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    Angell K7 Lime is a very good racquet !

    Hey, a year late, but if you still have that K7 Lime with the leather grip, I'm quite interested.
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    Golfer's Elbow

    I’ve found this book helpful. And also this.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Angell ASL2 Still liking it. Playable in stock form depending on your style / level, but also...
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019, no arm pain?

    Many lighter racquets are made relatively head-heavy. For example, PS85 is over 360g and has a balance point around 30.5 cm. A newer Blade will have a comparable or even higher swingweight at less than 320g weight. The consequence of that is that the recoil weight is low and, because the...
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    Golfer's Elbow

    Awesome! Keep at it. Congrats on getting back into the game.
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    Demoed it for a couple of hours. 14 string version. Gorgeous stick aesthetically speaking. Hits a very nice ball. I don’t generate enough spin to control it enough for my game, but didn’t play with strings or the new 18 string version. It’s a racquet I could play stock, however, in terms of...
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    Help me make a choice -- Heavy frame, or more modern mold?

    How often do you break strings in the DG97?.. if not too often, have you tried stringing with thin gut — you may get a bit more speed on the swing and on the ball, no loss of spin, just a tad faster through the air, and more comfort. (Ask me how I know!..) That said, G-Pro was a very pleasant...
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    Babolat Tonic/ Gosen AK Pro CX (NatGut/SynGut)

    Interesting... Thanks for sharing. To my taste, those seem like rather high tensions for Duel G, even for full gut — I’ve strung that racquet with gut @50-55 lbs, and while 55 wasn’t too boardy, that racquet is stiffer than one would imagine. Anyways, very curious about your impressions of...
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    Angell ASL2

    10+ hrs on ASL2 with a soft round poly in it at 45lbs, plus a bit of lead at 3&9 and in the handle, 345g total weight. It’s a bit (10-20g) lighter than what I used to play, but I got the balance such that the swingweight feels comparable. The racquet comes through the air nicely, without undue...
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    Angell ASL2

    ASL2 is a good stick, ATMO. Takes well to customization, good maneuverability, good feel and honest feedback. Seems a bit string sensitive, so worth experimenting. Like an older ProStaff, but with good quality control. [emoji79]
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    PUMA/ESTUSA- please bring back the Becker Super

    Count me in the blue-red “egg-head” camp. Would love me some more of them Puma/Estusa sticks. Their weights were all over the place though... Better QC would not hurt at all!
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    Luxilon Natural Gut String = Wilson Natural Gut string

    I had two sets of Lux gut strung in old school frames with an open 16x19 pattern. The stringer said they didn’t enjoy the experience — too hard of a coating and an unruly string to work with, compared to other guts and regular strings. Hadn’t heard such complaints about Klip. Feel wise, Lux...
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    i am going to string full bed NatGut at 50lbs. maybe.

    I used gut in a tight 16x20 at 50 lbs. Played nicely. In more open 16x19 at 50 it was too powerful / hard to control — needed at least 55. Putting in a bunch of String savers wasn’t that helpful IME - tightened the stringbed but ruined the feel. My pref is probably gut at 58-60 lbs in a...
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    Head Gravity

    Mirrors my impression of the GPro. Got some other sticks recently, but if a good deal comes along....
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    It’s a box beam, but does taper from the throat to the hoop in a continuous manner, but opposite of the Prince CTS. A little bit of lead at 12 o’clock helps with power.
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    RF97A to Gravity pro

    Gravity Pro plays great, IME. More forgiving, comes through the air reasonably easily, enough forgiveness, but still allows for a decent smack. My extremes that I enjoy a lot are: PS85 is very quick but not forgiving, POG OS is very forgiving but much slower through the air; both have good plow...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    My suggestion would be to keep whatever racquet is easier / more natural for you to swing. If you’re jonesing for a change, string it with natural gut at 55-60 lb range (Klip is affordable and should last a long time, unless you’re playing on clay in Florida). Otherwise, save up for individual...
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    Velocity 17 vs Multifeel 17

    Same experience here with Multifeel when I tried it in a couple of different racquets with somewhat dense stringbeds.
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    Angell ASL2

    So what string is everyone putting into their ASL2?
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    Racquet help for tennis elbow.

    ProKennex with their kinetic technology, open string pattern, and a roll of lead tape to play with racquet balance and weight to maximize a neutral wrist. Kirschbaum Evolution or Hawk Touch would be good polys.
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Local pro here was very positive about the new prestige pro, and he seems to be a long-time user of the Head line. So there’s a data point.
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    Wind turbine blades, tennis racquets — non-recyclable?.. Wonder what mass of tennis racquets are filling the garbage heaps and lasting for millennia after Djoker & company are done destroying them... [emoji13]
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    Running Shoe Recommendations After Meniscus Repair

    How long was post surgery recovery? What did it consist of? (Asking got a friend...)
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    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Although Gravity is 18x20, it’s launch angle in my experience is noticeably higher than DG97/330, which is a 16x20. The GP was strung with Hawk Touch at 48, the DG97 was with NatGut at 50. FWIW, I really enjoyed the GP and there’s a chance I’ll switch. Good luck finding your Holy Grail!
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    Head Graphene Touch Prestige

    Resurrecting an old thread... Curious about the Prestige Graphene Touch Pro version... Just bouncing the ball it feels more muted than the Tour, but that’s just bouncing a ball. Good frame for 4.5 level play?
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    Head Gravity

    You mean to put poly in it and brush up?.. my strokes are more linear, I’d say, but I’ll give it another shot to see how it fares relative to Gravity.
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    How much do speeds increase with gut?

    Are you sure poly string was available 50 years ago?..
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    Head Gravity

    Got a Head / Zepp sensor at a local shop on impulse and demoed a couple of Head racquets — Graph Touch Prestige Mid and Grav Pro. Had a short, easy hit last night. Tail weighted the Mid and it played surprisingly nice. The Gravity Pro was a bit weird... It was strung with Hawk at 48 lbs. Felt...
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    Recommendation for racquet for beginner women

    If you have this Revelation racquet and she doesn’t want it, and it’s in decent shape, just send it to me. :-)
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Demoed 93P & 100x today. Absolutely gorgeous racquets. My complements to Prince on the design. Short review / comparison: 93P 14x16 with Prince Premier control hits very comfortably and produces more power for me than the 100x in stock form. Frankly, it’s the closest I’ve gotten in a stock...