'm told they graced the grass courts / were player issued (quite a few years ago). I am trying to figure out who's and have been digging around google, but quite hard to find this style. Any idea what style this is please? Can't seem to find too...
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    Replacing The Outersole of Tennis Shoe

    Hi there, I have a super rare tennis shoe that is my favourite - the uppers are in top shape but the soles are starting to wear out quite badly. I wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to get them resoled with a suitable tennis sole? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    Anyone kinda think these look like the 'not for sale' Andy Murray Under Armour Clutch fit silhouette??
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    Which do you think has more control? Pure Drive or Ezone?

    Yonex all the way. More precision-based power!
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    Thinking of Upgrading from Blade V8

    Was in the same predicament withe the Blade v8 16x19. Tried a few string setups and figured it was easier to go back to my old frame. A great stick, but the lack of power was so frustrating. I also thought it lacked touch.
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    Tennis elbow. 8 months and counting

    try a powerball - seems to do the trick!
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    Easy tennis vs better tennis

    Don't do the PA 23. If you know how to play ball then there really is no need to use this stick. Go for a V7, Ezone DR 98 or a Prince mate.
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    Found this underneath my Racket End Cap

    Ok, i can't seem to remove all of the silicone. Any ideas how I do this? would this have originally been full of foam in here?
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    Found this underneath my Racket End Cap

    Thanks for your reply. It's not a nail. Surely I can fix this though?