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  1. loosegroove

    Grip tape

    Funny because the Tourna one is labeled as UL compliant electrical tape!
  2. loosegroove

    Issue with Eketlon Model H tension head

    I was reading somewhere else that recently they too couldn't get through to Tennis Machines. I wonder why? As you've said, I've always had great experiences with them in the past.
  3. loosegroove

    Buy or not?

    Tennis Machines is a US based business which specializes in stringing and ball machines. I highly doubt they'd still have parts for a 3 Star. Personally I wouldn't buy it, even if it does work fine. At this point the machine is quite old (could be like 30 years old!) and probably has a fair...
  4. loosegroove

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Actually Prince went on sale before just about everything else, but it was only a few days long. It was 30% off all orders over $100.
  5. loosegroove

    Pro String Claws--best way to use?

    Crushing/flattening the string.
  6. loosegroove

    Adv jet pack tennis bag

    I saw two sell quickly this past year for around $100 or so shipped. Then another one came up a little later in the year for that price, it didn’t sell right away, and I think the seller lowered to $75.
  7. loosegroove

    Prince Tennis bag imported from Japan

    Like the ultra expensive Cancha bags?
  8. loosegroove

    Prince Tennis bag imported from Japan

    @dsp9753 what kind of dork special orders a tennis bag from Japan? Oh yeah, I did that once.
  9. loosegroove

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Been out a while, almost 2 years. It’s a 2022 model in Japan.
  10. loosegroove

    Prince Official - Racquets

    The Vortexes periodically go on sale for as low as $49. Wouldn’t be surprised to see huge savings on them at some point this holiday season.
  11. loosegroove

    Is the DHH knot a sign of inexperience/laziness?

    I don’t think a double half hitch is a sign of laziness or inexperience, as others have said, some stringers just prefer it. However I do feel like a properly cinched Parnell does demonstrate that the stringer at some point had taken the initiative to learn beyond the basics, or was taught by...
  12. loosegroove

    Youtube String Promo Legit?

    A very underrated string except I notice there are quite a few of us extolling its virtues around here lately.
  13. loosegroove

    How to Smooth over Little Barb after Cutting Poly

    My cheapy Harbor Freight flush cutters don’t leave barbs like that, nor do my Temu specials.
  14. loosegroove

    Black/grey soft poly

    I’m mainly basing it on comfort playing with the string. Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 was very soft, noticeably softer than Cyclone. I just looked at the TWU numbers and the difference between the 17g and 16g is huge, I wonder if that’s accurate.
  15. loosegroove

    Black/grey soft poly

    Shaped: Volkl Cyclone Tour, not so much Cyclone Mayami Hepta Power MSV Hex Plus 25/38 Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 Gamma Moto Soft (haven’t played with this one personally) Round: I’ll agree with Yonex Poly Tour Pro and Head Lynx (not Tour) Gosen G Tour 3 Head Sonic Pro/Isospeed Baseline Prince...
  16. loosegroove

    Stringing machine recommendtaion

    I found I could get consistent and repeatable results with my Gamma X-2, based on RacquetTune measurements. Though admittedly I didn’t use the app for an extended period of time.
  17. loosegroove

    Upgrading from Gamma X-2: Machines to consider?

    If you’re going to upgrade, I say save up and get a crank, or even better be patient and find a deal on a used one on FB Marketplace or Craigslist. Honestly if I still had my old Gamma X-2 and Stringway flyng clamps, I’d only bother upgrading to a 6 pt fixed clamp drop weight if I had intentions...
  18. loosegroove

    Need alternative recommendations; Pro's Pro Blackout

    Have you tried simply going up a gauge or are you already playing with the 1.28mm?
  19. loosegroove

    Interesting uses of starting clamps.

    With that title I was expecting something a little more provocative. Like that time @graycrait suggested we could use the studs from old bondage harnesses to make grommet flare tools.
  20. loosegroove

    Stringing machine recommendtaion

    Gamma floating clamps are okay, I like them better than the Klippermates. But when I had an X-2 I upgraded to some Stringways and it was totally a worthwhile investment. Now the Pro Stringer Claws are also out which many here have reported very positive things about.
  21. loosegroove

    Stringing machine recommendtaion

    If space is really at a premium, a basic 2 point mount dropweight with flying clamps or a Stringway MS140 would be my choice. The 6 point machines with fixed clamps take up a fair amount of real estate in the closet and are cumbersome to move around. I know some people will disagree and will...
  22. loosegroove

    Shredded rubber as a court surface?

    The one time I played on a carpet it didn’t seem bad on the joints but I sure hated the courts.
  23. loosegroove

    Shredded rubber as a court surface?

    Yeah initially you think it will be better on the joints because nice cushioned rubber! But because you stick so much and there is no give when you plant your feet, all the energy is rebounded back into your body. A college nearby had fully rubberized courts and I hated playing on them.
  24. loosegroove

    Prince Hydrogen Random 300 gr. ??

    $109 each when you buy two is pretty stellar, especially when new rackets are approaching 3 hundo these days.
  25. loosegroove

    Help find Volkl Cyclone Tour 16 replacement

    What country are you in?
  26. loosegroove

    Absolute newbie with Tourna CS-150 drop weight. Question about tension adjustment

    If you’re stringing a stretchy string at higher tension, it can sometimes be difficult to get it level on the first drop. However when you go to raise the bar a second time, first raise the bar up like 30-45 degrees, then use your other hand to hold the gripper and additionally raise the bar a...
  27. loosegroove

    2023 USO QF: Ben Shelton vs Frances Tiafoe

    I finally figured it out. Ben Shelton reminds me of Patrick Mahomes’ little brother.
  28. loosegroove

    How to gwt DW parallel

    The last cross is also easier to move because it’s not between two other crosses with alternate weaves. DHH is double half hitch.
  29. loosegroove

    Prince Official - Racquets

    The 100X O3 is low powered, super flexy and muted due to the low RA and O-ports, with a higher launch angle and increased sense of ball pocketing. Harder to flatten out and put away winners, but can topspin grind all day. Swings very fast and easy to create racket head speed. Serving is probably...
  30. loosegroove

    Neos new glide bars?

    How do the neoprene pads affect the ease of sliding the clamps?