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  1. Matheson

    If it wasn't for COVID restrictions

    Djokovic would have what, 26?
  2. Matheson


    I predicted in 2016 when he was at a total of 12 slams that he would reach 30 slams minimum. How does that make you feel OP?
  3. Matheson

    So, if Djokovic wins Us Open 2023 - Who is greater USO player?

    Imagine if Djokovic sat out grand slams on account of "not wanting to vulture" because "it would be too easy for me and thus unfair to Nadal and Federer". LMAO.
  4. Matheson

    How come Djokovic can't get the calendar slam?

    Is he mentally weak, or just not that good?
  5. Matheson

    Crazy to think Djokovic will get 30 slams.

    It wasn't just brains. Fedal never had to deal with being the villain. His situation was tougher but he showed heart the other two didn't have and won.
  6. Matheson

    Djokovic just gifted TTW with a classic gif

    Unrelated, but how many covid vaccines have you taken total?
  7. Matheson

    Crazy to think Djokovic will get 30 slams.

    How come Federer and Nadal weren't able to manage their bodies as well as Djokovic? Perhaps all the dieting and "medicine" avoidance some of you guys criticize him for has actually been better when compared to whatever normie-minded regimen the likes of Fedal have been running. Some of you still...
  8. Matheson

    Believe in Novak Djokovic

    Have you people learned nothing? Djokovic is a tennis immortal. He will beat Alcaraz, no question.
  9. Matheson

    ITT We predict when Djokovic wins his 30th grand slam

    Last prediction thread I made was in 2016. Djokovic was on 12 slams and I said he would win 20 slams MINIMUM. Everyone who doubted me are now eating their words, and so will you.
  10. Matheson

    ITT We predict when Djokovic wins his 30th grand slam

    Wimbledon 2027 will be Djokovic's 30th grand slam title. Pencil the date in on your calendars boys and girls. :)
  11. Matheson

    2023 Australian Open Final: [3] Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Novak Djokovic [4]

    What could Djokovic possibly be complaining about to his team?
  12. Matheson

    Ugh, we really are going to be left with just Djokovic on tour, right?

    How is Djokovic meant to reach 30 slams when he's not allowed to play.
  13. Matheson

    Nick Krygios will win US Open 2022 - I beleive!

    If only he hadn't wasted the last 5+ years being a clown and acting a fool, he would probably already have multiple slams.
  14. Matheson

    Djokovic could end up with 30 slams

    He'd have 23 if not for throating the lineswoman and getting kicked out of AO.
  15. Matheson

    Djokovic could end up with 30 slams

    In 2016 I predicted Djokovic would reach 20 slams minimum. He did so a whole 5 years later.
  16. Matheson

    Djokovic could end up with 30 slams

    I made the prediction years ago that he would make at least 20. No one believed me.
  17. Matheson

    Kyrgios is an embarrassment

    Kyrgios has literally never won a Semi-Final in a grand slam but has made the 2022 Final at Wimbledon, and no doubt the crybaby will STILL scream at an umpire and spit at the crowd when he feels like it's a good time for a tanty.
  18. Matheson

    What year was more peak

    2006 Federer, 2010 Nadal or 2011 Djokovic? For me it's easily 2011 Djokovic.
  19. Matheson

    Djokovic in 3.

    You realise the "crap" I'm "alleging" he will do, he is renown for? You're acting as though Kyrgios could never behave in such a way, when in fact that's his modus operandi. How nice of him to behave when things are going his way, but when things get tough, especially against someone he hates...
  20. Matheson

    Djokovic in 3.

    Aussie here, what a shame Kyrgios is representing us. I'll be cheering on Djokovic, a man of integrity and honour. Kyrgios to have a meltdown. Kyrgios to scream abuse at the umpire. Kyrgios to spit at the crowd. Kyrgios to tank the final set. Djokovic in 3.
  21. Matheson

    Kyrgios on his dress code: “I do what I want”

    I really don't care what the guy does. My only problem with him is the absolute abuse of the umpires.
  22. Matheson

    Nick Kyrgios:”I’m pretty good”

    What's with the goofy hats? Has Kyrgios got sick of drawing his hairline on with a black marker?
  23. Matheson

    Djokovic is like a Super Saiyan

    He can only produce his absolute best when his back is against the wall. When he achieves that level he is unbeatable, but finding it is a dangerous path.
  24. Matheson

    2022 Indian Wells QF: Rafael Nadal [4] vs Nick Kyrgios [WC]

    Kyrgios painted his hairline on crooked today.
  25. Matheson

    Do you think Djokovic would struggle with Nadal at AO 22?

    Djokovic would have won in straights like he did in 2019 against Nadal.. it wasn't even close. Probably would have done it easier because Nadal is worse and Djokovic just keeps getting better.